ONLY ON 3: New Hanover Co. GOP Chairwoman doesn’t want to hear about Berger

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Submitted: Tue, 06/14/2011 - 3:45am
Updated: Tue, 06/14/2011 - 10:44am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Rhonda Amoroso is getting inundated with e-mail these days. The Chairwoman of the New Hanover County Republicans is hearing from constituents across the county about County Commissioner Brian Berger.

Problem is, according to Vice Chairman Joe Rumsey, she doesn’t want to hear about it.

After posting stories online covering Berger’s arrest Friday morning and Chairman Jonathan Barfield’s reaction, a viewer left this comment online:

Berger’s Resignation
Submitted by GOP Gov. Board of NHC (not verified) on Fri, 06/10/2011 – 8:56pm.
If you think Berger should resign. please email the GOP county chair immediately. Rhonda Amoroso, Esq. She will reply to each email.

Both Amoroso and Rumsey e-mailed and called the station numerous times claiming that Amoroso didn’t leave the comment and requested that we remove it.

Newsroom managers came to the conclusion that it was very apparent that Amoroso had not left the comment and that because her e-mail address was posted on the state GOP website and that Amoroso herself shares it in a video message on the New Hanover County GOP website, it would be OK to leave up.

We asked Rumsey if Amoroso didn’t want to hear from constituents about how they felt about the Berger situation. He said, “No,” calling many of the e-mails “vitriolic” and added they were upsetting Amoroso.

He then sent this angry email to the newsroom:

You have allow an entry into your company’s domain which has not been approved by the NHCGOP as stated. The poster is not Rhonda Amoroso as indicated. Your company, as the owner of the site, has been asked thru email and telephone conversation to remove the posting.

Your company WWAY TV3 is complicit in a dishonest representation which you have become a party to thru your refusal to correct.

What goes around , comes around.

Joe Rumsey


  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    1. Her address is already posted on-line

    2. WWAY clearly identified the posting as NOT VERIFIED.

    3. The e-mails are upsetting that poor fragile flower? Too friggin’ bad. If she’s the county GOP chair she better get a whole lot tougher.

    4. It appears that you take pride in burying your head in the sand and not wanting to know what the members of YOUR OWN PARTY believe.

    5. “What goes around, comes around?” What is that supposed to mean? Is that some kind of veiled threat? Have you been taking lessons in bullying from Jason Thompson?

    If you want to know why I give my money to the Libertarians now, instead of the Republicans, you will find the explanation by looking in the nearest mirror, oh gutless wonders!

  • Guest2012 says:

    DITTO, Commonsencenotwhat!

    Once again, you took the words right out of my mouth, and the only ones fighting you on this are going to be the ones not saying…Help, Help me Rhonda, help me get HIM outta my mind.

    HELP, HELP ME RHONDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If it isn’t all rha-rha-rha for Rho Rho Rhonda… such as at the Hilton Hotel G.O.P. State Convention… with free Lunches,Dinners, cocktails and lotsa Smooooozing, or all of the CELEBRATORY parties after last Novembers take-over of the State House and Senate, then this Mover and Shaker shallowly decompresses into a little ole’ frail bumpkin.

    I doubt that anyone who is not living in la-la land would not conclude that a Press Conference should have been called long ago to CALL FOR Berger’s IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION based on his HIGHLY questionable behavior.

    Get with the program Rhonda and help, please help me recover from Brianitis!

  • neomom says:

    This is kind of crappy. Not only did you keep an email address up that had been requested to be removed, now you publish it again because you didn’t like the tone of an email?

  • Guest99x says:

    Brian should not be judged until all the facts are in and he has his day in court. With due respect to the GOP spokesman, however, the e-mail address posted on this site is publically available and the party is responsible to address the concerns of the voters in this county.

  • Guest2012 says:

    What goes around comes around? Crrrraaaaazzzzy is as crazy does?

    I’m quickly changing my interest in staying with this Party.

    However, I think that you should use proper grammer and spelling if you are sending GOP correspondence in the form of an email. This was not a txt., so ignorance is displayed in more ways than one.

    Through not THRU…

    the owner of the site, has been asked thru


    which you have become a party to thru

    Disappointed Conservative Republican

  • BP3 says:

    Nice example. If you intend others to abide by ‘proper grammer and spelling’ then perhaps you can begin by spelling ‘grammar’ correctly. Quick to judge others much?


    BlueStreak BP3

  • Ummmm says:

    This is really pretty petty on WWAY donchya think? You guys should have taken down the email when requested to. Now you publish it again? Why?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …where anyone has been able to find it since shortly after she took the position?

    Rather than being petty, I’d say this entire incident demonstrates the worst traits that the Republican leadership in this county consistently reveals, arrogance and a general feeling that the Republican leadership doesn’t have to pay any attention to the individual voter.

    If Ms. Amoroso doesn’t want to receive e-mails from the citizens of New Hanover County, then she should never have agreed to accept her position as head of the county Republicans.

    BTW, in case no one has noticed, her phone number is posted on line as well. I’d strongly suggest that she take it and her e-mail address down immediately, because it is painfully obvious that she and her flunky do not want to do the job they signed up for. God forbid they should have to take a position on a controversial subject.

    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen ladies.

  • Guest2012 says:

    …when referencing the email that berated WWAY.

    My fingers got stuck through and through, but thru it all, I kept loving you!

    In summary,
    “I admit I made a mistake.”

    Those six words seem to be the hardest to utter in the English language. BB, and those who pushed him to his utmost level of incompetence should shout that particular sentence from the mountaintops. Would you care to begin the lament?

    BSBP3, it is so nice of you to fight the local G.O.P. officials battles, though!

  • guest111 says:

    This is a bit of a bully mentality on your part. There was no need to re-post this just because you can. Obviously the woman supports Berger, just like Carolyn Justice and wants no part of the brewha over all this. As for Berger, my Dad always said wheres there’s smoke there’s fire. Berger’s gal pal didn’t cause all this for no reason. She is running scared now because of all the media attention and wants to drop it all. Typical Domestic situation. If she goes back to him again we can put her in the same league as Berger, a NUT! She needs to take her children away from all this nonsense, raise them to be caring, strong and educated adults. She should put her kids first and foremost and get the *$@#^ away from this situation.

  • Guest99x says:

    I’ve been complaining about GOP leadership for years. It causes me incessant wonder as to how both these inattentive idiots have floated to the top of Republican Party leadership in this county.

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