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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The deck of the USS North Carolina was packed Memorial Day with people paying their respects to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

“It kind of chokes you up a little bit,” Stephen O’Brien said. “You can’t really put it into words.”

Stephen and his wife Isabella say they have strong military ties. They say they came to the battleship to remember.

“We love the military and we support them whole heartedly,” Stephen O’Brien said. “I’m a Navy veteran and we came down here to show our support.”

“My dad was in the military, World War II and Korea,” Isabella said. “It (Memorial Day ceremony) gives me a time to remember him.”

Another person with close ties to the service? Senator Kay Hagan. Hagan says she could not think of a better place to spend the holiday than on board with those who have served our country.

“When I hear the different songs and the words, it really is emotional,” Hagan said. “To see the men and the women who stood up when the different branches were being honored… I think everyone here feels the emotion and respect for all the men and women who have served.”

The O’Briens say the best way to honor those we have loved and lost is to appreciate the men and women still serving our country today.

“This country has a great military and people should really respect that and show their support for the guys over there now,” Stephen said.

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  1. sammy revels

    I can not understand intelligent people honoring a machine that was built to kill as many people as possible!! This stupid battleship needs to be scrapped and the proceeds paid to veterans. Why not just put an electric chair or a hangmans scaffold in the center of town so all the morons can honor them?? Using a massive killing device to “honor” our veterans is an insult to humanity.

  2. Guest713

    WOW. You really are confused about what Memorial Day is! The people here were honoring the military men and women who served our country to protect your right to write such an ignorant post, not honoring the battleship itself. If it were not for this battleship however, you may not have electricity to run the computer you’re using, the ability to read English, or the right to freely express your ideas. An electric chair was used to kill criminals, which a jury of their peers carefully decided to find them guilty of their crimes; another right you may not have without our military. An electric chair was never used by our military to protect our country, so we don’t put those on display. Also, we did more than honor our veterans; we honored the men and women currently serving. If you’re so concerned about dismantling the battleship and using the “proceeds” to pay our veterans, how much have you donated to veteran organizations? You think that scrap metal and money means more to our veterans than the thousands of tickets sold to visitors to the ship each year? You think the handful of men who served on the USS North Carolina who are still living today would rather skip the reunion they all had on the ship last month, to count the cash they received from the proceeds of destroying their ship? You should really think a little more before you speak! But because of our military, you have the right to express yourself…even if you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  3. Guest461

    Please tell me your post is a joke of some sort. I can’t believe ANY American could possibly write something so profane and distorted could be of good character and with loyalty to his or her country. I’m hoping and praying that you aren’t an immigrant that wiggled your way through the system to become an American. I’m also hoping and praying that you are simply some sort of troll, just trying to agitate people into angry responses.

    Like I said, I’m hoping and praying. Because if the above isn’t true and you actually meant what you posted, you need some serious help and treatment!!! The same kind we provided for Timothy McVeigh…

  4. glenn guy

    that just comes to prove you cant cure ……..STUPID!!!!!!!! But im it can be fixed. If you dont like the way the .GREAT U.S.A is then move your sorry good for ..notthing Butt to another country….need help packing? GOD BLESS the USA!!!!!

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