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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger has tried to keep his work history and status under wraps from the media and the public, there is an online and paper trail that outlines where and when he’s worked.

Berger says he moved to Wilmington in 2004 from the Washington, DC, area.

From December 1, 2003, through July 2, 2004, he was the Marketing Manager at the Adhesive and Sealant Council in Bethesda, MD. Before that job, trade publications say he was the Manager of Communications for the National Retail Federation.

After moving to Wilmington, Berger applied to be on many New Hanover County boards through the years.

In October 2005, he applied to be on the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority Board. In that application, he listed he was an Editor at “The Globe,” a newspaper in Jacksonville.

Later in February 2007, he applied to be a member of the Port, Waterway and Beach Commission. On that application he wrote he was in Public Relations, Public Policy, Marketing and Business Management at a company called SAR, Inc. He also wrote that he was a volunteer firefighter.

He applied to be on the ABC Board in May 2007. On this application he only listed his employer as “Consultant.”

The next year in June he applied for the Airport Authority Board. Here he lists that he’s in “Association Management and Marketing” at AISI, or the American Iron and Steel Institute. According to its website, AISI is a lobbying firm based in Washington, DC, for the steel industry.

Almost a year later, in May 2009, he applied again to be on the ABC Board, and again he lists his employer as AISI.

While running for County Commission in 2010, he would only say that he was a “consultant.” When pressed, he would not reveal who he consulted for.

Then we learned last week that Berger had been drawing unemployment from an unknown company in Washington, DC. The Department of Employment Services in Washington sent a letter to New Hanover County in January asking for Berger’s employment history. Berger won’t say when his unemployment began, but we do know it ended in May.

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Brian Berger New Hanover County board applications

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12 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Commissioner Berger’s work history"

2015 years 8 months ago

……put a slice of cheese on this berger I think it’s about done!

Christopher Caroliene
2015 years 8 months ago

PLease stop picking on him. He has assbergers syndrome….

2015 years 8 months ago

Scott, Good Job on reports concerning our local ELECTED officials. All of them.
Concerning Mr. Berger, I agree with bergerfrickle.

Investigate the AISI position. I am from the Steel City and I know Steel and steel workers of America and wonder out loud about this individual having a paid position at AISI.

If it is found that Berger is lying about any one of these positions, he NEEDS to resign his seat immediately, which is sad, because I was happy that we had 4 Republicans in there.

Now, my friends, I’d rather have a Weiner in there INSTEAD of a Berger!

I do not buy that anyone is “out to get this guy”, it is just that he is serving as a major distraction to the serious business on the agenda at the County and various Boards and there is no work getting done due to his inability to show up on time and conduct himself as a gentleman republican.
Recently, he did not drive to Raleigh together with the other Commissioner and arrive on time, because he didn’t FEEL that the day was IMPORTANT…
County Commissioners FROM the entire STATE were invited to the General Assembly, to facilitate a day with other County Commissioners around the State of N.C. and members of the STATE HOUSE AND SENATE! BERGER did not think it was important, so he arrived late after it was reported by WWAY that he was sitting this COMMITTMENT out, one in which he signed up for, no less.
There certainly seems to be mounting evidence of instability, which makes it difficult to believe that he worked and received pay from AISI. I don’t care what liberal lawyer he retains, this “big gun” lawyer can’t SPIN this guy to look remotely normal.

2015 years 8 months ago

It would be nice if you could further investigate his claims of employment with firms such as AISI and The Globe. It sounds like those might be pure fiction. Given Mr. Berger’s mounting credibility issues, it seems that resignation would be appropriate. He is certainly not respected by his fellow board members and it is appearing more and more that his actions are moving from questionable to possibly fraudulent.

2015 years 8 months ago

Those of us that know Brian Berger, know he did nothing wrong. All the attacks don’t change one basic fact–a county employee has apparantly broken county law and policy as well as state and federal law. All of us should be outraged. Berger if you read this stuff just keep voting ahgainst taxes, spending and rate increases at CFPUA.
Last I looked this guy hasn’t benefitted himself or his friends or family while serving public–cant say the same for a lot of others.

Peyton Garrett
2015 years 8 months ago

I agree He’s done as far as being an effective element of the board. It has gone too far. I don’t want to be a detractor, but his worse enemies are the people who have pushed him forward in this quest to disrupt the function of the board and haul into question every twist and turn of the board. Do I agree with everything the board does? No. There does need to be a work in progress to gain a consensus and get things done in a timely and fair manner and within reason financially. If his supporters are as smart as they think they are and They can not recognize How over his head this job as commissioner has become for Mr Berger The delusion will just go on. Also if all of this shady dealing, profiteering, ect,ect,ect is going on by any other member of the board Mr. McCoy needs to reveal his evidence or back off. I have seen in print and heard over the airways his bombastic allegations but have yet to see any basis to his allegations. Everyone is crooked. Well I would just like to see some good hard evidence, maybe some of his under the radar evidence. I think that is fair and all any member of the community would ask for

Straight Shooter
2015 years 8 months ago

Ben McCoy and his buddy Brian Berger should take a one way ticket out of here! They both are so unhappy with the way things are around here so do us all a favor and leave!

2015 years 8 months ago

So, its getting to be a little curious how much attention Burger is getting from WWAY, all negative but thats besides the point. Are there not enough stories out there more important that paying someone to follow this guys entire life, he is a county commissioner, a rookie at that. Why is he getting so much hateraide spilled his way. Who’s wife at WWAY did he sleep with??? Just curious…

2015 years 8 months ago

Oh heck, let’s lock him up.

Straight Shooter
2015 years 8 months ago

Berger is now a JAIL-BIRD!

Straight Shooter
2015 years 8 months ago

Excellent post, I couldn’t agree more!

2015 years 8 months ago

All I can say is that between BergerGate & WeinerGate…i’m hungry!


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