ONLY ON 3: Berger supporter Ben McCoy does a guest “Rant”

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Submitted: Wed, 06/08/2011 - 9:00pm
Updated: Thu, 06/09/2011 - 4:25pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — You know him as Wilm Watcher in the comments posted on this site. Local blogger, radio host and supporter of New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger RANTS about Berger’s unemployment, the leak of his records and the hiring of top attorney Joe Cheshire.


  • Guest111 says:

    I sent an email to Carolyn Justice asking for her help in getting some sort of law to “out” the idiots who sneak into office like they did in Topsail. I got no response. Maybe some of you can try to reach her. I understand she is a Berger supporter.

  • Guest2452456 says:

    Scott, I have to say allowing Ben to “rant” is awesome. I detest this garbage and his unbelievable lack of effort and involvement, but you have shown great affability in allowing him time. His negativity and his anger comes through so easily. You have allowed him to expose himself for all that he is. So many watch him pull the strings and write the scripts for Mr Berger. It is so difficult and sad to watch. But now, everyone can see it, not just the coterie of the sad and disenfranchised who listen to that talk radio and clearly have little else in their lives. It is more sad because there is such waste in all of this when so much could be accomplished and moreover, so many good people in governement, elected and staff, are tarnished and are abused by the accusations, implications, and the conspiracies cooked up by these folks who need…oh I don’t know…some real help.
    I disagree with many of your tactics Scott. I think you go after EVERYONE..not Berger, but all with an iron fist that is not at all fair (at times)..but I have to be fair in saying that as someone who “watches” and is active in this community, there are times (and it is not just in this case), you really can be very impressive. Goes to prove, no one is ever all bad or all good…same is true for this character his friend Mr. Berger. We all need help. I just wish Mr. Berger was not representing us in the way that he is and holds so much responsibility when clearly he is not capable of handling it and clearly has not been truthful on many levels.

  • Guest1984 says:

    Ben was well spoken and I actually agree with points he made. Lest we forget, Brian Berger has actually kept his word by the way he has voted. If we looked at Barffield , Thompson , Davis and Catlin we could be equally critical of some of their past actions-some a lot worse than seeking unemployment comp. The outright distortions speak for themselves, but if there were nothing else this leak was unconscionable. If it were me, I’d be ticked off too. If we ever find out who the leaker is , it maybe interesting to see their political ties. In any event leaker should be held to public scrutiny=–perhaps the star news or mr. maurer will voluntarily tell us who it is? If nothing wrong took place why hide the identity- we can criticize berger on transparency- but media too! If Ms. Copley was looking into this for Barfield you can rest assure the leaker would be out!

  • Guest723 says:

    “not just the coterie of the sad and disenfranchised who listen to that talk radio and clearly have little else in their lives”
    said Guest 2452456

    Ummm, how on earth can you glean the make-up of Ben’s audience? He’s on at 4pm Saturdays and I listen while I run the loop. I am neither sad nor disenfranchised and have plenty going on in my life, thank you very much!

  • guest111 says:

    that this idiot Ben is the one behind Berger don’t you? He sent a lengthy comment online and it was full of run on sentences. That’s the same thing Berger does sooooo doesn’t take a scientist to figure out who writes Brian’s material.

  • john says:

    wilmwacker said
    “You’re a paranoid idiot. Why don’t you call Berger and talk to him; instead of believe what other people told you to believe and regurgitate it as if it was your own original thought. You’ve never done that have you? You read WWAY and that’s good enough for you to consider yourself “informed”. HAH! Get off of your ass. I bet you didn’t even vote in the last election.

    It’s so brave and courageous being an anonymous armchair quarterback on the internet!!!”

    Well, there is an intelligent and well thought out reply. LOL

    Regardless of the amount of money that will be spent on this silly and inconsequential investigation, we all realize Berger must go.
    We made a mistake by electing this fool and now we are paying for it.

    We must remember that sometimes, in our haste to make changes in local government, we do not pay enough attention to those we choose to elect.

    Hopefully we can be more diligent in the next election.

    As for Mr. McCoy’s rant,it seems it was as much a complaint of the media as it was a defense of Mr. Berger.

    He has a point, albeit a very tiny one, that someone in Government may have leaked private personnel information to the media.

    Now that the information has been legally released from a public document request his rant is really a moot point.

  • Guest111 says:

    to get off my a__ . . . Our county is in such a horrid mess we don’t have time to waste on Brian Berger. We need to get someone in there who will do their job and help to get this county under control. And, you cretin. . I DID vote in the election and I always vote. Why don’t you get out of the house into the real world and figure out what everyone is complaining about. You must be a soap opera and game show person. . . We have serious problems.. if you had any sense you would know that and obviously you are the one who is not informed.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …how do we know who gave the original tip to the Red Star? It could have been someone at the ESC. It could have been someone at his bank. It could have been his girlfriend’s husband.

