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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The battle over the state the budget is heating up as the clock is ticking on the governor’s decision. Meanwhile many people are unhappy about the current plan.

Leaders of the NAACP from around southeastern North Carolina gathered in Wilmington today to talk about their disgust for the proposed budget. They claim the budget was developed by ultra-radical, tea-party conservatives.

The civil rights leaders say it is regressive and will harm children, minorities, women and the poor.

“I suggest they go back to the drawing table,” Brunswick County NAACP President Bernest Hewett said. “I suggest they get off party lines and get on human lines. My suggestion to them would be that they need to work with the people and not against them.”

The NAACP is most upset by cuts to education and feels these deep cuts will have long term consequences. Hewett said our current legislature cares more about politics and propaganda than they do the people.

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