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TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — A nursing assistant is in jail charged with having sex with her patient at an assisted living facility. What’s more, she allegedly paid the man.

At Waterbrook Assisted Living in Tabor City employees say they go above and beyond for their residents, but one employee crossed the line, and management says that will not be tolerated.

“I was told at 3:30 (a.m.). She was terminated at 3:31. Immediately,” Waterbrook administrator Sharon Crawford said. “That will not be tolerated in this facility by any means.”

Crawford says she is shocked and appalled by what she was told one of her certified nursing assistants did with a resident over the weekend. Another worker caught Katonia Davis having sex with a resident.

As soon as she found out, Crawford says she called police, and Davis, who she said admitted the incident, was soon arrested by police in Bladenboro, where Davis lives. They took her to the Bladen County Jail, where she quickly bonded out.

“I didn’t know what to say,” Crawford said. “I never thought something like that would happen under my watch.”

A police report says the victim stated in a written report that Davis paid him $20 before the sexual acts were performed, but Crawford says money was not exchanged, at least not for sex.

“He had not been paid,” Crawford said. “I think that she had been giving the residents money all the time, which we all have at times. Somebody wants a soda or something like that, we give. From what I understand, money did not exchange hands.”

Crawford says Waterbrook has been working very hard to make sure the facility is providing the best quality care for its residents. She hopes this incident does not ruin their hard work.

“I’m looking forward to the future,” Crawford said. “We can’t look back on the past, we can learn from it though.”

Crawford says the staff at Waterbrook is doing everything in its power to make sure and incident like this doesn’t happen again and that their residents are well taken care of.

We tried to talk with Davis, but the phone number we found for her was disconnected. No word on when she’ll be back in court.

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  • alexb

    the fact that the victim was in an assisted living facility lets us know that he has a physical or mental disability and that means she was in a position of authority (i can believe there are those who are to thick to not understand this) as to the lady’s appearance… if she was attractive at all she wouldnt need to pay someone at the rest home for “attention” thats pathetic and sick and if she was a good person this would not have happend… bottom line

  • passinthru

    That rest home sounds like a wild place. Sex, drugs. Wonder if gambing and liquor by the drink are next?

  • C. Wilson

    Could be….the ABC store is right next door and an internet cafe beside of it…lol

  • GuestLee

    I can see why she had to pay for it….

  • Guest350

    I am not saying this is the right thing to do, but I don’t see any “victim”…they are both well over 18 and consenting, other than the fact that she was the caregiver, which, of course makes a big difference, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Also, I thought the guy was supposed to pay the woman for such services. Maybe times are changing? I assume he will be charged with prostitution since he received the money.

  • Guest3293

    It is obvious that you have not been in an assisted living care facility. Did it ever occur to you that this man could have mental issues and is not capable of his actions? What if this man was an elderly family member of yours?? The caregiver was working in a place of employment and this should have never happened….consent by both parties or not. You need to get a life!!!!

  • Guest333

    Since you are the most reasonable post, I decided that you may benefit from some shared knowledge, but the others are just trying to be funny. They do not seem to realize that this N.A.’s behavior is absolutely unacceptable and is considered a crime.

    The man is the victim! Every County has dedicated and professional geriatric teams to prevent Elder abuse and fraud, which seems to be prevalent in long term care facilities.

    BTW, these places are not cheap places to live for older adults.

    Let’s show some civility when making jokes about someone who is defenseless! Spend a half an hour in an Assisted living facility and you will understand that the man was vulnerable.

    He most likely lives there because he has a chronic physical disorder coupled with some form of cognitive disorder, such as dementia which renders him unable to live independently without assistance.

    This piece of trash took advantage of a defenseless person.

    It is the fiduciary bond of trust that has been violated by this SO CALLED CERTIFIED Nursing Assistant, which makes her distinction about as GOOD as the paper it is written on.

  • Guest228

    What is going on in that town..

  • Guest333

    Sadly, Tabor City is no different, insofar as crimes against older adults.
    What goes on there is the same exact thing that is going on in your town, USA.

    Of course, that is minus the Senator and his celebrity status now that he finally hit the “Big Time” with the Strawberry Festival Pageant for his boys to view him elevated on the Back of a Convertible to fantasize about later.

