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CHAPEL HILL, NC (AP) — Chapel Hill town officials are tired of waiting for the state to decide whether to ban cell phone use while driving and will take up the question themselves.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reports the town council voted Monday to consider a citizen’s request to ban cell phone chatting while driving within city limits.

Retired University of North Carolina professor Joe Capowski has been lobbying for such a ban for more than a year.

The council put off action last year in the expectation that state lawmakers would strengthen restrictions on phone use by drivers. But the General Assembly never acted on the bill.

North Carolina drivers already are prohibited from sending text messages while driving. Drivers under 18 are banned from any phone use at all.

Information from: The News & Observer, http://www.newsobserver.com

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  • Guest9743

    Way to to CH, now I hope the NC legislature will enact/pass a bill that will ban the use of cell phones while driving.

  • Guest22233344

    seriously though, don’t you think you are over exaggerating by saying ban babies/kids in cars? How many accidents happen because of people texting while driving or looking at who to call or dial the phone. It’s a great thing that they are putting bluetooth built in to new cars as well as the radio buttons on the steering wheel and yes I know not everyone can just go out and get a new car but it’s better than just banning radios and phones all together.

  • Guest7969

    are you saying that children and babies are NOT a distraction in cars that cause accidents??? If you are..YOU don’t have children…

  • Guest7969

    while we’re at it…lets ban iPods..HEY..hey..lets ban radios too! Children in cars…ban those also! GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!

  • Southern Born

    Certain passengers can be bigger distractions than cell phones, for example my mother in law has the ability to make me want too drive into another car, even when shes not in the car, OK seriously cell phones, push 1 button call and talk, is this any different than nudging your friend who’s daydreaming and then having a conversation?

    So let me say it should be illegal for me to drive with Eva Mendes as a passenger, cause she is definitely a distraction, my cell phone is no where near as hot!!!

    OK we steel this wonderful technology from some aliens in Roswell NM and know the government says you cant use it because our land based craft is not design for handheld phones BANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    All I can say is fine…if this is passed then you need to also ban eating, drinking, smoking, babies in the car, radio listening and any other item that can distract…

    I can’t count the amount of time I see mothers trying to hand their rugrats their passie while driving

  • guesty

    Maybe they could just ban cars from being driven in the town limits. That would make all the liberals in CH happy and would prevent all auto wrecks in the town.

  • Guest7968

    they are both distractions, but intelligent individuals understand that children hold a little more importance in our lives than cell phones.

  • Guest7969

    ban breast feeding in cars too…its a distraction…



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