ONLY ON 3: Deputy Sloan fired after prostitution arrest; WPD confirms passenger was male; Sloan says “no sex”

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Submitted: Sat, 06/18/2011 - 3:59am
Updated: Sun, 06/19/2011 - 2:07pm

BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — Pender County Sheriff Carson Smith released a statement Friday morning saying that after an internal investigation, Capt. Mark Sloan had been dismissed. Wilmington Police arrested Sloan earlier in the week for soliciting a prostitute and crimes against nature.

We reached out to Capt. Sloan, and although he told us he couldn’t talk about the details, he did say this situation has been very hard on him and his family.

Sloan says he has been best friends with Sheriff Smith for many years and has worked very closely with him on the job. He says he stands by the sheriff’s decision, because he wants what is best for the department after serving the county for 24 years. Sloan says after all the media coverage of the incident, he was not surprised by the decision.

When we spoke with him about the incident that landed him in jail Tuesday night, he did not give specifics. He did say however that he had “good intentions” and that it was not sex.

Sloan says he thinks another television station is misconstruing information and has an inside source that is not being truthful.

He says he is a religious man who is turning to his faith in this tough time and hopes the truth will come out in the end.

Sloan says there is a silver lining in all the drama that he’s had to deal with in the past week. He says he never knew how much he was appreciated in the community until it extended its support to him during this situation.

The Wilmington Police Department confirmed Friday that the passenger in Sloan’s car at the time of his arrest was male. Other details of the situation are still not available because the case is still under investigation. Sloan will be in court August 22.


  • rassta says:

    We wish Captain Sloan only the best. We have no vested interest (other than being citizens of Pender County), but we hope that Mark and everyone else can move forward and not dwell on sordid details. We’ve been married 28+ years (man and wife) and believe that God is more concerned about the myriad ways we find to hate other rather than how we express our sexual orientation. That said, Mark should not have broken the law. He is held to a higher standard as a law enforcement officer and should (and could) have made better choices. Best wishes to you, Captain Sloan. You are a beloved child of God and probably can’t even imagine the path that God will anoint for you.

  • unsure says:

    He said he had good intentions….? He was going to rehabilitate a male prostitute? He felt the poor dude needed the money? WOW

  • Guest456 says:

    Why did he have to come to Wilmington and give us a bad name? He should have stayed in Pender County

  • Das Weibstück says:

    ….. no sex. Hummm so I guess he was picking up male prostitutes to bring them back to god? Maybe trying to get them to enroll in college, maybe trying to get them an honest job at the sheriffs dept.?

    Picking up male hookers isn’t something a man just starts doing one night in his 50’s. This is just the FIRST time hes been caught !

  • Wakeupwilmington says:

    Looks like the other male was a Wilmington police officer. The arrest report shows his employer as the WPD. Was this a vice sting?

  • Guest350 says:

    This whole thing has the stench of politics. Something more is going on than has been reported.

  • Former Deputy says:

    By excellent officer I am assuming your endorsing the solicitation of a black male prostitute, by a racist white man. I’m not sure I would associate the term “excellent officer” with someone like Mark Sloan. However, we could just empty the jails of all our sexual deviants and give them guns and badges too. By your logic we’d have a whole force of “excellent officers” … Don’t post foolish statements. Sloan got what he deserved.

  • Attorney28445 says:

    HMM this situation sounds like the one New Hanover had last year with Charles Smith, taking boys to Legends (gay bar) in Raleigh. I wonder if the two deputies knew each other?

  • wallace says:

    >>>>Picking up male hookers isn’t something a man just starts doing one night in his 50’s.

    Really, what age did you start?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Do you think he brought the male prostitute with him?

    THIS is where the male prostitutes ARE. If we have a bad name, don’t blame Sloan alone. Blame all the others who are the reason that they’re here, male and female.

    It’s called “supply and demand.”

  • Former Deputy says:

    Mark Sloan had absolutely no business in law enforcement. Right now, he’s getting his ‘just deserts’ for a career of dirty deeds. I pray God will save his soul, and NEVER allow him to return to a position in law enforcement.

  • Jim Tarleton says:

    Mark has been an asset to our community for many years, and he has served us well. I hate to see his career destroyed by this action, as he was an excellent officer. His personal life deserved to remain just that, but life can be cruel.

