Rep. Anthony Weiner resigns from Congress

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Submitted: Thu, 06/16/2011 - 6:34pm
Updated: Thu, 06/16/2011 - 9:32pm

Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Embattled New York Rep. Anthony Weiner is resigning from Congress, saying he cannot continue in office amid the intense controversy surrounding sexually explicit messages he sent online to several women.

The 46-year-old Democrat made the announcement in his home district in New York after two weeks of fighting off pressure to step aside. Weiner apologized again for “the embarrassment that I have caused” and said he hoped to continue to fight for the causes dear to his constituents.

His wife, Huma Abedin, was not with him for the announcement.

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  • WilmingtonMAJ says:

    Larry Craigg actually got CAUGHT trying to have sex in an airport bathroom and stayed in office till the end of his term. Randy Hopper, Roy Ashburn…the list goes on. Both sides have these scandals and both sides handle in stupid ways sometimes

  • Guest8494 says:

    Like Mark “Appalachian Trail” Sanford? Like Larry “Wide Stance” Craig? John Ensign? Keep drinking the Flavor-Aid. No wonder America is in such trouble. People can’t be bothered to remember even recent history.

  • abouttime says:

    Good Riddens. If it was a Republican they would have resigned immediately. What is it about New York politicians and this stuff?

  • Guest461 says:

    Congressman Anthony Weiner just announced he will run for President and has selected Attorney General Eric Holder as his Vice-Presidential running mate.

    Weiner-Holder in 2012

  • guesty says:

    +1 and the win!

  • Wade griffis says:

    Maybe Weiner,Edwards and Berger could find work as a comedy team. They could call themselves “The Three Roasted Weiners.”

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …stare directly into that camera and swear to God that they’re innocent when the story breaks.

    “I did not have sex with that woman.”

    “That child is not mine.”

    “I am the victim of hacking, a prank.”

    In the end, Republican or Democrat they are proven to be slimeballs, but the Democrats have a lock on appearing to be slimeballs AND arrogant enought to believe they can lie their way out of it.

  • Guest99 says:

    “I am not gay”
    You have a selected memory.

  • Guest Bob Slidell says:

    Actually, he told his staff he was getting some Argentinian tail, they misunderstood and thought he said hinking the Appalachian Trail!

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