FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Brian Berger says he’ll pay for damage to constituent’s car; Includes WPD’s response

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Submitted: Sat, 06/18/2011 - 3:59am
Updated: Sun, 06/19/2011 - 2:12pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Thursday we told you about Angela Lilly. She was involved in an accident with New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger Tuesday. Police say the wreck was his fault.

At the county agenda briefing meeting yesterday, Lilly was staking Berger out because she said she would not call her back, plus she found out he didn’t have insurance on his Jeep.

Berger told us his attorney said not to talk to her, but today Lilly says she finally talked to him.

She says Berger told her he had called his insurance provider and should be able to find out if he’s covered by Monday. Lilly said Berger told her that if insurance doesn’t cover it, he’ll pay for it himself.

Damage to her car is estimated at around $3,000.

Berger admits he had coverage on his old BMW, but didn’t transfer it to his Jeep when he bought it.

Lilly has insurance, but like Berger, is unemployed.

Her insurance will cover her if the other driver doesn’t have insurance, but she doesn’t want to pay the $500 deductible.


WPD is aware of Ms. Lilly’s contention that Brian Berger was uninsured at the time of the collision. We have been in contact with the parties involved as well as Mr. Berger’s insurance company, and are working on a resolution for Ms. Lilly’s claims. At this time, due to circumstances that have come to our attention, no reason exists to cite Mr. Berger for operating a vehicle without insurance.


  • ohmy says:

    If he didn’t have money for car insurance, where’s he gonna get the money to pay for that lady’s car?

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    Thank You SurfCityTom. You already know as do I Mr. Berger is just ducking. A menace as a Commissioner and Now a menace on the highway. I would still like to know about the alleged 10-98 references in other police reports. The resilience He shows is because he is oblivious to the term consequences. In fact, He is oblivious to just about everything. What is next?

  • Jim Bartley says:

    Oh mercy, if Highway Patrol takes his plates……….well that will make him late again for Commission meetings. Heaven sakes, we don’t want that now do we. He is the best libertarians could field. He is a absolute joke.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    Mr. Berger claims he had insurance on his old BMW but he negelected to transfer it to his Jeep.


    Coverage automatically transfers, whether the Insured calls or notifies his insurance provider or agent or not. It is automatic for 30 days or the remainder of the policy term, whichever is greater. Of course that presumes his premium has been paid.

    He says he’ll know by Monday if he had coverage or not when the Insurance Company finishes its investigation.

    Double Hooey.

    The Insurance Department would have investigators in the agency or insurance company office for not being able to confirm coverage or lack of coverage within minutes. I’m not talking about assessing fault or liability for the incident. I’m talking about the existence of insurance coverage or not.

    A free lesson to the other party. Do not file a claim under your collission coverage with a $500 deductible. If he is indeed uninsured, file an uninsured motorist coverage claim. Not certain wht the deductible is, if any, but uninsured motorist claims will not cause your rate to go up as a collision claim could, even though not your fault.

    A second lesson for the other party. In NC, you hve 3 years to file an action for damages caused by injuries you may have sustained.

    Oh yeah, Thom Goolsbey will be back from Raleigh around July 1.

    Mr. Berger’s problems here may just be starting. And that does not even take into account the Highway Patrol sending an officer to retrieve his license plate or the DMV taking action due to his failure to drive, have an accident, and have no insurance.

  • Jonathan says:

    If indeed Mr. Berger didn’t have insurance why wasnt he cited? WPD needs to investigate and see whe Mr. Berger wasn’t cited for no insurance.

  • Guest1118 says:

    why is this even a news story? How many fender benders take place in Wilmington every day? A lot, from the traffic updates I hear. Are y’all going to cover them too? Just sayin’….

  • Straight Shooter says:

    Not up on what is going on, head must be in the sand, like Berger!

  • GuestJf says:

    Berger is just plain entertainment. If not for wanting to see what he does next, I probably would not watch the news.
    Berger, take some advice, resign, get your life in order, get your business going again, get rid of Heather because there are other women out there, stay out of the spotlight and move on in your life. Being commissioner was not your thing, but at least you messed up the good ole boys a little.

  • Lowrider says:

    I am truly puzzled as to why the officer who wrote Berger the citation did not also charge him with operating a vehicle with no liability insurance… was he feeling sorry for him? was he told not to? Why? WWAY? Anybody?

  • SurfCityTom says:

    tht’s not the officer’s job when responding to the scene of an accident. If both parties indicate they have insurance, he or she would not ask for proof other than an ID card issued by the Insurance Company.

    In Berger’s case, he might have used the ID card from the “old BMW” with a lame excuse the Insurance Company had not updated records.

    Today’s Monday, let’s see WWAY follow up as this is the dte Berger gave to have it all resolved.

    And if he has no coverage, how quickly will the Highway Patrol be by to pick up his plate?

    And then they can start issuing criminal citations.

  • Guest225 says:

    Hello everyone!
    I looked at the New Hanover County GOP website today and noticed that even though the Chairwoman (Rhonda Amoroso) has taken down all of her contact info, she neglected to pay attention to detail and left up her cell number buried in the text of an article posted on the homepage of the site. This is in plainview, so it is HER fault for leaving it up, not WWAY’s.
    I URGE all concerned citizens to call Ms. Amoroso on her cell day and night until Brian Berger is pressured to resign by the NHCGOP. It is time for this wacko to go before we become the laughing stock of the entire nation not just NC. Her cell number is:

  • Guest2012 says:

    Call Rhonda Amoroso! G.O.P. Chair!


    Ask for Brian Berger’s Resignation from Public Office.

    910-399-2508 Call early and Call Often,

    We haven’t yet begun to fight!

    Call Rhonda Amoroso! G.O.P. Chair!
    910-399-2508 Call early and Call Often,

    This could be sponsored by the concerned citizens for the Brian Berger MUST GO committee. Looking to organize.

    thanks 225.

  • guesty says:

    From the story: “Brian Berger says he’ll pay for damage to constituent’s car…”
    Wow, you are great. So you finally decided to do the responsible adult action of taking responsibility for your action (at fault in the wreck) and inaction (not transferring insurance). What a guy.

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