    It could have been someone within Berger’s own camp, and this could be an attempt at creating an,”Oh look, they’re picking on poor Brian again” attempt to cover up his past failures – the problem child suddenly becomes the poor victim.

    I, for one, would love to go a month without reading about Berger, and am looking forward to my chance to un-do what I did last November.

  • Guest2011 says:

    This guy, Wilmwtcher is a “wannabe”. How’s that for a name-call?

    He wants to be a real man like Brian, who became a politician, which he aspires to be, or not to be, that is the Question!

    But wilmwatcher can’t get past calling everyone names, and he mistakedly thinks that blogs need to have peoples full legal names in lights. What a DUfos! Is that a good name for him? I think so!

    Social media like Twitter, and blogs at, in fact, blogs everwhere use peoples call names or handles, not the persons legal names, UNLESS they choose to do that for whatever reason.

    See, THAT is PRECISELY what I love about Living in America!
    FREEDOM to do as you wish!
    NO wannabe, moronic dufos is going to STRONGARM anyone to do as HE WISHES no matter how many names he can come up with.

    AND, this guy wants to run for City Council??? Wow-ee!

    Moron is to Wilmwatcher what Well DONE is to Berger.

  • guest111 says:

    I sent an email to Carolyn Justice. No response from her… derrrrr

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Berger has attracted enough negative attention to himself that people are going to jump on him for anything at all now. That’s the price we pay for being careless. Most of learned that lesson as teens. Back-to-back screw-ups and mom or dad was on your case, watching you like a hawk for the next month. It’s going to take time for that spotlight to move off of him.

    Now, I’ve defended him on collecting unemployment and hiring an attorney, but even I have a question regarding this big “release of documents” conspiracy – why (and how) would the fact that Berger was collecting unemployment even BE in his county personnel file, when collecting unemployment would be a matter between him, his previous employer, and the ESC?

    On an unrelated matter, I think it was very unfair of you to tie Ben’s hands behind his back and force him to stand at parade rest while giving his rant, Scott.

  • Guest505 says:

    If you used your superiority you always tell us about you would have known that the employment place sent them a letter asking about Berger’s wages or something.

  • Guest111 says:

    just exactly who has been behind Berger and telling him what to do. No one in their right mind would accept Berger’s behavior and his obvious secret of ‘employment’. Is there anything that we, as the public, can do to shoo Berger on his way and get him off the commission? I’m serious… I don’t want to hear any half wit dumb remarks. Is there anything we can do and do it quietly and effectively to just get him to go away?

  • WilmWatcher says:

    You’re a paranoid idiot. Why don’t you call Berger and talk to him; instead of believe what other people told you to believe and regurgitate it as if it was your own original thought. You’ve never done that have you? You read WWAY and that’s good enough for you to consider yourself “informed”. HAH! Get off of your ass. I bet you didn’t even vote in the last election.

    It’s so brave and courageous being an anonymous armchair quarterback on the internet!!!

  • WillBDone says:

    We can ask Carolyn Justice to introduce a bill allowing for a referendum like she did for Topsail Island. It would require 30% of the voters to sign a petition according to the bill introduced in the state house.

    “The bill, passed by the House last month, would amend the town’s charter to allow a referendum on the ousting of the mayor and any member of the board if at least 30 percent of Topsail Beach’s registered voters sign a petition to have them removed.” from the Star-News article on Thursday, April 14, 2011

    However she’s a Berger supporter and donor according to his campaign records so fat chance of that but let’s see if she’ll do it. Email her @

    Fair is fair right WWAY?

  • sickofit says:

    someone in there that is going through what many, many people are going through right now, unemployment or underemployment. Maybe we need someone that doesn’t follow the good ole’ boy, status quo that has gotten this town, county and country in the mess that it’s in.

    Brian Berger may not fit in your little box, but he does represent the people that are sick of, and fed up with, governments out of control spending. Of course the spenders and their recipients are pushing back.

    Brian Berger isn’t perfect. I’ll take that over the Billy Williams type bunch we have now. This isn’t Ben McCoy FYI.

  • Guest104 says:

    Like it or not berger has done nothing wrong. Fact he has been so busy he could not get a business off ground in this economy is no surprise.

    There has been a smear campaign and a leaker who broke the law. That leaker will be found at some point and will need to answer for a lot more than this guy. If the sheriff doesnt find him, there are others who will.

    At least this guy hasnt made deals like some others to help himself, jis friends or his family while an elected official.

  • Straight Shooter says:

    Maybe just maybe it would have been smarter for Brian Berger to get his own house in order before running for public office!

  • Ronald Wells says:

    I honestly don’t give a flip about Brain Burger’s personal life.
    However; it must affect his public life because as a commissioner,
    HE SUCKS. How many of you can show up to your jobs late everyday?
    I can’t, and if I did, I’d be collecting unemployment too.
    I guess any publicity is good publicity. Get this guy off the board and he’ll be forgotten…

  • Straight Shooter says:

    You seem to have way too much time to do nothing but rant and answer for your “Boy Wonder” Brian Berger. Question, what happenend to transparency you guys rant so much about and why can’t Brian Berger answer for himself questions from the public and the media? Now that Brian Berger is a public servant, the public has a right to information about his past that he chooses to hide or lie about. You guys call this Transparency?

