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A Wilmington florist donated some local history to Airlie Gardens today.

When the owner of Julia’s Florist, formerly known as Rehder’s Florist, took over, she knew that a box of Rehder’s things was still in the attic, but she never had time to go through it. When she finally brought it out, Dana Cook found hand written letters, old pictures, yellowed newspaper clippings and magazines. Rehder’s dates back to the 1800s.

She knew she had discovered something special.

“I remembered when they called that there was an old box in the attic full of Rehder memorabilia, and so I went up into the attic and pulled this down and was completely surprised about what I started pulling out of the box,” Cook said.

Among her favorite items were the old pictures from weddings, Azalea Queens and Azalea Festival Parades past.

Some of the items will go on display at the downtown library.

Cook kept a few of the artifacts to stay up in her shop.

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