ONLY ON 3: Middle school teacher suspended; Charged with cyberstalking student

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Submitted: Tue, 06/21/2011 - 3:59am
Updated: Thu, 07/21/2011 - 3:50pm

BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — A Burgaw Middle School teacher has been suspended. The Pender County Sheriff’s Office says eighth grade teacher Megan Mantooth is charged with cyberstalking a student.

Mantooth was suspended with pay last week after the mother of one of her students came forward claiming Mantooth was trying to pick up her son.

Elizabeth Graham, the mother of the 13-year-old student, filed a report saying there were more than 200 inappropriate text messages sent to her son. Graham says the over-the-phone relationship between teacher and student began June 9.

The teen gave his phone to his parents. That’s when they discovered the text messages.

One text Graham says is from Mantooth say, “When I do finally get to see you, I want you to wrap your arms around me and lift me up and spin me around…Will you do that?”

“She got to the point that she wanted to know… she said she couldn’t go a day without seeing him and that she wanted to see him now. Her heart was beating five hundred times a minute. I think she was developing a relationship with him,” Graham said.

Graham says other parents have also come forward about Mantooth having inappropriate conversations with their children.

The number that the text messages were sent from is the same number WWAY reached Mantooth on this afternoon.

Mantooth did answer and was offered a chance to give her side of the story. She said she would call back after talking with her husband, but she has not yet returned that call.


  • CaringMother says:

    Very well stated Erica. You have covered everything well. It’s not that the public is trying to “get a teacher fired”, it’s just that we have to protect our children. That iswhy so many parents are home schooling their kids now. Thank you very much for your comment!

  • Tam says:

    So?? The kids gave her their #’s…..DUH.
    They are 13! Not exactly most developed judgmental skills.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Mark Sloan is “christian”, didn’t stop him from picking up a hooker allegedly.

    “Fake christian home” LOL good one!

  • Me says:

    Not everyone is who you think they are. People change and do stupid things. Just because she acts sweet and innocent doens’t mean she is……

  • Guest004 says:

    This got to be your best joke yet and I thought you wasn’t funny. After the way you trash everybody on here now you think nobody should say anything about this. You must have some close ties to them or you know them somehow. If that’s true, now you know what some of the people you trashed meant when they ask how you are going to feel if its someone you know.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Where did I state that people should say nothing about this?

    I stated that *I* would be shocked if this is true, and suggested that people reserve judgment until more is known.

    They can talk about it all they want to. What do I care?

    As far as “trashing people,” I’ll have to ask for some examples of people I trashed who didn’t have a criminal record or weren’t totally worthless societal leeches….

    …and please learn how to conjugate the verb “to be.”

  • Guest45 says:

    I hope you know that the police do all the investigations, not the news station. WWAY only reports the news. And if you read the article, it’s obvious that phone records (or something that contains evidence) had been checked or they would have no evidence to charge her. Not to mention, she was “charged”, NOT “convicted”. There’s a difference. If it’s a misunderstanding or “set-up”, it’ll come out in court. Let the legal system do it’s job and stop pointing fingers.

  • Guest004 says:

    I’m a product of public school, I don’t even know what conjugate means and I have no need to learn how to use it. I didn’t feel like searching for the names of the people you trashed, but some wasn’t like the people you say you only trash. I did notice you didn’t deny knowing these people. There isn’t too many things to comment about this that wouldn’t be judgmental so my reading comprehension wasn’t that far,if any, off. Feel free to correct my spelling and grammer.

  • Erica says:

    I don’t claim to have perfect grammar not at all. I’m actually still in school learning proper grammar. I’m not very old but I do know how to capitalize and how to use you instead of u. When trying to be professional. Good job on picking out my grammar error though, you’ve got a heck of an eye for grammar.

  • Shannon Ann says:

    The reason that there are hundreds of messages is because Mrs.Mantooth was texting the MOTHER AND THE POLICE..thinking it was the child. And the reason that I said was I did about REAL CHRISTIAN HOME WITH REAL VALUE AND KNOWING RIGHT FROM WRONG was really towards Megan in hopes that she was reading this. I know alot about this and I can assure you and everyone else that it was not meant in any way to defame Jesus Christ.There is a lot that will come out. The only reason that the public knows anything is becasue the media was seeking out the mother. She did not seek them out! When the public started putting the mother down, I took up for her and the child becasue I do know the truth and what happened. I have seen the proof. All I can say is I guess that we will have to see what happens in court, but as I have said before, I do wish that the media would have left her husband and kids out of it.