    Some would argue that he lost his mind, but I think his questionable character is the same as when he was 30 years old. He does not have dementia, Alzheimer’s, or severe cognitive function loss…although most may disagree based on his delinquent behavior.

  • Guest4532

    Blahhhh Hahhhaahhaa….
    No I mean.. Seriously… HaHaHaHaHaHa….
    Blahh hahahaha haha
    Geriactric big pimpin yo…..
    Geesh… What is this world coming to.. GROSSS!

  • Guest333

    First of all, I would like to commend the “worker” who immediately disclosed this extreme and blatant abuse of our frail and vulnerable elderly adult.

    The COURT needs to throw the BOOK at her, and she need never to work with Human Beings for as long as she lives…as she is dispicable.
    No jokes here, this is terrible ABUSE!

    Secondly, I give another commendation to the Administrator for the immediate firing and subsequent notification of police for this crime. Good JOB and I can only imagine how terrible you must feel for this to have occured at your facility under your watch.

    I question if all staff at your facility have passed background checks and if the nursing registry was checked on this “scum of the earth, lowlife abuser” of old people. I doubt that this is her first offense and if checked prior to her employment, she may have been exposed before she abused this gentleman.

    However, I Do question why staff would exchange money with residents under their care for this very reason, as $$$$$ could be used as an “exchange” for any number of sexual favors because the older adult may be aware that they have little to give the staffer to “pay back a debt that they owe”. Remember, elders are used to paying their debts, they are NOT a part of the entitlement generation.

    If nothing else, it is a boundry issue with a clear violation. It should be red flagged and cease immediately!

    Family and friend “networks” may provide things for the residents, as well as Charity organizations and churches.

    Staff relationships should NOT be PERSONAL relationships with individuals at your personal care facility, nursing home, mental health center, substance dependency units, hospitals, or anywhere that an individual is paying for PROFESSIONAL caregiving, advocacy or skilled nursing.

    Keep it Professional folks! Do Not give money to the residents! It is a no-no, albeit semi-innocent or staffer meaning well… but stop it!

    You did well to weed out the VERY BAD APPLE and yet Fraud, Abuse and Mistreatment happens to older adults more than the public realizes.

    The administrator and GOOD STAFF at this site should be proud of putting an IMMEDIATE STOP to this abuse and flagging this dirtball as the Sexual Preditor that she is and probably always was. SLIME!!!

  • GuestEasy

    All the other rediculous stuff going on these days this is what gets your goat enough to write a dissertation? Might not be right in your eyes but if both are consenting adults, where does the outrage stem from? Are you an older gentleman in an assisted living facility that is just jealous it wasn’t you?

  • james

    Not much of anything fine about this woman. I just hope your sweet and innocent sister in law didn’t smother the poor man!. As for playing the race card, get a grip there honey. This is 2011 and she, regardless of her skin color, is (presumed) guilty of a hideous and despicable sex crime. Have a good day…and yes we all serve an awesome God!

  • bladengirl

    She is a fine woman and she is my sister in law and she did no such thing. Look at her why would she have to pay a man for love she is funny laughing all the time and any man be pround to cal her his woman. Of course she is a black woman and it easy to make these charges if your jealous of her and out to get her but i have to wonder is she was white. then no charges be filed? She loves and cares for her patients and this almost tear her up so you wait payback coming around to the people whose lieing about her only god judges and who can say they have never sined but god going to judge hard on the liers.

  • GuestLee

    You sound as sick as your sister-in-law. It must run in the family.

    She was caught having sex with this man in the act by another co-worker. People always seem to make excuses for their own family members.

    You are the only one to bring race into this thing. How I wish the race card would stop being played. It doesn’t matter if she’s black, white, pink, or yellow. What she did was wrong. It’s against God’s law and man’s law. It’s immoral.

    You’ve got to be kidding when you said, “Look at her why would she have to pay a man for love she is funny laughing all the time and any man be pround to cal her his woman.” She had to PAY for it….duh! Of course, some men WILL lay down with dogs.

  • Guest333

    “….and Davis, who she said admitted the incident,….”

  • Guest611

    Wect reported that the man was in his mid 40’s. If he has a mental disability, then absolutely, it’s a crime. But if he was just there to get some sort of physical rehabilitation as often happens, then who cares! Inappropriate? Maybe. A crime? No.

