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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A week after being arrested on domestic violence charges, New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger showed up 15 minutes late to an agenda briefing Thursday. But Angela Lilly was there early to see him.

Lilly was the driver involved in a fender-bender with Berger Tuesday afternoon. After the accident she found out from Berger’s insurance company that the Jeep he was driving was uninsured. Lilly, who like Berger is unemployed, now does not know how she or Berger will pay for repairs to her car.

Berger told WWAY he had insurance for the BMW he used to drive, but did not switch the insurance to the Jeep until after the accident.

“I can’t believe he hasn’t at least called to check to see if I was ok,” said Lilly. “He hasn’t even contacted his insurance company to even report it, so it just makes me think that he’s really just trying to hide something.”

Lilly says Berger has not returned her calls about the accident, which is why she showed up to the meeting. Berger said his attorney advised him not to return the calls.

The accident report from Tuesday also says the home addresses Berger and Lilly gave the investigating officer are not the same addresses that are on their respective driver licenses. Berger, though, has used the address he gave the officer at least as far back as October 2005.

The insurance issue is the latest in a series of missteps by the Republican elected to the commission last fall. Fellow commissioners said following Berger’s arrest last week that he needs to get focused and avoid any more distractions from county business.

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  • Guestwb

    Really!! Replace him ASAP.

  • Cathatarts

    I find it strange that someone who is drawing unemployment and who makes17k as a county commissioner. Can afford to buy a BMW and a jeep. But cannot afford insurance.
    He must be printing money.

  • Guest1011

    Please replace Berger with Ricky Meeks! Even riding the city bus, at least Ricky would be on time to meetings and we would never have to worry about Ricky having woman problems. Ohhh what a sad county we live in and ohhh how ashamed I am to say I am a Republican.
    To use the Vice Chair’s words from the NHC GOP, “what goes around comes around” like he used to WWAY; the only thing that will “come around” will be our Republican Party being rightly labeled as a leaderless band of idiots if this problem of Berger’s AND Amoroso’s incompetance is not dealt with quickly!

  • Guest Apu

    My question is, will the WPD charge him with operating a motor vehicle with no insurance?

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    If it was a private sale when he bought the jeep, it would only transfer if he called and gave them the specifics. Happens all the time

  • Straight Shooter

    Come on NHC Republican Party, which I’m now embarrassed to say I’m a member of, it’s past time to demand Berger’s resignation!

  • Berger_Weiner_Fries

    Jay Leno would love to know about the Berger. He would have a field day with it.

  • Straight Shooter

    Why is Berger not charged with operating a motor vehical with no insurance?

  • WillBDone

    It seems that Rhonda Amoroso and the rest of the bunch at our GOP Headquarters have taken down the contact information from their website. They used to have email addresses listed, but “Puff” they’re gone! I was going to send this as a link to make sure she saw what her little darling was up to, but I guess she doesn’t want to her from us.

    I guess they don’t want our checks either!!!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    It’s like I said last week – anyone who goes from crisis to crisis to crisis is a life mis-manager, a total incompetent boob at life’s routine requirements that are second nature to a normal person.

    You can also place a substantial bet that like most of those irresponsible individuals, he’ll claim that none of these events are his fault!

    I certainly wish that someone had said, “By the way, this guy can’t be counted on to change his skivvies without someone standing over him,” to warn the voters.

    Stand by for his apologists to show up…..

  • Just a thought

    His attorney for some money to help pay for all the damages…to the lady that he got into a crash with AND his girlfriend’s car that he tore up last week…I mean, apparently his attorney should have a lot of extra cash lying around since he just PLEAD GUILTY to tax evasion…

  • Move on

    Okay!!! We get it Berger is a bad guy!!! Must the media constantly ride his tail about all the bad things he is doing /has done. The most recent thing with his insurence this Liliy woman. She reports she is upset because he did call to check to see if she was “ok.”. I have been in car accidents before with ppl with insurence and without and no one has ever called me to “see if I were okay”. .. So is this really something that is so outrangeous? So yeah we get itthe man is bad guy.. yeah yeah move on.

  • Guest on one

    How did he have a temporary tag on his jeep without insurance? He had a t-tag a few months ago.

  • Wade griffis

    Actually, Mr. Berger is an immigrant from somewhere in outer space. He can not be charged with being illegal because “Outer Space” beings were here first.

  • SurfCityTom

    under the terms of any personal automobile insurance policy issued in NC, automatic coverage exists for additional or replacement vehicles.

