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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Controversy has surrounded New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger for months. The problems got worse following Berger’s arrest on domestic violence charges overnight.

New Hanover County Commission Chair Jonathan Barfield spoke ONLY ON 3 during WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 5 p.m. about Berger, his arrest, its impact on Berger and the County Commission and how Berger and the Commission can move forward.

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  • If you think Berger should resign. please email the GOP county chair immediately. Rhonda Amoroso, Esq. rhonda.gopchair@gmail.com

  • This was an arrest not a conviction! So until such time as a conviction happens, I will NOT support trying to force someone to resign their position. Don’t let emotion rule your actions.

  • Guest121

    Rhonda you are a TRULY WEAK leader. You should not need emails from people on whether Berger should resign. It is obvious Berger cannot govern effectively. You need to hold a press conference NOW and call for his resignation. If you do not, the Republican brand will be seriously hurt in S.E. NC because it will be obvious to independent voters that Republicans care only about themselves; not what is in the best interest of the citizens.
    You should also ask for a mental eval and suicide watch for Berger. His world has come crashing down from all angles. (economic, criminal, relationship, political, media attention/embarrassment) He is definitely a risk to committ suicide. He needs help NOW before it is too late!

  • Guest 1501

    This Berger soap opera is doing wonders for the counties image. Only if Congressman Anthony Wee-nur up in NYC resigns and decides to move to Wilmington will Brian be able to stay out of the spotlight.
    Commissioner?? Berger will self-destruct prior to the end of his current term.

  • Straight Shooter

    The call for berger’s resignation is not just from his arrest. But from all of the negative incidents that have happened in just the few months since he has been in office. It is painfully clear now to most of us that this guy simply Can’t Cut It! Brian Berger should resign ASAP to save our county from further embarressment!

  • Guest2012

    that Berger is imploding.
    Psychologically, sociologically, financially and career wise, he is extremely challenged and feeling the stressors of a hostile political environment. An environment that he contributed to and is the benefiticiary of, due to his constant struggles.

    As a very strong and involved Republican I will say that I am quite dismayed at my party’s silence or non-involvement or apathy or what ever they are doing besides ‘speaking up and out’.

    I am convinced that Berger must be someones stepchild or favorite son to get away with this much drama!

    Jobs in this region are so incredibly hard to get and even harder to keep, unless your name is Brian Berger, I assume.

    I truly think that many people who have lost jobs through absolutely no fault of their own have to question how this man is keeping his, albeit very low pay. Perhaps my Party just wants to throw the dog a bone, but there is no good reason not to step up to the podium and denounce the antics of this very challenged individual who still thinks he is representing the best interests of the people in New Hanover County/ Get real!!!

    Individuals supported in campaigns are rarely the true self, although this man seems to be the exception to the case. I saw issues, problems and giant question marks hanging like a dangling chad over BB’s head and DID not vote for him. I cannot believe he got the GOP’s endorsement in the first darn place, but we are way past that now.

    My friends and I are beginning to have a profound dislike for all PARTY AFFILIATIONS, but mostly OURS!
    2012, Who the Hell Cares anymore?!? If we endorse this type of candidate and need to ask for permission to speak about him when he is circling the drain, God help us all!


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