  • Guest55

    Nobody is lying. She admitted to it. Did you not read that Ms Sister in Law. It has nothing to do with the fact she is African American. So is the Administrator of Waterbrooke. Some people are sick in this world and need help! Obviously she is one of them.

  • Guest350

    First of all, it has been mentioned that the resident was in his 40s. I don’t know his condition, but evidently, he was not going to give up anything without being paid $20. So, his mind must be functioning somewhat. Apparently physical things are working, as well. I don’t see a lot to get upset about, other than breach of trust concerning the caregiver.

  • Guest333

    Once again, I must comment and thank you for commenting.

    Exactly! WHAT part of this story regarding this man being in an Assisted Care Facility do these folks not understand? He was in need of Assisted Care, otherwise, he would rehabilitate in his own home or participate in outpatient physical therapy.

    His AGE does not matter. Consent does not matter. Who gave money to who is not the issue.

    What is the issue is exactly what you stated…and that is that this woman was an employee, CERTIFIED BY THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, to provide Nurse Assistant caregiving to not one but several people, ALL who were trusted to her care for the 3rd shift. But, instead she did NOT DO HER JOB.
    Having sex with those who are frail, elderly, mentally ill, cognitively impaired and/or physically sick and quite possibly dying IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, under any circumstances while working anywhere, let alone in a long term care home!

    This brings the wee hours of the night into question at every long term care facility.

  • Guest333

    Two people in this Blog series have mentioned this “VICTIMS” age. This is another flagrant breech of this individuals patient rights.

    Under HIPPA, we have no right to know his age because he can EASILY be identified now, by other staff, visitors, other patients, etc., which is another serious violation. When a violation occurs, there is no need to broadcast WHO it was, their age, but rather to exchange information with “professionals”, (and even…the media) on “a need to know basis”.

    It should not be reported why the individual is living in the assisted care site, regardless of his age. No more information about this victim should be disclosed. He is the victim of a physical violation/abuse.

    This EMPLOYEE has put her EMPLOYER into jeopardy of losing their credibility at the least and their state licence at best to provide care for the people who need it the most, and sadly, the INTEGRITY of their entire personnel may be called into question by the mere POWER OF ASSOCIATION. What a shame!

    BTW,”350″, Physical “THINGS” tend to work pretty well for many older adults and people do not stop having sex, nor should they.

    However, an employee who goes to work and crosses the line of professionalism, breeching the trust that should correlate with her CERTIFICATION as a NURSING ASSISTANT:to provide patient care only is an employee that should be barred from ever working in any form of human services again.

    My concern after reading a few responses is that society has made us so tough, so hardened in our hearts that we can no longer see, or do not care about being taken advantage of by a person we should be able to trust.
    It is quite disturbing that some show a blatant disregard of the Human Factor of fraility, vulnerability, or manifistations of mental illness and never realize that it may happen to their loved ones someday if we brush it off as a joke or as this blog wrote, “I don’t see a lot to get upset about…”

  • GuestLee

    Whether he feels like one or not, he is one. She was in a position of authority and misused that trust. She was also on probation. My questions is, what the hell is a woman on probation doing working at an assisted living facility? Don’t they have criminal checks? If not, they certainly should!

  • Guest1111

    So true. Ask him if he feels like a victim. Probably not so much.

  • Guest333

    I am a gerontologist by education and profession. I have spent my career advocating for better conditions in nursing homes and long term care facilities so that your grandparents, your parents and who knows, maybe someday YOU can live out the final days of life in total dignity and with the utmost respect deserving of ALL older adults.

    If you don’t think this is outrageous, then that just shows our advocacy work is not complete at this level of care.

    The Rights of a safe haven is certainly expected and should be granted in a long term care facility for ALL who live there, as these facilities are not only regulated by the State, but are often funded by Medicaid.

    Not all individuals who live in long term care are elderly, but they are vulnerable and believed not to be competent to live unassisted by family and/or medical staff.

    This case is absolutely unacceptable. I agree that there are a lot of ridiculous things going on in the world today, but I am not one dimensional, I quite capable to juggle more than one thought.

    However, this situation was avoidable and should not have occurred.


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