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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington woman who worked closely with John Edwards and his family is speaking out about the former North Carolina senator’s indictment.

Nan Bozarth says she’s known the Edwards family since 2004. She says John Edwards was the first candidate she ever donated money to.

Bozarth says she was so impressed with Edwards’s message she and her husband decided to help out with his campaigns. She says they traveled and raised money for him.

She says she got to know the Edwards family pretty well and says she never thought john edwards was capable of the charges against him. She says it’s all very disappointing and does not understand how he thought he could get away with everything.

“Having been around his parents so many times, they are lovely people, and he was brought up right,” Bozarth said. “Elizabeth was a very grounded woman, and I think it just all went to his head.”

Bozarth says even though she’s not sure she’ll get involved with any more politicians, she has no regrets.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    ….but I had heard it before from Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky.

  • Wade griffis

    The lesson from this for all voters: Do not trust any man who spends $400. for a haircut.

  • Straight Shooter

    Left one out Common…..

  • Guest33

    The last line kills me! I was reading this with interest but couldn’t believe the last LINE of the article.

    She has no regrets? Why the heck NOT?

    Another words, SHE WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN????

    She and her husband should be PLENTY mad that they made donations to the likes of Edwards campaign and volunteered all of their time and expense traveling for this pretty boy, scum of the earth?

    Oh, it all just went to his head? I have news for this woman and her husband… it was always in his head.

    Most people believe that a persons PERSONALITY TRAITS are usually intact by about age 30. YOU are at 50 years old, what you were at 30, in this case, a liar, a cheater, and egotist, a womanizer, and the biggest JERK ever to name a few traits. Hope he fries!

    To all of his other volunteers, I feel bad for you. It is really disappointing when a candidate that we support does not turn out to be the person we thought they were.

    But to have someone make a statement that she does NOT regret that she spent more than 2 seconds with this HIPPOCRITE is telling just how complacent we have become and HOW LOW we have set the bar for charismatic politicians.

  • Guest461

    ..admit that she AND her husband were DUPED by Ol’ Smiley would you? Nobody likes being known as a dumb**s. Perhaps they are of similar moral character and Johnnys actions “…just weren’t really that bad…”

  • SurfCityTom

    you want for him. Note how wonderful his parents were. His wife was terminally ill while he was doing the deed with another.

    A skunk by any other name is still a skunk.

  • Guest33

    This was my way of calling them Left Wing Loons!

    If intelligent people who remain a part of the ‘night of the living deadzombie crowd’, would just open their eyes for once, they would never look back to the days when they were liberals.

    Poor Lost Souls. Weiners! I mean, ‘hot dogs’!!!


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