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I have been contacted multiple times concerning the arrest of Commissioner Berger, and let me just say this:

Commissioner Berger has not been convicted of any crime, and we do not have all of the facts of the case as of yet. It appears from the police report and the 911 call that Ms. Blaylock was simply calling for mediation so she could gather her belongings and leave. She did not appear injured, in harm’s way, endangered, or in any imminent danger whatsoever. The nature of our laws are such that in any argument, a woman calling 911 will result in the prompt and immediate arrest of a man, regardless of the nature of the incident, and he will be presumed guilty until proven innocent.

If there are facts that surface that prove, undeniably, that Commissioner Berger caused bodily harm to Ms. Blaylock, or committed an act of violence in any way against another person, then I will stand with the prosecution; as justice should be served. If facts arise that this is an incident completely overblown, that there was no danger, and that this was no more than an emotional argument such that virtually every other couple has had at one time or another, then I will stand with Commissioner Berger on his innocence. Some of the media, and certain members of the community affording themselves the position of judge and jury in this matter exhibits a reprehensible vanity and holier-than-thou disposition; that they themselves would despise if in a similar circumstance.

As Commissioner Thompson has said, this issue is of a personal nature, and has nothing to do with county policy. Calls for Commissioner Berger’s resignation are entirely premature, and exemplify the predefined internal opinions against him anyway in general, on the part of those making such statements.

Ben McCoy

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10 Comments on "Berger supporter Ben McCoy weighs in"

Mental Health Suggestions
2015 years 10 months ago

Agree completely with Berger’s follies

Wade griffis
2015 years 10 months ago

What defenders of this man seem not to get, is this: Our local economy is still hurting. The environment in several areas is threatened. Jobs are in short supply.

Yet, this commissioner, instead of joining his coharts in addressing these issues- is playing games with his enormous ego.

I suggest putting his ego in the nearest, lock down, mental health center.

Straight Shooter
2015 years 10 months ago

Evidently maturity and sound judgment means nothing to McCoy!

2015 years 10 months ago

You know, things that Berger writes are full of run on sentences, too. Wonder who is writing for him.

Junior High English Teacher
2015 years 10 months ago

You would get a F – on this assignment. Use more periods to clarify your thoughts.

2015 years 10 months ago

I think Brian Berger does need a mental evaluation and I’m not trying to be ugly about it. I sincerely think he needs help. I do believe, without a doubt that he is under the control of and does what Ben tells him to. It’s a sad situation.

2015 years 10 months ago

At some point, anyone who acts in a public capacity, respects due process and professes to be working to better the public good, must have the ability to understand that that their personal actions can overshadow and detract from whatever public good they intended to do.
They have to realize that if they reach that point, the only option available is that they should remove themselves from the public position in which they hold.

I won’t say whether I voted for Berger or not, since it really doesn’t matter; the only thing that matters is that for the sake of dignity, process and betterment of NHC there is only one option. Brian Berger needs to resign. If he doesn’t have the fortitude to do that then it’s just one more sign that he is unfit to serve the citizens of the county and the Board needs to take the next step to rid us of what is, at this point, a cancer in our midst.

Do the right thing Brian.

2015 years 10 months ago

When you’re an elected leader, the public expects leadership. How you conduct your private life is a great indicator of how much the public should trust you and follow your lead.

Bill Clinton committing perjury was a private matter that didn’t impact his ability to govern….until he was impeached and had to spend most of his time wheeling-n-dealing to round up Senate votes to save his tail at trial.

Anthony Weiner’s behavior is of a personal nature, too…..REALLY personal. Are people judging him prematurely, or too harshly?

Do you think Brian is worrying about county business right now?

As you know, I voted for Brian. Here’s what I expected: Strong leadership in moving the county commission away from the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours and we’ll all wind up rich” mentality that has been the hallmark of the past fifteen years. I expected him to use every bit of his strength to get us away from mega-gifts to niche groups that are headed up by commission pals. I wanted him to move us toward a government that dealt solely with governmental matters that affect every citizen, and not select groups of citizens.

That’s what I expected, but here’s what I received in return for my vote: A train wreck. A guy who apparently has the self-discipline, maturity, and judgment of a fourteen year-old. Does he have an even rudimentary grasp of the responsibility we handed him? Does he have any concept of loyalty toward the people who put him in office? Did he think the reporters and cameras vanished once he was elected?

People who go from crisis to crisis to crisis to crisis are what I refer to as incompetent life mis-managers. Berger may not be collecting TANF or Medicaid, he may not have lived in Section Eight housing for the past ten years, but just like someone in those circumstances. He just can’t seem to get his act together, can he?

If you pull his strings, as everyone claims, then your puppet is out of control and you’re not doing a very good job as a puppeteer or power broker. If, on the other hand, you’re simply a supporter and friend, then I’d advise you to pull your friend aside and give him some quick lessons on Adulthood and Self-discipline 101.

2015 years 10 months ago

I’m sorry your friend found himself in this way. It was of his own doing. I find you loyalty admirable, but at some point don’t throw away your own credibility. Do think he really care about your reputation. I personally don’t think so. Time and time again you’ve defended him yet watching the last meeting online the one where you spoke, he was late again. Seriously, I’m sure you probably shared you intended to speak yet he did it again. It just flies in all our faces that he can’t even put it together for one meeting and show some respect for those who have fallen on their sword for him. William

Michael Elder
2015 years 10 months ago

What in the hell is wrong with Ben McCoy? Clearly, Brian Berger
needs professional help. I don’t understand how enough people in
New Hanover county could have ever thought that Beeger was a competent candidate for a commissioner’s position! The man is the
most un-stable, totally enept, embarrassment to himself and the city.
His narcissistic child-like antics are pathetic for a mature adult
to be representing our county.
Please have this FOOL removed !!!!!


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