    Hang in there, Mark old buddy. I was your friend in the good times, and I will remain your friend through this situation also. You made a poor choice, but you don’t deserve to be destroyed for it. I believe you will discover your friends will be just that – your friends.


  • SurfCityTom says:

    does that mean he qualifies for a pension based on years of service?

  • Guest6858 says:

    First of all, God IS concerned about our sexual orientation. If you want to make yourself sound like a child of God, read the Bible, and don’t spurt out useless dribble. Secondly, when you are a child of God, your “want tos” change. Mistakes are mistakes, but I think this goes much deeper. Stop trying to sound holy and act like a true Christian, if you aren’t one.

  • HAHA says:

    If you look just to the left of the Office’s name, you will see a box that has RP in it. That code stands for Reporting Person. This is the arresting Officer. So if you see him, buy him a beer or lunch. Thanks WPD…..

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Never been that hard up. Besides isnt this why we have hands so if we get sexually frustrated we can handle it? (No pun intended). This guy has problems and needs to come out of the closet. OH n/m he just did, in a really big way.

  • unknownLEO says:

    are you serious , he committed a crime which makes his personal life not so personal anymore. Also there is no way this is his first time doing this. seeing how he is from Willard NC i doubt he just by chance found a prostitution area, odds are he had been there before only this time he got a suprise. He is a disgrace to all of us Law Enforcement Officers in the world and people like him give us a bad name!!!

  • RockAGlock says:

    Let him have his pension. He can use it at the commisary in prison. He can aquire all the friendly company he can handle; once he’s behind bars that is.

  • Guest09 says:

    Haven’t heard about this yet. Need more info…

  • Guest1234 says:

    STANDARDS?? It would NOT matter if Sheriff McMahon was handed the photos directly, the ONLY one that would be punished would be the individual providing them, forget the fact the a New Hanover County Deputy took the photo or photos. What kind of standards does it take to keep your secrets hidden? Did Capt. Mark Sloan get what he deserved? It is NOT for us to judge, but rather let him go before the judicial system. As a SENIOR officer in any Law Enforcement you should take your job with HIGH PRIORITY…. using your position to place fear within others is wrong! It takes manipulation of your badge, the FEAR that a Deputy uses to prevent someone from coming forward. The constant harassment from other Deputies to prevent individuals from telling or coming forward, because you have spoken against their “buddy”.

    If the comments indeed meant what the people thought, ( that a Senior Officer with the NHCSD with forearm tattoos has sent picture of his “weiner”) that is certainly unacceptable for anyone in law enforcement (or elsewhere) and if Sheriff Ed McMahon was aware of any of his personnel doing such a thing, what would he do? Discipline them or would he? What higher standards does he hold his Senior officers to?

  • NH County Tax Papyer says:

    Looks like Pender County is stepping up to the plate to clean up a few things….NOW…lets see …..Wonder if Sheriff McMahon has been reading the comments posted? If so is he going to clean up the NHCSD with the “Weiner” pics from his Deputies? How can ANY offcicer of the law be expected to treat the “public” as they are entitled yet the Deputy acts and carries themselves like they are “entitled” to special favors” or “passes” because they carry a badge. And if the deputy denied the behavior or sending the “weiner” text….and the behavior has been documented and the pics have been seen…..then they should accept responsibility for their poor behavior!

  • Pender Resident says:

    We are judged by our actions and also who we trust. This will also be a wokeup call for Smith. Be aware of everyone’s skeletons.

  • Really? says:

    The only one that appears dishonest so far is Sloan. What sort of “good intentions” does one have at 11:30 cruising 6th and Dawson? Was he down there to preach to the lost souls and picked up a transvestite prostitute with the intent of providing a safe ride and maybe a Bible verse or two? Sorry Sloan, some may be snowed by your lies but those of us who have known you long enough know what you are really all about. You can paint yourself in the colors of some sort of grand Christian doing the Lord’s work but it is just one huge lie. Your entire life has been a lie! Of course, the only response is to claim that someone is out to get you and they are just targeting you and telling lies about what happened that night. Sounds like something you would do so maybe I can see why you are going with that story. It is only too bad that your racist/bigoted butt got to wear the uniform as long as you did.

