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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue would face a short-term political defeat should her historic veto of the North Carolina state budget be canceled by the Republican-led Legislature as early as Wednesday. But her fortunes may turn if her warnings of thousands of job losses in the public schools become true this fall.

Perdue vetoed the two-year spending plan Sunday, saying it would create “generational damage” to public education and other services that citizens rely on and make the state attractive for private job creation. Republicans have said their budget will create jobs.

The GOP is relying on five House Democrats to complete a veto override and enact the budget. Longtime Democratic consultant Gary Pearce says an override will be a victory for the General Assembly’s new Republican majority.

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  • SurfCityTom

    does not necessarily equate to a drop in education quality. Maybe it means parents will have to be more active in their child’s learning progress. And maybe it means disruptive elements, which impede the learning process must walk the plank.

  • whocares

    LOL, you guys are funny. Besides maybe graduating from school, have you ever been in the classroom. You need books, teachers, electricity, busing, supplies, technology etc. “you cut money, it does not mean the education quality will go down.” which is higher quality a $2,000 car or a $20,000 car? Cut education and we are getting the $2,000 education. Too bad for our students that want to compete for jobs, guess we will stick with the heavy labor jobs of society. Arent our children worth it?

  • Guest7969

    Are YOU sir suggesting SELF RESPONSIBILITY?!?!? HOW DARE YOU! The people must be under the thumb of government at all times…after all..we’re just stupid commoners!

  • Guest123

    Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue should know about “generational damage.” Her ever-increasing spending at the state level, and her acceptance federal-debt financed “stimulus” dollars is the real “generational damage” being wrought.

    Halleluiah to the state legislature for stopping the government pillage of our kids’ financial future.

  • guesty

    I’ll take a $2,000 Honda over a $20,000 Harley any day of the week. The Honda won’t fall apart like the Harley will.

  • SurfCityTom

    where does the money come from? Cut out medicaid, free meals, free housing & free cell phones & there would be plenty of money for education.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …should we drive the state to insolvency or should we tax everyone into the poorhouse?

    Hey, here’s an idea! All the teachers and TAs agree to slash their wages by one-third.


  • burtona

    This state has been throwing money at education in unsustainable amounts. How has it worked so far? Anyone think we’re getting our money’s worth? It’s like every other government program – oversize and ineffective! It’s about time cuts were made. Maybe they will figure out how best to use what funds are available rather than just throw more money at the problems.

  • Guest7969

    First, YOU sir may give AS MUCH money as you want to the state to spend how they see fit. Give ALL of your refund to them…”Arent our children worth it?”

    Second, if our children WERE worth it…the people in control would find a way to cut WASTEFUL spending and shift spending elsewhere in the budget…you know…what the REST OF US are doing….I mean after all “Arent our children worth it?”

    Lastly, old Bev…should stop using the state lottery as her personal spend account…I mean… “Arent our children worth it?”

    I trust government with NOT ONE SINGLE RED CENT MORE..they have shown from the bottom up to the feds they don’t spend it wisely! Until they do…I’ll take that penny tax and keep it to spend how I SEE FIT!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …why they started this massive “Keep the penny sales tax” ad blitz AFTER the tax had already expired?

    Have they ever heard the term, “day late and a dollar short?”


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