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ONLY ON 3: Middle school teacher suspended; Charged with cyberstalking student


BURGAW, NC (WWAY) -- A Burgaw Middle School teacher has been suspended. The Pender County Sheriff's Office says eighth grade teacher Megan Mantooth is charged with cyberstalking a student.

Mantooth was suspended with pay last week after the mother of one of her students came forward claiming Mantooth was trying to pick up her son.

Elizabeth Graham, the mother of the 13-year-old student, filed a report saying there were more than 200 inappropriate text messages sent to her son. Graham says the over-the-phone relationship between teacher and student began June 9.

The teen gave his phone to his parents. That's when they discovered the text messages.

One text Graham says is from Mantooth say, "When I do finally get to see you, I want you to wrap your arms around me and lift me up and spin me around...Will you do that?"

"She got to the point that she wanted to know... she said she couldn't go a day without seeing him and that she wanted to see him now. Her heart was beating five hundred times a minute. I think she was developing a relationship with him," Graham said.

Graham says other parents have also come forward about Mantooth having inappropriate conversations with their children.

The number that the text messages were sent from is the same number WWAY reached Mantooth on this afternoon.

Mantooth did answer and was offered a chance to give her side of the story. She said she would call back after talking with her husband, but she has not yet returned that call.

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Middle School Teacher suspended

Whether she did or didn't send the texts a 13 year old should not be allowed to have their own phone, and people wonder what this world is coming to....just take a look at what parents are allowing their children to do in this day and time. It's the children that are controlling the parents, get a grip on life and buckle down. It's the adults that should be blamed for giving in to easily to "I want that", when they become responsible adults from being raised responsibly & a good example has been set in place then that's when they should be allowed to have those luxuries.


You people, throwing soup cans at the local foodlion? Realy?? I pray that your children behave better than yourselves. But of course they wont.Grow up. no wonder we have the issues we do in America!

Don't think it didnt happen

You all say that "this didnt happen back in the day" and "where were these teachers when we were in school?". This kind of stuff was going on 40 years ago but there were no cell phones so as long as the teacher and the student kept their mouths shut, no one would ever know. Don't make yourself think this is something new.

What if

According to another article*, the kid's parents took the phone within a few hours of the teacher sending the kid his grades and exchanging a few more texts. The "hundreds" of texts came AFTER the parents took over the texting.

What if teacher's husband saw some of the parents' texts and decided to mess with a kid he thought was attempting to flirt with his wife? It will be ironic if all these supposedly inappropriate texts were sent between two grown men each pretending to be someone else.


Well I guess due to the lack

Well I guess due to the lack of pay the teachers have to have some other types of bonus.... Maybe the school boards should do a better background check before they hire these PERVES!!!!!!

Dude sounds like you would

Dude sounds like you would fit in in China where everyone is guilty until proven innocient

Just had to see it..

Citizens of Pender County, N.C.-
While reading the ABCNews story regarding this, I chalked it up to yet another attractive, young middle school teacher preying on young boys but then I just HAD to see for myself when it mentioned that people on this news site were attacking the boy and his mother. And from reading the comments, I see the alleged victim and his mother are being attacked and accused of lying mostly because 1) the teacher "is too nice" to have done this. 2) The teacher is a "christian, mother, outstanding educator/friend..etc." ...Guess what people said about Mary Letourneau? Also, the boy is a child who should bear NO responsibility for this. You people blaming HIM make me sick. And now you are a laughing stock to the rest of the country. Wear it proudly!

Ms. Mantooth

What ever happened to Innocent until proven guilty ? It just amazes me that this mother has given her name to the paper ??????? WHY ???? Her son is a minor and most parents would keep there childs name private as well as there own. Something does not seem right with this story, children today are vicious and are capable of any number of ways at getting back at someone if they wanted to. I am not saying that she did not commit this crime, just if she has not been arrested than obviously the proof is not as strong as people believe.
Remember Mr. Coleman also was accused and then fired with no real proof just some mothers accusations.

Why do the differences

Why do the differences between (you're, your) and (there, their, they're) confuse you?

she was arrested mid-june

she was arrested mid-june and is out on bond. court date set july 21.


actually she turned her self in when the police called her, they never came and arrested her, she went to the station herself

People leave her alone!

Dude this is a prime example of cyberbullying. Megan didn't even do a thing! I know Megan but I'm glad I don't know the mother of this kid, I feel bad for him, even if he did do it. Ok, since I've had my phone hacked just like this before, let me explain how this works. (A) kid walks into room while megan's not there and sends texts off her phone (B) kid go's to verizon wireless website and sends messages there, or (C) some kid (or parent, hint hint) made up the whole conversation, once again on verizon's website, just to get attention, which in my oppinion, I think it's very clear who has been getting the most attention off this. Just go back into the article and look who's name is mentioned so many times as if she's a hero. Just my oppinion, it's sad how so many people like her, and even the one time I was, can be framed so easily.

DUDE!!! if you want anyone

DUDE!!! if you want anyone to take you seriously then stop starting every sentence with dude. are you a child, if you are you should not be involving yourself with this.

well, said guest9384.

well, said guest9384. Innocent until proven guilty is simply that. How did the false accusation against you effect your life?

You're kidding, right? Have

You're kidding, right? Have you bothered to look into any of the news stories about this? Megan sent out some pretty racy texts over a long period of time.