  • observer says:

    Good intentions??? Please, please, please don’t try to use the “I was out trying to save souls” defense. That would only be an insult to all of the racist, homophobic comments that you are so well known for.

    You have been “outted”. You will not be remembered by these actions but by your reaction to being caught. Quit trying to “save face” and just come clean. You will be respected so much more.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Studies have shown that the more homophobic a man is the more he has tendencies to be attracted to men. Now we find out he was a shirt lifter all along. Come out of the closet, you will be a lot happier not having to hide and feel shameful, there is no need for that.

  • KnowtheLaw says:

    So basically a WPD officer and New Hanover County Magistrate, in addition to a black male with priors for prostitution, hatched this elaborate plan to lure Mark Sloan 40+ miles from his house in the middle of the night. After meeting these key elements of the plan, they made picking up the prostitute unavoidable. Then they used the prostitute to urge Sloan in a direction where the WPD officer was waiting to pounce! After that the Magistrate violated his or her oath of office and found probable cause for all the charges. Your right. It’s so simple it MUST be a conspiracy. Please lose your keyboard.

  • Mr.Hampstead says:

    You call his views bigoted. I call them the truth. Mark told it like it was and I’m gonna miss him. He has been a great asset to the law enforcement community here and it won’t be as good without him. Hang in there Mark, everything will work out with time. You’re still a friend of mine. Thanks for everything.

  • ohmy says:

    Like grandpa always said “every dog gets his day”!

  • TJ says:

    I have known Mark for over 25 years. He has always been this way. This is not a shocker. I don’t know what is worse, him finding God in prostitutes or Sherrif Carson using him to politicaly nassinate his competion. I think both of them need to lose their jobs. Way to go Carson. Clean up your on house by starting with yourself.

  • Pender Resident says:

    It’s great that he has friends supporting him. His termination is way overdue by YEARS! He is a wellknown and documented bigot who dispensed racial slurs like an ATM dispensing $20’s! This is nothing short of divine intervention (for all of his supporters invoking God’s name). He is personally responsible for destroying countless careers and reputations and was kept around for the sole purpose of political assassin. Good riddance! His hypocrisy has tarnished our badges and he cannot be stricken from our ranks soon enough. This is payback for all those he has stomped on over the years. How often did we have to listen to him toss about his church membership and role as a deacon? Well Mark, I hope that looking in the mirror is next to impossible for you!

  • Truth says:

    If the allegations of prostitution are true then why didn’t the male passenger get arrested as well?………Probably because it had nothing to do with prostitution, and more to do with someone wanting pay back for being dismissed from the department in Pender. Just remember not to believe everything you hear on the news.

  • Guest28451 says:

    Its sad to see ones weakness lead to loss of their career and likely his retirement as well especially after 20+yrs of service in Law Enforcement. I hope and pray he can get his life back together and recover from this mess he has created for himself

  • NoOne says:

    I would bet good money he is a registered republican.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Is this man married?

  • Deputydolittle says:

    I hope all the parents of all those young boy’s that Sloan was always riding around, are asking the right questions now. I think the clock is ticking on an even bigger story.

  • Guest228 says:

    ewwwwww….picking up men?

  • Victoria says:

    Very well said. I had the same thoughts when I read this article. If people weren’t so ashamed to follow the attractions they were born with, then there would be no need for a gay man to turn seek sex through illegal means. Now a good man’s life is wrecked, his reputation destroyed and for what? His being gay obviously never affected his job performance. This is just sad.

  • Guest461 says:

    …one is supposed to pursue it! There are pedophiles, S & M freaks, rapists, self mutilators and the gender-confused that have their “attractions” as well. Are they simply supposed to pursue them to eliminate their frustration? Like other rational societies, instituting taboo against behavior that is perverted is one machanism to prevent it. I’m really beginning to wonder just how long it will be before pedophilia is supposed to be “accepted” by society as you think homosexuality should be.

    You know a lot of people nowadays simply “tolerate” twisted behavior, twisted thinking and twisted justification for abnormal behvior, but the fact remains that the by far greater majority of society still sees it as twisted…and always will!

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Really? Why? Maybe you skipped the story of a little known dem. by the name of R.C Soles.

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