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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Living in a townhome means your neighbors are up close and personal. How they treat their property, often affects yours. That’s a situation some residents are dealing with in Wilmington’s Lauren Place when it comes to a neighbor’s dog.

Virginia Conley bought her townhome in Lauren Place in 1997. A few years ago, Lindsey Hull moved next door. Conley says shortly after that, Hull got a dog.

“They let the dog poop on the cement and the little dirt area out that’s out there,” Conley said.

Conley and her neighbors say hull allows her dog to repeatedly use the bathroom on the patio before cleaning it up.

“The smell has been bad for the past six or seven years,” Conley said. “They clean it up every once in a while, but most of the time you can look through the cracks and see the piles of crap over there.”

We checked it out. You can smell the feces and see it lying on the patio.

Conley finally moved, but the smell is still affecting her.

“I’ve been moved out two years next month, but my tenant is over there, and she’s threatened last summer a couple times she said she might have to move because of the smell,” Conley said.

We tried to get in touch with Hull. We knocked on her door. She wasn’t home. We also sent her a message on Facebook, but didn’t get a response.

To find out what the homeowners association is doing, we contacted the property manager, Richard Collins. He says because of privacy concerns, he can’t specifically talk about Hull, but he did tell us what typically happens in situations like these.

“Generally there’s a letter, unless I have the ability to have direct contact, and then I would call the individual and tell them what the problem is and normally follow it up with a letter,” Collins said.

Hull can also be fined.

We finally contacted New Hanover County Animal Control to see if they had any advice for residents. Animal Control told us this violates the public nuisance law. If homeowners complain to them, they can investigate and give Hull a citation, but that’s about all they can do.

The HOA told us it would go back out there and investigate. Neighbors say the HOA has done that before, but the problem keeps happening. They also plan to contact Animal Control and complain. We’ll keep you updated.

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46 Comments on "TROUBLESHOOTERS: Neighbors tired of dog poop smell"

J Faison
2015 years 10 months ago

Yes poop happens what if that had been the corner of your front yard that Mr.Bow Wow pooped in and you steeped in it or fell on it poop happens then also. Poop Happens

2015 years 10 months ago

These seniors didn’t advocate very well for their community. I understand frustration with neighbors and their pets but that is a problem in almost every neighborhood in the country. Property values are in a nosedive so bringing a negative focus to Lauren Place could have an adverse affect on homes for sale or rent. I’m also troubled about “peeking and filming” through a privacy fence. Not sure but this homeowner may have some legal rights on privacy laws.

Deb Logan
2015 years 10 months ago

I manage Twin Ponds in Nashua, NH. I’ve been using pet DNA for quite some time to catch violators with TREMENDOUS results.
The system is incredibly easy to use and the implentation for both getting the DNA and catching the violators is just as easy. My property has over 250 dogs and counting and our property is clean!!!! The program is extremely affordable for the dog owners. I can even show property owners how to use this system at no cost to them while keeping the fee
affordable for the renters. Email me at dogdnatoday@gmail.com and I will glady provide your community with more information.

2015 years 10 months ago

Let’s see how much is bleach at the dollar store? And how hard is it to be a neighbor and go help clean this up! Poop cleaning party in the land of HOA! Oh wait do you need permission to clean. LMAO!

2015 years 10 months ago

I’ve seen this property, It’s no normal dog poo smell. Its the smell of months and months of sitting dog poo, Sitting dog poo on a hot, concrete 8×6 patio left by a 70lb pitbull.
If animal control had any respect, they’d be out ther ethe day after the story aired. Of course the HMO cant do anything, thats just one reason I’d NEVER NEVER live somwhere wher HMO membership is required.
In this specific instance, just visulize a meat eater in a small area that never has poop cleaned up. How much energy does it take to pick up poo once or twice a week?


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