  • LoveToEdit says:

    It’s started June 9th she was just arrested last week.


    I’m sure if he had this so called crush on his teacher would have pursed her without any indication of telling his parents.

    (on his teacher [he] would have)
    (Do you mean inclination, really??)

    I thought the education system was supposed to be proffesional?

    (professional: two crooked letters, not two f’s)

    Just sayin’…

  • Das Weibstück says:

    “I’m sure if he had this so called crush on his teacher would have pursed her without any indication of telling his parents.”

    So he was going to put her in a purse? I hope it was a nice expensive purse.

  • Guest1234 says:

    I thought this was about Mrs Mantooth I think Erica gets it already.

  • jenk says:

    WHAT HIS MOTHER HAS SUBJECTED HIM TO??? what did his TEACHER subject him to!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have GOT to be kidding me

  • jenk says:

    Ummmm… He is 13. NOT EVEN ABLE TO DRIVE

  • Lindsey says:

    A-freakin’-men! I agree!

  • SurfCityTom says:

    in your plan, there’s no blood sucking attorney able to slap the County and Board of Education with a big lawsuit for injuries and hurt feelings suffered by the 13 year old.

    And sadly, that is often where this type of travesty ends. Show me the money is what they will say.

  • Guest7586 says:

    It is a shame this “teacher” chose not to keep her family out of this mess that she as an adult and a teacher, created. She chose not to put them first and they are going to be torn apart. It’s a shame that this has happened. Bottom line she was a teacher and the public looks to them just as they do people in uniform. we hold them to a higher standard and look at them to protect, not victimize. I don’t care who gave who what number. This is a child, she was the teacher. my heart goes out to the families………she made her mess, and she didn’t think of her husband, her children, or her student………….

  • eye-opener says:

    a male one at that!

  • Guest1234 says:

    Did u not think b4 u typed this out….like really some people these days have nothing better do! than sit and type just like this….and ignorantly protect ur friend megan, by lashing out with ridiculous grammar.

    I’m guessing you really know nothing about this situation from the way you are lashing out defending her. You obviously did NOT think before you spoke. I’m assuming you are one of her students, or some middle school child judging from your careless typing.

    Good luck on getting that high school diploma with that type of grammar sweetheart.

  • Shannon Ann says:

    Thanks for saying it…I was going to but I figured that I had said enough, but everyone will see in a month when court is over. There are alot of people who are either stupid or who just can’t read… or are really not friends with Megan. I know I have wriiten on here what has happened several times now, and if they were her friends, she would have the guts to tell the truth. Enough is Enough. I know that ALOT of parents today let their kids run their homes and do as they please, as well as cuss and smoke and do drugs, but NOT the mother of the child involved in this.OH FOR THE RECORD~ THIS CHILD DID NOT FAIL HIS GRADE EITHER~ So for all you people who think that this mother is one of ” those” types of mom’s so get over yourself. I know that everyone has this concept of Megan being this wonderful person and in someways I am sure she is but let me tell you now, she has her own demons to fight and this is one of them. As far as keeping this private and keeping it between the 2 families~ in your dreams~ she deserves to be prosecuted! What the public knows so far is only the tip of the iceburg!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Any time you have evidence of my trashing someone who isn’t a convicted criminal, societal leech, or an enabler/advocate of societal leeches, you just let fly, okay?

  • Guest2011 says:

    Well spoken, Guest227.

  • KrisC says:

    I was a middle school teacher, ALWAYS afraid of being accused of something, though I never did the first inappropriate thing. I knew it could have absolutely devastating consequences, which we are seeing right here on the news. Damage done. News media and obviously the police have released her name. Most wouldn’t believe the things kids say to gain control over teachers, always hinting that the result will be to get them fired., Good-looking teachers are targets. Kids turn into something else when they get to school, not the compliant innocents their parents claim they are. I don’t even think they know. That said, if the teacher was texting students with cutesy remarks, she shouldn’t have, but she’s young and that’s how this generation communicates.

