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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — This Memorial Day weekend local police set up DWI checkpoints throughout Wilmington with the common goal of getting drunk drivers off the roads.

“Memorial Day Weekend, along with any other holidays, are notoriously known for high traffic crashes with injuries, fatalities, impaired driving crashes and that type of thing,” said Cpl. Richard Knopf of the Wilmington Police Department.

These issues hold special relevance here in Wilmington as DWI rates are very high.

“This area has the third largest DWI arrest rate in the state, behind Mecklenburg County and Wake County comes New Hanover County,” Breath Alcohol Testing Mobile Unit Coordinator Ken Rhodes said.

Saturday there was a checkpoint in Brunswick County, and Sunday there were two set up in New Hanover County. The main location, on Wrightsville Avenue, had the the Breath Alcohol Testing Mobile Unit to assist officers process impaired drivers.

Officials on scene had one common message for holiday drivers.

“We’re not trying to say don’t drink or don’t have a good time, but stay off the road because it effects your ability to operate a motor vehicle,” Rhodes said.

“All we ask is when you go out to party, when you go out to the beach, when you go to a friends house, when you go to your Memorial Day cookout, drink what you want. Drink what’s comfortable for you, but have an alternative plan for getting home,” said Knopf.

In North Carolina alone there are between 60,000 to 70,000 arrests for impaired driving each year.

Results of Sunday’s checkpoint at Wrightsville Avenue:
8 Driving While Impaired
2 Drive after consuming <21 1 Aid and Abet Impaired Driving 6 Open containers 43 No Operators License 10 Suspended License 15 Drug Charges 1 Felony Fugitive arrest

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  • lOCAL 51

    Man that was great,on problem I saw were the were not enough arrested.These need to happen at that same 2 location more ofter….
    Thank you to the officers who were working the check points a job well done

  • Guest1234

    Simply put, that is entrapment. How are random road blocks legal? So unfair

  • Guester

    Why don’t you ask someone who lost a relative to a drunk driver. Bet they would have a good reply to your question. By the way, when is your court date?

  • GuestLee

    If you aren’t doing anything wrong, why would you care if they stop you or not. You show your license and you’re on your way…unless you’re doing something you shouldn’t be.

  • Are you saying that an officer of the law tempted you to get drunk and drive, and then arrested you for it at a road block?

  • Guest1234

    I don’t have a court date. I’m actually a successful banker who thinks the system is flawed.

  • Guest1234

    Police can’t just pull you over for no reason. They must have probable cause. Speeding, swerving, etc. How can they legally stop you at a roadblock without probable cause?

  • Guest3293

    Comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges….a road block is no more illegal than a “successful banker” who proposes to charge struggling working class people outrageous fees for services.

  • Guest1234

    How does your Rolex look on your arm? Mine looks GREAT! And it looks even better with a Grey Goose in hand

  • Greg

    Actually it is entrapment, however law enforcement claims that since they advertize the time and locations of the entrapment locations in the paper or on the radio this gives them the right to do it. However an good lawyer will get any charges dismissed that are a result of a roadblock type stop, but most people just plead guilty or hire a sub standard lawyer. In fact officers cannot even legally pull you over unless he has good reason to think you are breaking the law in some way and must show cause to stop you and if he cannot any charges as a result of said stop must be dismissed as well.

  • Guest21

    Before the police have a road block they have to go before the court to get authorization. They have to notify the court where & when they will be there and why they chose that location. They have courts approval so therefore they can stop anyone & everyone.
    Maybe if you had a family member killed by one of these drunk drivers like I did maybe you would feel differently.

  • John H. Pittman

    I have been hearing this and seeing this for far too long. Having worked all my life in some form of law enforcement, I can tell you first hand that these checkpoints are totality and absolutely illegal. People often make the comment as most cops do that, “if your doing nothing wrong, what do you have to hide”? What this statement really says is that your fine with the government telling you what to do and how to do it, that your perfectly fine having no rights and agree with total government control! While your so eager to give up your rights your trying to push others to willfully give up theirs! Our American constitution is the upstream law of this land and these cops and our military swore an oath to defend it with there very life if need be! There was a time when you did not have to have a drivers license and your right to travel was as big a part of your freedoms as breathing. Systematically our local, state and federal governments change our rights into privileges as they then force us into compliance with fear of losing those “privileges” they claim to control. The united states us to be a proud and free country where people had a right to come and go as they please. Because of people like you that feel that the government can do as they like and make you do as they want, they no longer work for us and represent themselves, Now there are so many laws to the point freedom is nonexistent. Look at the NDAA, a law that the can pick you up put you away forever and never give you a reason.
    the fourth Amendment of the constitution States that you cannot stop and searched without probable cause, yet people like you are fine with cops setting up checkpoints stopping everyone, trampling on everyone’s rights just to find a few that they deem not to be in compliance with some law they made up.
    I can talk about Tyrannical out of control government and injustice all day and provide prof and documentation to my claims but that would articulate this entry into a book that most people would not take the time to read. I am just going to say this…
    Give up your rights if you want too! Be a sheople like so many others and let the government control you, strip you, cavity search you and your children if you wish, after all you have nothing to hind so what would be wrong with a cop or TSA putting a finger up your 11 year old son or daughter’s anus.
    Try learning the Constitution and start being an American!!!

  • John H. Pittman

    That’s called murder and we have a law for that. What your claiming is that there was a victim so I agree there was a crime. What we are talking about is DUI checkpoints and no victims. Benjamin Franklin wrote.”When we willingly give up our freedoms for security we end up with nether”
    The courts cannot lawfully and constitutionally grant the ability to stop anyone and everyone. They may claim they have that right but if they do they are lying, even at a supreme court level.

  • John H. Pittman

    Really want to make that bet? I have had a relative die do to someone drinking and getting into a car and driving. but drinking and getting into a car is what is called setting the stage. The act that was the crime was the killing of someone else. I am sick of laws that are invented to stop people for what they might do. We should be responsible for what we do not what we may or might do. It is sad when people die, but guess what, we all will. Are you really so pissed off at one person’s actions that you agree that everyone is responsible?
    DUI checkpoints are Unconstitutional And that effects everyone, not just your relative or mine.

  • John H. Pittman

    You get it! You are a true American! I wish everyone understood this. But then again, I wish we lived in a free country too.

  • Beach Bum

    You said a whole lot without really saying a whole lot. So what is your beef with then check points? What freedoms are we giving up following the instructions of the authorities? They are the authorities because we the people authorize them to protect and serve. So, if you are not doing anything wrong, what do you really have to hide?

    As far as the TSA and check points in Airports, remember, flying is matter of convience, not a right. Don’t wanna follow the rules, then don’t fly.

    Our greatest freedom is a freedom that is not written in the Constitution as an amendment or a declaration…

    Freedom of Choice.

  • Guesttenheimer

    …and doesn’t do as good of a job at keeping time as a timex. Glad to hear you are a “successful” banker vs. an unsuccessful one that the Feds need to bail out….AGAIN.
    But, hey…hotshot braggart of few attributes, we all know that anyone that works in a bank above the teller level gets a title of Vice President. So if you enjoy your Grey Goose and drive as you boast, it allows us to understand that most bank VP’s are also complete DOLTS. If I EVER heard of any of my bank officials address his position in such a manner, I would go to his authorities first and pull my accounts second.
    You are as unprofessional and arrogant as they come. Please continue to obscure your identity as completely as possible!

  • Guest12345

    That would be EXECUTIVE VP to you


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