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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — During their regular meeting Monday, New Hanover County Commissioners discussed a sign ordinance for Carolina Beach Road.

The Planning Board says after approving rules to limit size and height of signs ten years ago, it’s time to enforce them. But the board admits it only alerted business owners with an ad in the paper a decade ago.

As you can imagine, folks along Carolina Beach Road are not thrilled.

“As we’re standing here, it’s 55 miles per hour, and as these cars go whizzing by, they’re not going to see my sign. If they don’t see my sign, it’s going to cost me revenue, and when it costs me revenue, it costs the county sales tax. So, it’s a no win situation,” French’s Burgers owner Bob French said.

French says he would have to pay close to $1,000 dollars to lower his sign, which means he would probably have to lay off a worker.

Under the ordinance signs can be no longer than six feet high and 150 square feet.

The sign ordinance was supposed to go into effect August 6, but commissioners requested a public hearing before the ordinance goes into place.

The planning board said 48 to 60 signs from Monkey Junction to Snows Cut still do not meet the ordinance and need to be changed.

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  • Guesthere

    I am not in favor of the new rule for existing businesses. I think they should be grandfathered in, but claiming that an employee will have to be laid off is a bit melodramatic. You lose credibility and support when you try too hard.

  • Guest461

    When you make your living providing hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and drinks for customers, every little bit helps and you have to watch the dollar very closely. When you have to potentially spend thousands of dollars to remove, redesign and re-install a business sign, it will cut into your profits quickly! For you to criticize this mans comment is clearly indicative that you’ve never had anything other than a weekly paycheck, it certainly hasn’t been any business ventures on your behalf! There is no melodrama OR loss of credibility here, only your armchair quarterbacking method of throwing out opinions about issues of which it is obvious you know nothing about.

    I’ve eaten at French’s many times and will continue to. He’s a great guy that has a good business. Like other small business owners though, he’s at the mercy of our God-like county commissioners that can’t see five feet in front of their face unless there is a dollar in it for them!

  • Guest0654

    i do not agree with this sign ordinance either. Its crazy that store owners that have had their signs out there for 20+ years have to use their own money to have their signs redone. I feel they should be grandfathered in. Any that was put up after that ordinance was adopted should comply. Is there anything we can do to help these businesses that have been there for years?

  • PBthecat

    Jeees! Not enforced for 10 years and when local businesses are struggling to STAY in business …. Where are these guys heads???

  • Guest328

    Can someone please explain to me why these people can’t have their signs, but it’s okay to erect the new everchanging, digital, distracting billboards?

  • Guest26

    Those electronic billboards ARE very distracting, espicially at night. They should stop putting those up and think about taking the existing ones down. and whats with the electronics signs on the trucks that drive around! what a waste of gas, and they’re even more distracting than the stupid billboards. Good Grief the people in charge of this city are dumb!


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