  • Honestly ... says:

    If you want to see the phone records the detective has them. They were acquied prior to her arrest. She has written a letter of confession to the Pender County Sheriffs Department as well as a letter of apology to the teenagers family.

  • Guestunreal says:

    Whether this is a great woman or not/she is innocent or not, at least the Starnews witheld the mothers name to protect the identity of the student. No matter how this turns out the first day next year will be really awkward for him now to say the very least.

  • Guest in Pender says:

    I don’t believe it….Megan is a sweet young lady….I think people need to back off and let the investigation begin…we are behind you Megan – you are a wonderful young lady.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    I’d suggest that everyone reserve judgment until the investigation concludes.

  • CaringMother says:

    What if this was your innocent 13 year old son or daughter? Would you just pat the teacher on the back and say good job? Think about this… if it hadn’t been turned over to the sheriffs department, what do you think would happen. This is the reason children don’t tell their parents about abuse now… because people like some of you make them feel like criminals for doing what is right. How do you know that the Mother didn’t save your child from going through this? Think about it!!!!!!

  • Erica says:

    Why is this kind of stuff happening more and more often in the schools systems? What type of people are parents really sending their children off to spend the day with to “educate” them more? Why isn’t the school system making sure people like this do NOT get a job teaching? Jobs are so hard to come by these days why on earth would you put yours on the line for the inappropriate attention of someone half your age? And for all of you who believe this is a hoax, and that the records haven’t been seen….how could you be so ignorant? You really think the wife of a sheriff would be behind bars without some form of evidence? It clearly shows you highly lack any form of further education to think something of that to be true. It’s not just this case but the number of cases of this nature that happen in the US annually clearly shows that this is a growing problem. These children are the future of this country, they are sent to school to be educated to keep this Nation running and to better it; not to be getting hit on by their teachers. How are these kids going to know respect if their teachers, their mentors, educators, coaches, have none for themselves?

  • Shannon Ann says:

    Ok first of all leave the child out of it! Mrs.Mantooth started this by texting the child then she kept on and this mom who is a GREAT mom and checks her child’s phone daily wanted to know WHY a teacher was texting him took his phone. Mrs. Mantooth did not know that she was texting the child’s parents and the Pender county sherriff’s office. She thought it was the child and it was not. So before everyone ASSUMES things you should know the truth! This 13yr has been raised in a REAL christian home with REAL VALUES and knows the difference in right and wrong. Now with all of that being said, none of us feel that her husband and children or extended family should be in the middle of this, she made this mess and should clean it up herslef, so for that I am sorry that the media has drug them into that.Just remember that if she had not started this we would not be talking about this.

  • Shannon Ann says:

    Lets start things off right.. I don’t think that the police would have taken out these charges on her with out having enough to charge her. I also don’t think that ANY mom in their right mind would want to bring that kind of attention to herself or her child. Good people do bad things! Teachers,preachers,cops,moms and dads! I know that teachers are smart people but this one just got caught doing something inapproiate. 1st~Pender county school employees are not to contact thru facebook, email or txt with students, PERIOD! Before everyone goes throwing this mom under the bus for just doing her job, go look at the police report, it’s public record.Talk to Megan Mantooth, her phone number showed up on tv @ 5pm on the childs phone on the txt messages.Mrs.Mantooth created this, and the mom is finishing this thru the court. I hate that this happened for both families. Both will be in my prayers.

  • Pissed Reader says:

    These are simply allegations. Who knows if the mother’s just causing a ruckus or not. Megan is a wonderful person and good mother, and I’m not sure this story is valid until proof is made available. Thanks to the media and this mother, whether this story is true or not, Mantooth’s career was just ruined.

  • Erica says:

    Are you in middle school yourself? Your on a public news website trashing down the mother of what is an innocent child and you can’t even use proper grammar to do so. What makes you think you would be such a reliable source when you can not even capitalize your words? Did you ever think that maybe just maybe the parents took the phone from the child after they realized what was happening and pursued some texts just to be sure before they pointed the blame? It’s started June 9th she was just arrested last week. There was some thought from the parents behind this. The mother is trying to protect her 13 year old son, whom I’m sure if he had this so called crush on his teacher would have pursed her without any indication of telling his parents. I hope Ms Mantooth learns a lesson and has her teaching license revoked. Do we really want people like this in the school systems? No teacher has any business to be texting their students, I thought the education system was supposed to be proffesional?