    Basic policy provision found in all policies regrdless of insurance company.

    The coverage lasts for a minimum of 30 days or the reminder of the policy term whichever is longer.

    Of course, one premise is tht the Insured pys his premium on time so his policy does not get cancelled.

    Does not require the Insured to even contact the Insurance Company.

    Privte sale versus a dealer transaction is immaterial.

    Sorry, nice try; but you are incorrect. Feel free to contact the NC Insurance Department in Raleigh for confirmation.

    On the other hand, why has the HP not come by and picked up his plate and registration?

  • Guest28451

    HE was the insured period. The fact that the jeep wasnt listed on his policy is irrelevant technically. It not being insured only means they wouldnt cover any losses he sustained to the vehicle if he damaged it period. That doesnt negate any insurance and liability coverage of his insurance company he had active at the time period. BTW doesnt she have insurance too anybody without un/under insured motorist coverage is an idiot anyway IMO especialy with all the illegals driving without licenses in this state.

  • Guest88888

    No insurance, plowing into law abiding citizens, work history that’s difficult to trace, frequent recipient of policing services…it all adds up!

  • Guest100

    A – Blame the media for fabricating this event.

    B – Blame the victim.

    C – Ignore the story, but remind everyone that you still believe the other commissioners are terrible.

    D – Ignore the story all together and just complain that no one here is using real verifiable names when posting messages.

  • Guest2012

    We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

    If he gets shot out of a cannon, I no longer care!

  • Jesus con carne

    We need


    the whole tamale.

  • Guest1234567

    Mr. Berger needs someone to run and take care of him, not trying to help run a county. I really feel sorry for Mr. Berger. How does a person have this many bad things happen in your life in such a short time?

  • Guest1

    I think I’d rather have former Cong. Anthony Weiner right now as our commissioner than this clown, and I’m a Republican.
    Mr. Berger, I want my vote for you back.

  • Das Weibstück

    The Weiner resigned today, its time for the Berger to do the same. I know…. ha ha ha!

  • Tom O

    This guy is a train wreck and needs to go. It will only get worse not better.

  • guesty

    So you used to have insurance on a BMW but ‘forgot’ to change it to your Jeep. A little too busy? Nope, you are unemployed. County business taking too much time? Nope, you keep showing up late.

  • SurfCityTom

    If he had insurance on a BMW & repleaced the BMW with a jeep, the insurance would automaticaly transfer to the replacement vehicle.

    Seems pretty simple, Unless, he had no current insurance on the BMW in which case he was uninsured and his legal woes have just heightened.

    Certainly raises questions about his decision making abiltiy.

  • Guest13

    uninsured motorist is extra. you dont have to have it. apparentley she didnt have it

  • licensed NC insurance agent

    Actually, uninsured motorist coverage is required in NC. Effect Jan 2008 the uninsured/underinsured coverages have to match or surpass your liability limits & can not be excluded. Yes it costs a bit more but it is required. She should be able to get a letter from his company stating he was not covered & then file it on her own policy w/out it causing her an increase in premium. It usually only carries @ $150 deductible.

  • NCgirl

    If I drove around town without valid insurance on a vehicle AND had an accident, my vehicle would be impounded and I would be in deep trouble. Is he going to get away with this?

  • Guesthere

    I was wondering the same thing.

  • Guest2012

    Getting away with:

    Too Much Stuff!

    Pretty soon he will be known as Teflon Brain. Nothing sticks!

    I still want to know how on earth he is collecting unemployment from Washington, DC while holding a $17,000./yr. PLUS BENEFITS job as a Comedy Commissioner. I would love to know how he can make 17K while claiming to be UNEMPLOYED!

    *We all have to do weekly CERTIFICATIONS that we have not worked, not received pay, not turned down work, not started collecting pensions, vacation pay….(and no people who are UNEMPLOYED have benefits, for CRYING OUT LOUD).

    Monday Morning, 9am, Commissioners Meeting!!!!

    Be there, but arrive Late, LIKE BERGER & DISRUPT the whole thing.

  • Guest228

    then her uninsured motorists liability will kick in..so both of them were driving around town without insurance??

  • Peyton Garrett

    This file keeps getting thicker. Now He has a fender bender and has no insurance. Make this poor girl pay? As long as she has liability coverage that is all that is legally required. Uninsured does not come with every policy. Plain and simple, I don’t think He had the money to pay for insurance. And Now late to a meeting again, What Next?

