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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The NC Court of Appeals today upheld Wilmington’s annexation of Monkey Junction.

“We are very pleased that the Court of Appeals has ruled the city followed the law in the steps we took to annex the Monkey Junction area. We look forward to having this issue resolved as quickly as possible,” said City Manager Sterling Cheatham.

Opponents can still appeal to the NC Supreme Court. There is also pending legislation in the General Assembly that could change state laws on annexation. That could affect the city incorporating Monkey Junction.

When reached by phone this afternoon, the attorney for the homeowners fighting annexation said he had not yet seen the court’s opinion.

NC Court of Appeals: Royal Palms, et al. v. City of Wilmington

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  • With the city’s horrible history of not providing services to those annexed areas in a timely manner; as well as carefully drawing jagged lines around areas that only include higher home and property values; and omitting lower valued properties; the only logical conclusion is that city annexation strategy is nothing but an unabated money grab. A court that could be aware of this history, and see the map of the to be annexed areas, and rule in the city’s favor; can only be chalked up to government looking out for government.

    Annexation is good for government; what’s good for government is good for government entities – such as courts and judges – it’s not hard to figure out the logic behind the verdict. And you thought the purpose of the courts was to protect citizens….

  • Annexthis

    Involuntary annexation is a land and money grab anyway you look at it. Forced annexation is municipal theft. The people being annexed don’t even have a say. Welcome to Wilmington N.C.

  • Brock

    I’m glad I had Civics class growing up.

    So that I can be fully aware that the lowest level of court is by county not city in North Carolina. And that all judges are subject to scheduled salaries based on years and position.

    I don’t see where the state or county benefits at all from Wilmington annexing something. Since that area is already a part of the state and county.

    I hope your blog uses more logic, reason, and fact checking that your posts. If not, I’d stick to a diary.

  • Tom O

    Annexation is just like pro wrestling and roller derby, it’s on the level.
    The “fix” was in before the process even got started.

  • Ray Briggs

    Let me guess, the story goes a little like this:
    We moved down here from (pa, ny, etc) X amount of years ago,
    bought a house (for a fraction of what we sold our old house up north for) purposely just outside of the city limits, never expecting there to be any kind of growth or change that would affect our property tax rate. Now what are we supposed to do?

  • Mike Wellings

    I can’t think of another issue that brings northerners and southerners together more than to fight forced annexation.


    i’m sorry i have lived in wilmington since the mid 60’s bought a house 11 years ago barely making bills now. i’m on water and sewer already if my taxes double i cant afford to keep my house why dont they try to get landfall see how many lawers they have wilminton govt, is just money hungry to hell with them

  • You and the neighbors in your trailer park are as confused about annexation as you would be if you went to a store that didnt sell tires and underwear on the same aisle, so everyone else is a yankee that doesnt understand NHC, right?

    Wrong. This county has the WORST RECORD of doing things correctly, appropriately and within a sufficient time frame/ budget…so its a bit disconcerning to see more people with power that couldnt tell their a$$ from a hole in the ground, grant them a stay of sorts.

    Put down the roadkill stew, exit thepeopleofwalmart dot com and read about whats really going to happen with this annexation somewhere online that explains it in some form of terms/language youd understand, because it sure isnt standard/proper English if you dont understand it by now.

    And no, Im not new here. I lived on Masonboro Loop Road when it was a dirt road and had about 7 cars a day worth of traffic on it.

  • Guest2012

    We BUILT a home we COULD AFFORD, (none of your business how much), and we purposely located it well outside of the city limits, and we WERE SMART ENOUGH NOT TO live in the inner city where we would be PAYING CITY TAXES for 20 years. We already pay County Taxes…and had AND have NO INTENTION to pay DUAL taxes. SO, yep, us Capitalists were smart enough to avoid City taxes for 20 years and still counting….

    Can you say the same? Do YOU LOVE to pay DUAL TAXES to BOTH the CITY And the COUNTY??

    “Is you”…. CRAAAAAAZZZY??? Talk about taking stupid pills!

    We did indeed expect there to be growth or change that would affect our property tax rate, but since we are capitalists who do not believe in Illegal Annexation, and subsequent Tax Bills, we will fight it to the Supreme Court.

    Can you say the same? Take a stand and Believe in what our Founding Fathers Taught Us~

    “No Taxation without Representation” and How about this one…

    “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death” or this one,

    “You can have my GUNS when you pry my cold, dead hands away from it!”

    And QUIT with the crap….”We moved down here from (pa, ny, etc)”…
    Almost all of our neighbors are SOUTHERNERS! Geeze!

    Quit fighting the Civil War, WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY, the REVENUER is!!!

    Got that???

    “Stay outta my holler, you damn revenuer” 333

  • Guesthere

    Just look at the map. It has nothing to do with some county residents using city property and/or services. If it did they would not have omitted the lower value properties. They want the cash, plain and simple.

    If you have to force people to pay for your product, maybe you should take a better look at what you are selling.

  • Brock

    Actually a fifth of the Monkey Junction area already voluntarily annexed itself – Belle Meade Woods, Willoughby Park, Myrtle Grove Village, and Still Meadow Village – well before all of this went down. With so much of the junction already a part of Wilmington and recent self-annexation of River Rd for a new high-end development, it makes perfect logistical and political sense to unify the southern border with the entirity of the junction area.

    And if you’re not aware Wilmington did annex poor areas as well in Monkey Junction. In fact its the poorest portion of the Junction – Royal Palms MHP – that is fighting the annexation, not the richest portions. To be perfectly honest the richest portions of the Junction aside from the Walmart, Home Depot, The Gardens, & Tesla Park have already voluntarily annexed themselves. Most of the Junction residents are lower middle-class. Its hardly anywhere close to the upper class portions of the county – Dolphin Bay, Wrightsville Beach, Figure Eight Island, and Landfall. Not even really close to the upper middle class either that lives in Masonboro South and Porter’s Neck.

    If Wilmington was really after the money its in Ogden and Masonboro South. The non-annexed areas of Monkey Junction have an assessed value of around $538 million. Ogden and Masonboro South study areas are easily assessed over $1 billion. They also have a study area for Silva Terra which would smooth over the southern Wilmington boundaries with the largly lower middle-class neighborhood. Although you can definitely say that Wilmington certainly isn’t eyeing the lower middle-class and drug-ridden Apple Valley area.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Perhaps Monkey Junction should now be called the Sudetenland or the Polish Corridor.

  • Karl

    My wife and I moved out of NH county 10 years ago for this exact reason. We lived in the Monkey Junction Area. The annexation laws in this state is taxation without repestation.We as citzens of the
    counties can not vote city council members.
    They don’t represnt us but can annex us and force us to pay city taxes when every they need more money.I believe this was what the Boston Tea Party and American Revoltion was about!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    How about still collecting full taxation while shifting almost every single service from public safety to zoning to the city? What remains beyond courts, health, and the sheriff’s services (less patrol)?

    City residents pay what amounts to double taxation for absolutely no benefit over what a county resident receives. I might actually be able to stomach forced annexation if it wasn’t such a blatant money grab and the taxes were fairly offset. Let city residents pay only city taxes and a nominal fee for using the services still provided by the county.




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