  • concerned individual says:

    this is all a bit unnecessary if some mom wants to create this much attention to her life n her son…u would think that a 13 year old teenager would also know better than to txt his teacher…because we all know that he wasn’t innocent in any of this either…and like really where is all of the proof where are the phone records n text messages!!! it takes a really pathetic person to blast this all over the internet knowing its going to be even more trouble for her than any of it is worth!!! and how would she feel if she was the other person and her family was be put all over the news like a circus side show…megan is a great person and even if it is true im sure there is a reason…but fyi this so called “mom” needs to get a life n this crap on Facebook n the news is ridiculous!!!!!!! GET OFF THE NEWS DAMN!!!!!!

  • wes says:

    Did wway not check the phone records before reporting this? I hope not. If they did, they should be held accountable for ruining this woman’s reputation.

  • Guest2333 says:

    I don’t believe this is true. I think that the student took it the wrong way. Mrs. mantooth didn’t mean it has the student trying to say she was. She a loving and caring person who wouldn’t try to hurt anyone. I think this is all a misunderstanding about the whole situation.

  • Robin says:

    I think this is just sickening. Apparently this teacher is not who everyone thinks she is. Why feel sorry for her, if this is true than she doesnt deserve for anyone to feel sorry for her. She did this to herself and her family. She knew what she was doing was wrong. If the text go back to her phone than guess what….the txt came from her lil fingers and that is wrong. If all is true i hope she pays the price for this.

  • jasmine sinclair says:

    y would a mother of a 13 year old son want to put her business out on the news to make her son the star of the show cause we all know that her son was wrong in this too a teenage boy with a crush and u really believe he thought it was right to txt his teacher back and try to start something with her…um not…like really mom get a life worry about what your son is doing instead of making attention for yourself …for all you know he could be texting some other women right now!!! and where are these so called messages…megan is a good person and would never do anything to hurt her or her family!!! all this news crap was too much as well think about what it is doing to their family…wait till it happens to u one day n ur business was plastered all over the news …like really some people these days just dont have anthing better to do with their time!!! n to all u other people that want to make smart remarks about megan..keep it to yourself!!!! the news is enough no one wants your worthless 2 cents added to it!!! think before u speak n yes is goes for everyone who was in the wrong!!

  • Southern Born says:

    already said it in the subject line… I cant find much flavor in this story.

  • Think for a minute says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember all the mess about Charlie Sheen a while back – how the media jumped the gun and then it all turned out to be NOT TRUE? Just because it’s on a website by a news site does not mean it’s automatically true! Let’s think on our own for a minute instead of believing everything that is spoon fed to us.

  • Guest227 says:

    First of all, for those of you defending Ms. Mantooth, I am sure she can use all the support she can get. I too think very highly of this young woman as a teacher. I do think the situation is a shame and I too hope is just a big misunderstanding. However, I do not think anyone should slam this mother who was brave enough to be interviewed on TV, this mother did what EVERY parent in this situation SHOULD do and report these kind of situations immediately to authorities. This is a child and any good parent would do the same thing. This never should have happened to even become a misunderstanding. And yes, the truth will come out eventually, but obviously there is enough to charge her with what they have, and I am in total shock, and the tough part is as a parent, how do I explain this to my children, who Ms Mantooth has taught. Its sad situation for everyone involved. Hopefully Ms. Mantooth will get the help she needs and she will at least admit to what she has and to what she has not done, to bring closure to some of the mess, as they say The truth will set you free, and her family and real friends will still love and support her through that.

    On another note, I think that WWAY should have never posted such personal pictures of her on TV, pics with her family and husband and kids. They are completely innocent in this, and should not have to be exploited due to this. If you had to post pics, they should have at least be edited to cut out her family, I do think that was very wrong.

