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WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY)–Her personal journey became a Hollywood story, and Sunday Erin Brockovich’s journey led her to Wilmington where she spoke to the North Carolina Advocates for Justice.

Brockovich became a household name when Julia Roberts played her on screen. In the legal world she is most famous for spearheading a lawsuit which ended in the largest toxic tort injury settlement in United States history, $333 million.

Part of her message Sunday was for individuals to speak out on advocacy issues.

“Sometimes as individuals we don’t feel like we can speak up but when we hear or have similar stories with others we feel a little more empowered to speak up, and that can make a big difference,” said Brockovich.

Around 400 lawyers, paralegals and attorneys were in town for this weekends convention, many of whom were in attendance Sunday for Brockovich’s speech. Individuals left inspired.

“She was a very heart to heart, genuine person. Everybody in this room connected with her or she connected with them,” said North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall.

“I enjoyed it. She inspired us as lawyers to go out there and be aggressive and fight for our clients,” said Raleigh based lawyer William Plyler.

The NCAJ is an association of lawyers who represent families and individual people in disputes.

Although Brockovich was here as an inspirational speaker for them, the members of the NCAJ had a similar effect on her.

“They do inspire me when they come together and they’ve made such a huge difference in their community, in their profession and in their state,” said Brockovich.

As an environmental activist Brockovich did not leave until touching on the situation at Camp Lejeune.

“We need to look at what happened at Camp Lejeune, the ground water contamination. Who’s been infected, find them all and make sure that we do everything possible to make their future a little bit brighter,” Brockovich said.

Brockovich says that many Camp Lejeune community members have come to her regarding family that has been infected by the water contamination there. She says that she is going to find a way to get the information to the appropriate sources so those families can receive aid.

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