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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Memorial Day is a day to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom but a New Hanover County neighborhood is still recovering from a Memorial Day tragedy after vandals set fire to American flags. One home even caught fire as a result.

Despite the scare Brent Williams continues to fly an American flag in front of his home which was the one damaged in the flag burnings. Williams was not home at the time of the fire; he was out of town on Monday enjoying Memorial Day with his family.

“Any day of the week,” said Williams. “But particularly on Memorial Day when you’re remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country, for our flag. For someone to actually do that on that day cuts you a little bit deeper.”

The flag burning hits close to home for Williams since his father and both his brothers are United States Marines. He says his brothers were greatly disappointed.

“Pretty upset some very colorful words were said when I told them what had happened,” said Williams.

A neighbor gave Williams another American flag to fly after the fire but he is no stranger to bumps in the road. Williams was one of the workers let go by Wells Fargo/Wachovia a couple of months ago.

“Two months ago Wells Fargo formally Wachovia shut down our mortgage building in Mayfaire. Almost 300 hundred of us in one day lost our jobs.”

Despite all the hardships, Williams is confident that his situation will get better. He says the best news he can get is that the person who set the flags on fire has been caught.

“If you can’t respect and honor the American flag then what type of person are you, what type of American are you,” said Williams.

He said in total four flags were burnt in his neighborhood, two of them American flags. Investigators are asking the public for help with the case, if you have any information you can call the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.

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  • HOAsSuck

    Are you sure it was vandals? Maybe it was Home Owners Associations’ getting a little more agressive.

  • Guesttseug

    Other than Obama, I don’t think there is anything as un-American as a home owner’s association.

  • When they find out who did this they should be kicked out of this country and never aloud back in, they have no respect for this country or the people.

  • aretheyreallythatdumb

    Put them on a plane, with a backpack, their stuff what they wanted, and needed in it, and a parachute, with out a backup cord, and drop them into another country somewhere, hopefully a desert… Let them enjoy their freedom to do whatever they want then!
    We do not need people like that in “OUR” country!

  • Guest7969

    you what…You DO have the right to burn the flag…however, I have the right to give you an arse whipping for doing it! I would GLADLY go to jail for it!

  • David H

    When the flag doesn’t belobg to you it’s arson.
    Arson is generally considered a crime where life threat is assumed. Certainly when a domicile is involved, and often even when not.
    Caught in the act, lethal retaliation would be easily defended.

  • Robert

    Those who would burn our flag are definitely not real Americans. If caught, they should be punished to the fullest extent allowed under law.

  • anne

    This story is so sad. We wonder what kind of people would do something like this? The same flag that they are burning is the same flag that others have fought and died for and are still fighting and dying for to give the knuckleheads the right to burn it. Kind of ironic isn’t it?

    I am glad that the man’s house didn’t burn and I hope they catch the ones that did it. Perhaps some public shame might just turn them around. If not, perhaps some good old justice – some time in jail – might do the trick. After all, it is our right as citizens to put them in jail if they are guilty.

    Keep flying Old Glory and God bless America!

  • Guest1977

    Anybody here know the saying an Eye for an Eye, well I say we do to these scumbags what they did to our American Flags. Anybody here got a bottle of lighter fluid because I have a match to light it with. Just stuff like this, I wish we went back to the days of Corporal Punishment. Truly Despicable.

  • Dee102

    you might want to look in the mirror.


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