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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina lawmakers have come up with a budget plan that could bypass long negotiations between Republicans and Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue.

The plan would save teaching assistant positions and let temporary tax increases expire. The proposal also would eliminate an additional income tax cut.

The Senate rolled out an updated version of its spending plan that will be heard by the full appropriations committee Tuesday afternoon.

Republican and Democratic lawmakers have been negotiating a deal for days to increase public schools spending by $300 million compared with the House plan approved earlier this month. The new version restores funding for 13,000 teaching assistant positions in grades 1-3 that had been eliminated in an earlier Senate plan.

Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue says the proposed budget agreement unveiled by Republicans looks like a
“charade” for education funding and argues it would still mean thousands of public schools jobs being eliminated.

Perdue said in a prepared statement Tuesday the budget raises “enormous concerns” at first glance.

The bill would restore $390 million in funding for teaching assistants, but it would direct local districts to find $124 million in spending reductions beyond $305 million in similar cuts the past two years.

House and Senate Republican leaders told reporters Tuesday they’re confident enough House Democrats will vote for the budget agreement that it would appear to withstand a veto by Perdue. Lawmakers would still have to vote again to override should she issue a veto.

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  • Charles Walters

    It seems like every time you turn around our children are geting screwed out of a quality education. You fools let the 1 cent tax expire that would have raised the money needed for education. I personally would have even paid another penny in sales tax if it went to funding public education. Politicians say how pro education they are, but they never want to pay for it. I’m not sure of this, but I bet our budget for prisons is bigger than our budget for education. Most people with an education do not end up in prison, because they have the means to pay their own way. If we give our children these means then they might not end up in prison. Hey it’s just a thought but what do I know?

  • Guest36589741

    A penny sales tax increase would not be necessary if politicians would learn to do what most americans do every day….budget. Of course that would require cutting out some wasteful money like the deadbeats living off the system. I’m just a hard working middle class worker paying too many taxes so others can sponge off the system. But what do I know?

  • Guest7969

    YOU are part of the problem sir! You FELL FOR IT…the old…IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN, line…they do it EVERY TIME! If they LOVED the children so much..there are better ways to BUDGET money more wisely! You DO know what a budget is…RIGHT?! We all budget…THEY need to spend our money more wisely…”FOR the children” BAHHHhhh! That penny..FOR THEIR POCKETS!

  • If one cent would save the education system in this state then we are in more trouble than it seems like we are. Education is a very essential service but there is only so much money you can put in it. Money doesn’t make the students smarter, they have to have a will to learn. Some of them do not have this will and no matter how much money you throw at them it will not make them learn. If prison is thier choice , so be it.


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