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BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — Administrators in Pender County have pulled a quick about face with a school principal.

The Pender County Board of Education announced today it has reinstated Marcus Skipper as principal of Topsail High School effective immediately. Earlier this week Skipper was reassigned to be principal at Cape Fear Middle School, which upset many parents and students at Topsail High.

“Marcus Skipper requested to be reinstated,” Pender County Schools spokeswoman Joyce Keith told WWAY in an e-mail. “The decision is in the best interest of Topsail High School and Cape Fear Middle School.”

The position of principal at Cape Fear Middle School will be posted immediately.

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  • GuestHitsay

    Just to show you that side of Pender County has the beach communities and they can get what they want, when money talks. I have a child at Cape Fear Middle School and we love the principal that is currently there. We would really like for you to leave her there. Reinstate Mrs. Skipper!

  • Guest545825

    I think it’s an outright shame that they are moving Mrs. Skipper from Cape Fear Middle School. I also have a child that attends the school and they love Mrs. Skipper. She’s a wonderful principal and she really cares about her kids. As far as I can tell the staff love her as well and I’m pretty sure, just like Mr. Skipper, Mrs. Skipper did not ask to be moved. However, this isn’t the “money” side of the county so it doesn’t matter what is in the best interest of the school or the kids, the powers that be will do what they want and what we say or think doesn’t count a whole lot, or I should say, doesn’t count at all. They don’t want a disruption at Topsail because Mr. Skipper is doing such a wonderful job, which I’m sure he is, well, how about the same consideration for Mrs. Skipper and reinstate her immediately because the exact same can be said for her and the job she has done at Cape Fear Middle!! You ever heard the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”?

  • My money said, “Do what is right!”.

    “when moneytalks”…you have got to be kidding me? He was reinstated because the teachers and parents stood up for what is right. Pricipal Skipper is well liked and has done well at THS. The parents immediately started supporting him through every media outlet imaginable, which brought a lot of attention to the issue. If you want to keep your principal I suggest you stop making negative comments and start rallying around her in a positve way.

  • Guestconcerned

    I totally agree. We love Mrs. Skipper. We never wanted her to leave Cape Fear Middle School. What can we do to keep her? The children all have good relationships with her and all goes well at the school. Why not just post the other position and be done with it? Are our children not as good as Topsail”s

  • Cole

    Wow, if the shoe was on the other foot or the other side of the county then we would have to get over Pender County decision to move a principal. Since Pender County wants to do what’s best for their students (Topsail) not Cape Fear reinstate Ms. Skipper to Cape Fear! How can you say that you are doing what’s best for Cape Fear students and you just leave them out to dry? While we on the subject Ms. Skipper is being transferred to West Pender you already have a wonderful assistant principal over there Mrs. Jordan give her the job. Oh I forgot Pender County did her wrong a couple of years ago. I know my child was a student at Malpass Corner she did an excellent job. If Pender County doesn’t show there appreciation Ms. Skipper and Mrs. Jordan know that you are appreciated and loved. NOW MOVE MS. SKIPPER BACK!!!!

  • Curt Westwood

    Did the board finally realize that she was just trying to ruin another administrator’s career? Her career is the one that needs to be ruined. When she screws with administrators, she screws with kids’ futures. The board should let her go before she is supposed to go, because she is incompetent. She needs to leave now. The board should look back and investigate how many other administrators and teachers she has tried to ruin. They would not only be shocked, but ashamed as well. The board should not take what she or any other superintendent says as the truth, they should investigate and give people their due process and quit cutting those, “behind closed doors” deals just to move or get rid of people who stand up against Sholar and Manning. At one point during the school year, Mr. Skipper stood up against Sholar because of a lack of support he was given on a school issue (which had happened on numerous other occasions before). He knew, as others did, that this or something else was coming and that she was going to, “get him”. She is leaving now because she has stirred things up so much that she herself can’t take it anymore. In addition, the associate superintendent tells her what to do and sits back and watches her make mistakes. Do you think she wants the job?


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