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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington man set sail this morning on an adventure across the Atlantic. Greg Frucci, 50, says so many things have inspired him to go on this journey, and that it’s just something he knows he needs to do.

It’s the early Thursday morning, and Frucci, a former architect turned creative spirit, is getting ready for a month-long journey across the Atlantic. The trip is in honor of his father, a Marine Corps fighter pilot who died at sea during a fishing trip. But the trip across the ocean to Portugal will also serve as a personal journey to find inner peace.

“I decided to do this in October of 2010,” Frucci said. “I was in Portugal, single, no real ties here except for some wonderful loving friends and a cousin.”

Frucci’s first stop is Bermuda.

“According to GPS it’s 677 nautical miles from my boat to five fathoms, which is the entrance to a couple of places in Bermuda,” he said.

The trip to Bermuda will take six days. The entire trip will take one month.

Frucci will be the only one on the sailboat, but he will be surrounded by several on-board cameras. Frucci will also video blog on his journey. All the recordings will be used for a documentary.

“There will be moments, I’m sure, I’ll run into something, or it can be at night, I see lights of a big tanker very close, and that will be a scary moment. That’s one of the things about this trip, too. It’s an illustration of challenging fears,” Frucci said.

Not focusing on fear, Frucci meticulously prepared throughout the morning for his adventure. The only thing that stopped him was his dog and best friend Lucky, who he left behind with his cousin.

After some last-minute checks and several quick but emotional goodbyes to his family, friends and supporters, Frucci set out on his journey. It’s a journey that has already brought Frucci peace even before he set sail.

You can track Frucci throughout his journey and documentary online at coolchangeproductions.com

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  • wooduck

    wonderful story and an excellent effort to share w/ others! happy sails!!!

  • Sheila

    Ramon! You really put an awesome story together. Great job!!

  • Wilma
  • Jack Petererson

    First, let me say I do know something about offshore sailing. It’s a serious business — and this guy Frucci sounds crazy. He seems to have little experience doing an Atlantic crossing single handed — he should gain more practice before such a foolish journey. The number one problem is human error… Furthermore, anyone who knows anything about offshore sailing would laugh at the huge solar panel he has in the picture — it will blow off fast. I trust it’s down below for this trip. Finally, he should get a new, expensive boat with all the latest safety features — his life depends upon it. An older boat is more likely to suffer a mechanical failure like a broken mast, rudder, etc. Metal fatigues over time… That’s why commercial airlines typically have newer planes… BTW, his GPS tracker shows he never left port this morning — what gives?

  • Michele

    Happy sail courageous man! The solar is cool!

    You are showing us the way to face our destiny, to us that sit on our asses unhappy with our lives, but not having guts to change anything!

    all the best on your voyage.


  • whocares?

    who cares??? this is stupid. i hope when this guy gets in trouble no tax payer dollars are used to bail this guy out. what a ridiculous thing to promulgate!

  • Navyman

    First of all this guy is completely nuts!! Being a former Navy man. I know the waters this man is treading into… and it is not something to be taken lightly. This Frucci guy seems to be somewhat of a novice sailor, and to attempt something so dangerous especially this time of year is madness. The Atlantic Ocean this time of year is a hot washing machine, and his small sailboat is going to be put through a lot. I know some very skilled sailors and they would not dream of putting that boat across the atlantic this time of year… Also the solar panel as wide as his boat shows how ignorant he is as a sailor, I’m sure it won’t last to Bermuda… I’m guessing he is using it to power the cameras for his documentary… Hopefully if he makes it to Bermuda he will have the common sense to ditch it, and sail back…

    From storms that seem to pop up out nowhere, to rogue waves, to commercial shipping lanes with large ships that don’t move out of the way for small sailboats… this guy has no idea what is out there ahead of him… I wish him luck…a lot of luck!!!


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