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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — The star of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” was a no-show for a court appearance today.

The three girls involved in a viral fight video in Brunswick County had their case continued until July after Jenelle Evans failed to appear. Jenelle’s lawyer Dustin Sullivan says she has a good excuse. He says Jenelle is at an undisclosed location for rehabilitation and that his client is getting her act together.

“It was a voluntary commitment to inpatient treatment,” he said. “It wasn’t by the prodding of anybody. Not through the court, not necessarily through me. I advised her to do it, but this was her decision and her decision alone.”

Sullivan says he cannot say where Jenelle is, who is paying for the treatment, or what his client is being treated for, but he has positive feedback from the reality show star.

Jenelle’s new court date is set for July 22. Sullivan says he expects her to be in court.

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  • Miss Priss

    I’m glad to hear some good news about this young mother. Finally!!

    I wish her well in getting her life back together. Glad to see her finally grow up some.

    Her son needs her.

  • SMC

    But who cares?????? Of course we all want whats best for her son because aside from all the stupidity and ignorance, he is what’s important…..but why is it front page on our news????? I wish the reporters would work a little harder and find stories with substance that shed light on southeastern NC and not disgrace.

  • KrisC

    Why are losers like this given star status? Give this woman the boot and all like her. I’m tired of trashy people being featured in the media. I want to see women who excel in life. I know they’re out there.

  • anne

    This story is getting tiring. I am glad she is in rehab – maybe she will grow up, take her responsibility as a mother more seriously, get rid of the trashy tv job and get a real job and become a responsible human being. Stop wasting our taxpayer money on court for her. If not, send her to Hollywood to join the others that are the same – the Lindsay Lohans and Paris Hiltons of the world.

    Give us some stories on women that are accomplishing things; that have added to society instead of becoming items that are not newsworthy. There are mothers, grandmothers, attorneys, doctors, missionaries and other such special women that contribute so much – let’s hear about them and leave the others alone.

  • TheatreTeacher

    Why is her lawyer being so secretive? According to last week’s US Weekly, she is in rehab in Malibu and MTV is footing the bill. They get gourmet meals, a personal trainer, and group outings that include sightseeing and going to the movies. Sounds more like summer camp to me.


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