ONLY ON 3: Commissioner Berger has history of domestic issues

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Submitted: Tue, 06/14/2011 - 3:30am
Updated: Tue, 06/14/2011 - 10:43am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — According to documents obtained by WWAY, New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger has had at least four domestic issues at his home involving two girlfriends and the police.

The latest was Thursday evening, when current girlfriend Heather Blaylock called police and asked for an escort to his house so she could pick up her belongings left out on the curb. She told a dispatcher she didn’t feel safe going to Berger’s house alone. At some point in the evening while she tried to leave, Berger tried to open the car door. She says she had locked the door, so when he tried to force it open, he ripped the handle off the car. She says he threw it at her, and for a second it looked like it would hit the windshield, but it ended up just hitting the side of the car.

Six months ago, Berger told us police had shown up at his house twice for issues between him and Blaylock. He had proposed to Blaylock and she moved in with him. But in the meantime he learned that her divorce wasn’t official. That issue was causing a custody fight between Blaylock and her husband at the time.

We also obtained text messages sent from Blaylock’s phone to family members in Charlotte that show she didn’t feel safe living with Berger. Responding to a suggestion that she move out soon, she writes, “I can do that but not until I move out and if I call the cops while I am still here it could be dangerous for me and the boys.”

Fifteen minutes later she texts, “He is watching every move I make right now. Am scared to even put my phone down cause he will read the texts. Won’t let me call anyone.”

Berger also had issues with a former girlfriend, with whom he still co-owns his house. In October, 2008, she called police claiming Berger had tied strings to the doorknob of the house and to the garage, and she was scared to go in. She said she was very upset that she couldn’t go in and said she was afraid that the string was attached to some kind of booby trap attached to her car and the garage door. An officer eventually met her at the house and took her to an area hotel.

Berger Domestic History


  • Hmmmm says:

    I can’t believe the article failed to mention the notes on the call report. One example states subject smoking 10-98 earlier in day and another about male subject using 10-98 in home. I believe that is the ten code for narcotics (that New Hanover county uses?)This report was filed within the last six months, is dated in January. Berger has been serving since December of 2010 but was alleged to have used drugs in Jan 2011?

  • Willy Nelson says:

    10-98 is the ten code for narcotics in NHC. Here’s the cup Brian, fill’er up! What you won’t??? Then what are you hiding? Transparency buster at it’s best! Either you will or you won’t, it’s that simple!

  • Guest2012 says:

    Scott, check this out!

    What is the subject “smoking” refering to in this report?

    What is 1098 code for in Wilmington? or the County?

    It also sounds like child endangerment was an issue on page 3, due to no heat, but only space heaters, and adult male in home.

    Why was not the Child Protective Services called in from Dept. of Social Services? After all, why not use up all the resource$$$.

    When is the next Commissioners Meeting and How many people are going to attend to ask for BB to step down???

    I am going to check the date of the next meeting NOW!

  • toolatenow says:

    Or perhaps we should ask why none of this in depth reporting and background checking was done before the elections. Had WWAY spent some time researching this stranger in advance, perhaps we wouldn’t be stuck with him now.

  • Guest27 says:

    How was this man able to run for County Commissioner and get elected?

  • Guest2012 says:

    wanted a highly polished individual in that seat, but they clearly chose a person who was not in the least little bit qualified. I personally watched them campaign like CRAZY for him, and miraculously got him a seat which upsets me (and others who take the political process seriously).

    … But the seat that they won (?) for Berger put them on the Hot Seat, rightfully so, as their credibility is now SHOT!

    Half ass-ed campaigns, and… EVEN the most $avvy campaigns USED to win ELECTIONS, but NOT any more, you watch! The GOP and the TeaParty really messed up in New Hanover and none of us are going to forget this one!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is like the movie Groundhog Day. The day just keeps repeating! Uggg, Gruelling!!!

  • Miller says:

    Sounds like Brian Berger and Heather Blaylock deserve each other, but the children do not deserve either of them. If the allegations in this story are true, Berger has serious mental health issues which form a pattern of behavior, and Blaylock is a fool to continue with him. As for the citizens of New Hanover County, we do not need this kind of nutty energy feeding at the public trough while hypocritically proclaiming he wants to save tax $.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    I (and many, many people) would have voted for a fairly sharp Pomeranian rather than Ol’ Rubber Stamp, who never met an eight-hundred home development he didn’t like.

    Still, I have to admit that Berger has turned out to be a complete disappointment and I’ll be looking for that Pomeranian the next time he runs.

  • WilmingtonMAJ says:

    It is a rare occasion when I defend WWAY but it is YOUR job as a voter to research a candidate and make an informed decision. It’s the cost and process of living in a democracy. Blaming someone else for your stupid decision of voting for this idiotic hobbit is hardly their fault. WWAY doesn’t answer to you

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