  • Office Fan

    It is likely she had liability only. Since she probably has little income I doubt she carried a more expensive policy with uninsured/underinsured coverage.

    Bravo, by the way, to Berger’s attorney. You just made your clients image look even worse by advising him to ignore this womans calls. What a piece of trash.

  • Guest06162011

    What a piece of trash. Is this the caliber of people that we want running our government, be it local or federal? I believe that what Mr. Berger needs is a good old fasioned reality check… (hint hint members of local law enforcement & judicial system). How can his constituents think he has their best interests at heart if he can’t even obey the law???

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    You people who are still defending this clown are destroying your own credibility. He obviously won’t or CAN’T change. He handles responsibility as well as your average twelve year-old.

    I’m happier that I voted for Nixon than I am about voting for this stooge.

    People of New Hanover County, my sincerest apologies…

  • WillBDone

    Didn’t he swear to uphold the laws of New Hanover County, North Carolina, and The United States of America… and not break as many as possible???

    From the public meetings record:

    I, Brian Berger, do solemnly swear that I will support and maintain the Constitution and laws of the United States, and the Constitution and laws of North Carolina, not inconsistent therewith, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of my Office as County Commissioner, so help me God.

    I, Brian Berger, do solemnly and sincerely swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States; that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the State of North Carolina, and to the constitutional powers and authorities which are or may be established for the government thereof; and that I will endeavor to support, maintain, and defend the Constitution of said State, not inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States, to the best of my knowledge and ability, so help me God.

  • Guesthere

    Too many politicians believe the laws do not apply to themselves.

  • Doug E

    Does Berger know any collision repair shops that do pro bono work, or is it just lawyers that offer that?

  • NancyRich

    In light of what happened today with the resignation of Anthony Weiner why can’t someone call for Brian Berger’s resignation he has no business in any type of offical capacity he is a complete joke. I certainly hope when the next election comes that the people who elected him will take a long hard look at the joke they elected and not do it again with him or someone like him.

  • guest1

    ok….so for clarification……I thought his commissioner position was a paid position? I don’t understand those positions, so any clarifaction/help would be great! thanks! how can he be unenemployed if he is susposed to be making decisons based on the best interests of those who were unforunate enough to vote for him?

  • MkyJctvoter

    This is not a situation to blame the woman he hit with his uninsured car or start blaming anyone who might be here illegially. The only one to blame here is Brian Berger and it’s time for him or resign from office and for the Republicans to call for his regisnation and for the other members of the County Commissioners and the voters and all residents of New Hanover county demand that he resign. He has no business being in public office now. By the way I voted for him.

  • Wade griffis

    If the situation was not so tragic, it would be funny. This man has screwed up his life to the point that only professional mental help can save him.

  • Guest461

    Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage is currently required by state law, even if you only have a liability policy. You cannot opt out of that coverage any longer.

    With so many illegal mexicans driving around drunk and without insurance, Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage was mandated by law.

    Amazing how we voted in a moron that seems to fit that same category. A three time loser that never wins…

  • Insurance Adjuster

    Her insurance company would be handling the claim so there was no need for her to go seeking out Brian Berger..sound like she was reaching for some TV time as well..I am NOT a supporter of Brian Berger AT ALL but I have worked with automobile claims and if any motorists has any type of car insurance on their car whether it being full coverage or just liability and they are hit by a uninsured motorist, then their uninsured liability kicks in automatically so I just find this story a bit of suspicious on her part that she shows up at his committee meeting along with WWAY looking for him to pay for her car as if her insurance wasnt going to do it, unless she was cited as well in the accident for fault? Her car will be fixed by her insurance company who will then in turn go after Mr. Berger themselves.

  • PR

    Her point was that she does have insurance but doesn’t have the money to cover the deductible if she filed a claim with her company. She’s doing the right thing by contacting his insurance company and Berger personally.

  • Guest228

    In fact..Mr. Berger would have had to present an insurance card at the scene of the accident to the WPD which leads me to believe that he falsely gave information to the WPD at the time of the accident..if he knew beforehand (per his comments to wway) that he had no insurance on that jeep, then he in turn gave the WPD erroneous information..until he pays the damages on that vehicle, the woman’s insurance will put a lien on his driver’s license and have it suspended until they get their money back..he will surely lose his license behind this accident..what a moron!

  • Berger_Weiner_Fries

    Was it not a hit-n-run? I’m confused. It seems as if WPD would have cited him and put in him jail with no insurance.


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