Ockham's Razor says that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Ockham's Razor suggests that Megan sent these herself and odds are that she did.

Besides, are you aware that she was texting like this to multiple students? Perhaps you're one of them and your parent just didn't find out yet?

I believe what you mean by

I believe what you mean by "Ockham's Razor" is actually Occam's Razor.

The world is much to complex and full of to many variables, especially in this day of age, for the simplest answer to always be the right answer.

I personally agree with Walter Chatton on his anti-razor.

OMG are you kidding me....If

OMG are you kidding me....If you don't know the facts then you need to shut your mouth, just because she goes to church, a"teacher" and her husband and mother works with pender law inforcement does not make her a saint....This is a mother WITH hard facts that is protecting her son. Unless you see ALLL the facts maybe YOU should keep your sorry opinions to yourself. She needs help.... Hope I run into you at food lion.


Foodlion is gross. You should hope to run into her at Harris Teeter instead. It's more expensive but it has wider ailes so you can have more space to throw soup cans at each other

Are U for real?! You preach

Are U for real?! You preach to other to keep there opinion to themselves while passing your own judgment without knowning the facts. Get the plank out of your eye.

So you DO know all of the

So you DO know all of the facts Kim? You know them to be hard facts, do you? I didn't see you at the trial either.

"Hope I run into you at the Food Lion"?!? Nice treat!

Stay classy Kim!

very concerned

My son starts back at Burgaw Middle this year. I do not want him in that class, nor do his friends parents want their children. If she is still there I will request a transfer, and until then will unfortunately need to make him aware of what may have been happening so he can steer clear of any trouble and his friends also. If the charges come out to be true Pender County Schools may decide to transfer her to a different area school to make the problem go away. Protective parents we talk with are concerned. Unfortunately with her immediate family in Pender County law enforcement the outcome may be biased in her favor and that is something we need to seriously think about if she is still teaching. Its a pretty hot topic amongst concerned parents around here. Other parents do not want her teaching their kids either. And the parents that have kids in other area middle schools are wondering which school they will transfer her to.. Sounds like alot of parents will be keeping up to date with this waiting to see what happens, and will be contacting the school board with A LOT of questions if and when she returns and likely transferring of our kids. What an uncomfortable uneasy feeling.


Ya, dont worry she doesn't teach the slow kids anyway

Wow , did you ever stop to

Wow , did you ever stop to think that maybe after all this is cleared up and its proven she didnt do it, she may not want to teach anymore anyway, so here is a young teacher that went through several years of college and hard work to get to this job, and now some little kid and his mom have ruined her name and future career in teaching. That is SAD......and by the way where are all these supposed other students and parents that were coming forward about her that the article mentioned, funny as we havent seen any other articles or news reports ,hmmm thats strange.

If she is guilty, it is not

If she is guilty, it is not likely that she will be able to return. If she is not guilty and can return, then I cannot see any reason to feel uncomfortable having your kid in her class. On the contrary, I would feel uncomfortable having my kid go to school w/ the kid who lied about it. Either way, however it turns out, it doesn't seem as though you should have any concerns about feeling uncomfortable. Just saying.

Let's think about this for a

Let's think about this for a minute. For those of you questioning if she will get a fair trial or if this will be biased because of her ties to law enforcement, WHO DO YOU THINK INVESTIGATED AND ARRESTEDED HER? The very agency that her husband works for! I feel like this is being handled properly. It is a very unfortunate event for EVERYONE involved. I know Megan and her family and I'm shocked at this but law enforcement don't just arrest without evidence. Do you really think that the Sheriff's Dept. would arrest one of their own's wife with no evidence or bases for these charges? Should the mom have acted this way on TV? I don't know what I would have do if I was her. None of us are her. The long and short of it is this: It happened, a parent told her side and charges were filed. Let's all keep an eye on this case and quit judging these folks.

what does she teach?

It looks like she forgot to do the math on this.

handling the situation properly??

Yes, this mother should let the public know there have been messages between this teacher and her son but she did not seem at all distraught when telling her story. It looks to me as though she just wanted attention and make the news. I was talking to my mother and she said if our family were to be in this situation she would NOT go on television, but let law enforcement handle it. I'm not defending or bashing Megan either way -- I just don't think the mother handled this properly.

Too, the news has put pictures of not only Megan, but also her family. Maybe I missed something but I have not seen any pictures of the boy.

she's coming across as

she's coming across as credible and sympathetic... so prepare yourselves for the rest of the u.s. not feeling so sympathetic to megan.

and if a cop's wife was doing this in a small town where i lived, i'd do all i could to make sure other eyes were on what was happening. particularly as a mother.

Get real

Okay the fact that her husband is a COP has nothing to do with this at all. He is a special opps deputy that has to spend a lot of time away from home. He can not monitor his wife's cell phone and what she does when he is not around. This is a stand up man that has done nothing wrong. The reason Pender county is getting safer all the time is because of his hard work. By the way whatever happened to innocent until guilty. When you point you finger you have three pointing right back at ya. Dont judge anyone until you know the FACTS.

His Mom

His Mom is a very caring Mom and did try to keep it out of the news. You csn stop blaming his Mom and blame "public records" for letting it out. However, if it hadn't happened, it wouldn't have gotten out at all. My Granddad always said, "Be sure your sins will find you out".

This has gotten so bad with the comments that have been posted here that it has drawn attention to ABC News. So let's stop it NOW.