  • Carol Kramer says:

    Great rant, Ben.
    Do you think that WWAY’s playing of distracting background music throughout your rant was rude? I do. It certainly was intentional.

  • Scott Pickey says:

    Carol – thanks for the note.

    We play that music in the background of every Rant – have so for about a year.

    Thanks for watching!!

    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director

  • Guest1118 says:

    Thank you Ben, excellent rant. And Scott, that background music seriously has got to go.

  • Guest228 says:

    Why after the DA office in agreement with Berger’s attorney said there was no criminal malice in releasing Berger’s undercover affair that they are investigating it now us taxpayers in NHC along with teachers losing their jobs will have to pay the price of a dumb a** investigation that will spend money that we apparently dont have in the budget for..its not enough we are not trying to protect our teachers positions but we want to hold a hand of a inadequate politician and follow up on his madness and try to get more county people fired!! Does not ANYONE see a problem with this!!! SICK AND TIRED OF THE BULL!!

  • Guest349 says:

    Your e-mail is in error. What the DA said was the county properly released the document after the request was made. What was done here was a county employee violated county policy, and probably both state and federal laws. So it is entirely proper for Sheriff and others to look into this. Berger may or may not be a good politician–the leaker broke the law and smearing Berger doesn’t change that simple fact.

  • Guest228 says:

    but the sherrif of NHC thinks he has a case? Who is the attorney here? Who tries cases every day in court? Of all the cases that Ed wanted to get involved with and override the DA’s ruling, he decides to stand with Berger..we as citizens of NHC should NOT be allowing more money to be played into a “you picking on me” parade..the fact is Berger got unemployment benefits, he failed to disclose it to his voters and the media, even lied about being an consultant for an imaginary business, he even used anti-benefits as his platform when running for commissioner and now he wants to find a scapegoat while at the same time using taxpayers dollars and take away someone else living and have them file unemployment just so he can say he was victim? The victim is NHC for voting this nutjob into office..there are bigger issues in NHC especially with teachers being laid off..Ed, how about taking an interest in the gang problems, the white hookers in black neighborhoods, the meth houses being leased to section 8 renters..I’m sure there is something better to occupy your time than doing an investigation on “leaked” records!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    “…the employment place sent them a letter asking about Berger’s wages or something.”

    Thanks for that amazing level of detail, but it doesn’t explain why or how that would be an official part of his county file.

  • Guest505 says:

    I know my post wasn’t well written, but what your asking isn’t making any sense either. Where do you think they should have put the letter? One thing we know is that there was a letter and they stuck it somewhere. I know I’m not as bright as you,but I think the best place to put it would be in Berger’s file, officially or for any other reason.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    We could probably eliminate five jobs and not need a forklift to pick up an employee’s file.

    I can only speak from my past experience, but we had firm guidelines of what went in a service record book and what didn’t go in a service record book. I can assure you that my current employer, a large, multi-national corporation, has an even tighter policy.

    Unless something permanently impacts an employee or the county, it doesn’t belong in his or her permanent file. This was evidently a request for county work history, remarkably similar to any employment verification request. Why would that be filed in his permanent record? Will it be important a year from now? Two years? Five years?

    It’s a moot point, anyway. As I pointed out in two previous posts, how do we know it was a county employee, and not an ESC employee, a bank employee, or one of his obviously disenchanted female friends?

  • Guest2012 says:

    I like your blogname and assume that you chose that name because you are talking about the inefficient County Commission, or any number of foibles at the local or state level.
    However, when you wrote:

    “Brian Berger may not fit in your little box, but he does represent the people that are sick of, and fed up with, governments out of control spending”, I disagree with you.

    While I am not a happy camper regarding the many serious issues that we face each and every day, Brian Berger will NEVER be competent enough to remotely represent me as a serious tax payer and citizen of New Hanover County.

    His communication, interpersonal and intra-personal skills are lacking.
    His ability to format clear, concise written matter is greatly flawed, as we noted with his diatribe of 14(?) pages.

    His judgement is muddled. He chose to call a press conference to say that the other commissioners are pickin’ on him, or something like that…I don’t know, I walked out of the room shaking my head.

    His comprehension of what may be an important meeting is questionable at best, especially when he was going to miss NC County Commissioners?General Assembly day…. and his NUMEROUS tardiness is inexcusable. He DOES NOT represent me. I am competent,responsible and respected.

    HE never was my choice of a Republican to rep me in County matters, but I gave him MANY, MANY chances since he SOMEHOW managed to get elected…
    much to my dismay now.

    I TOO am sickofitall, and WISH upon the falling stars in the evening sky that he would RESIGN TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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