Wrightsville Beach picks new police chief

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Submitted: Tue, 06/14/2011 - 1:28pm
Updated: Mon, 11/03/2014 - 1:18pm

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The Town of Wrightsville Beach has picked a new police chief. Town Manager Bob Simpson says the town has hired Dan House.

The town expects House to start his new job in July.

In a statement, the town said House is a 13-year veteran in law enforcement and most recently served as as a lieutenant and Operations Manager with the North Carolina State University Police Department. House holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Justice Studies from North Carolina Wesleyan College and an Associate in Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Broome Community College. He is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy 243rd Session.

The 40-year-old also worked for the Wilson Police Department.

House was among 133 candidates considered for the position and was one of eight finalists selected for interview.


  • Guest28480 says:

    This is the best choice of 133 candidates? 13 years doesn’t instill me with confidence that the selection committee was serious about choosing the “best” candidate. Lt Varrone looked like a better candidate. Maybe the rumors that they were looking for a “younger” chief so they wouldn’t have to pay for a fourth retired chief any time soon are true. Gets you wondering whether it was political, financial or just brash indifference. Either way, I hope the residents don’t suffer. I truly hope he does well for their sake.

  • Tufflessn says:

    The inside scoop is that there were far better qualified candidates that the Board of Alderman never heard about because Simpson did not tell them. These candidates had better education and twice the experience. Mayor Cignotti needs get a handle on the City Manager. The BOA needs to get involved and start asking some questions instead of blindly letting the retired Colonel have free reign.

  • Kommensenze says:

    In my opinion, we never should have picked the candidate who did not even have enough fortitude to release his name to the public. The public did not even know his name for a month and Mayor Cignotti allowed us as citizens to be left in the dark. That is some transparency you are practising Mayor Cignotti.

  • sandytooes says:

    City Manager told the citizens that the the candidate that they picked for Chief did not want his named released to the public because he was from “out of state” (source: BOA minutes May) The last time I checked, North Carolina State University is in North Carolina. Mayor Cignotti why can’t we get the truth? Wake up BOA. Get involved in these important decisions for our community that Bob Simpson is making for you.

  • Ethiswatcher says:

    Underage drinking and and unruly college kids rule North Carolina State University where Lt. House worked. I guess we know what to expect at Wrightsville Beach. The college kids will continue to rule our hometown .

  • Sandytooes says:

    Where are the minutes from March 10th 2011, April 14th 2011 and the special meeting on April 28th. You promised transparency Mayor Cignotti. The citizens of this town might have had a few comments about our anonymous Chief of Police had we been informed Mayor Cignotti.

  • Kommensenz says:

    Thirteen year veteran? A person is hardly a veteran with only 13 years of service. The BOA should look at every application for Chief of Police that Bob Simpson received. You may not change the choice but at least you will be informed as to whether we got the most for our tax dollar.

  • Ethicswatcher says:

    Didn’t they tell us he had a Masters degree? Thirteen years. That’s all? There are sergeants at Wilmington PD with more time and experience in Law Enforcement and better qualifications. Come on Mayor Cignotti. I hope he is able to hold his own in the big leagues to our West.

  • Ethicswatcher says:

    The inside scoop is that there were candidates with far more education and experience, but the BOA never got to hear about them.

  • Sandytooes says:

    Dear Mayor Cignotti when will the citizens of our great Town get to critique our City Manager? Didn’t you promise swift action on that. Seems like you are dragging your feet on it. Wrestle control of the Town back from the retired Colonel Mr. Mayor and do what is right. Mayor Cignotti make the CM do his job. Why haven’t the citizens been update by the CM since August of 2010? That is reprehensible. I look to the Town’s website for valuable information and he is neglecting to inform us.

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