    I too pray for Ms. Mantooth, that she will do the right thing, however, these are our innocent children involved here, and there is no excuse for that part, her job is to help protect our children. This child should never feel guilty or bad for what happened, and I truly hope he does not have to pay the price for that. Some of the messages shown were inappropriate and those messages need to be owned up to and instead of people saying the MOM shuold appologize, I think that part needs to come from Ms. Mantooth, imagine how this child must feel, how would you feel if this was your child???? and what would you do if you found these messages on your childs phone???

  • Guest12345 says:

    Not that I am defending the teacher — but how did the teacher get the students cell phone number to start with — I doubt this is public information that may be at the school. The number had to be given to her.

  • guesty says:

    Maybe she just asked the student for his number. It really can be just that simple.

  • sarah goings says:

    AGREE!!!!!! WHERE ARE THE PHONE RECORDS!!! and why do they have it out for the mantooths?~? did the student fail? so he got mad?

  • Guest461 says:

    First of all, how do you think the teacher got the phone number to send the texts? Couldn’t have been that lil’ Johnny gave it to her now could it? Second, this article says absolutely nothing about the mother AND the Pender sheriffs office receiving the texts, so you must be some sort of insider and likely giving valuable information out to the public. Nice move on that one! Third, the article also states that “hundreds of innappropriate texts…” were discovered. If mommy checked lil’ Johnnys phone every day, I doubt that magnitude of quantity would exist in a one-day period. And finally, number four. Anytime I hear someone bragging about lil’ 13 yr. old Johnny being,”…raised in a REAL christian home with REAL VALUES and knows the difference between right and wrong.”, it makes me want to immediately put a cork where the sun doesn’t shine! KNOWING the difference between right and wrong vs. DOING that are two entirely different situations. We all know that lil’ Johnny couldn’t have been raised in a FAKE christian home with FAKE VALUES, right? If your going to throw God into this situation, at least do it in a credible and dignified manner!

  • Clay Boggess says:

    “Mantooth did answer and was offered a chance to give her side of the story. She said she would call back after talking with her husband, but she has not yet returned that call.” Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I’m not saying she is innocent; however let’s hear both sides before we convict her.

  • Guest CommonTater says:

    Your on a public news website

    The last thing you need to do is berate someone over grammar or spelling!

  • Guest472 says:

    First, I personally feel that this situation could have been handled in private with the 13 year olds mother just going to Mrs Mantooth and her husband and discussing this. There could have been some stipulations set between the families to insure that this would not continue with him or anyother student, if it is even true. I love my children more than anything, and I would have never put my children out there for the media to eat up and post their names everywhere. This child is more than likely going to high school next year and its gonna be rough. He will definitely be teased. Kids are cruel and will say and do mean things and the more the parents try to protect them there(in high school) the worse it gets. He should be mad at his mom for exposing him like that. Second, we ALL make mistakes!!! Some are BIG and some are small. Sometimes the communtiy finds out and sometimes they don’t. All I have to say is that we all have an opportunity to ask for forgiveness. Some people just need to be thankfull that all their mistakes are not known, because I am sure there would be a whole lot more “SHOCKERS” to talk about. Its really strange how people think they are better than anybody else, but their closets are overflowing with skeletons. I am praying for the Mantooths and the little 13 year old for what his mother has exposed them to~

  • Jedi1975 says:

    You can believe that at 13 Elizabeth (or Beth as she was called) was following the same path as her son is now. One could say that the apple dosen’t fall far from the tree. It’s sad. A lot of lives are going to be torn up from this. But, it all boils down to uncontroled 13yo hormones and unchecked cell phone use. If the teacher was a part of it, was she wrong? Oh yes! But the mother needs to take some of the responsabilty for allowing a boy this young to have his own cell.

    Just remember Beth. You had a heck of a run at that age. Karma.

  • Erica says:

    You are going to judge some one off of what they were like in high school? People change drastically after high school. I just graduated from high school four years ago and people including my self are totally different from just four years ago. Beth is a mature Christian woman who loves her son and is only trying to protect him. And for you to blame karma on the situation and to say the “apple doesn’t fall short from the tree”? How very immature and hateful of you. Beth has not once said one bad thing about Ms Mantooth other than telling her story and taking up for her son. It seems your more of the spineless type who wouldn’t have the back bone to protect your children. Cause let me guess you were a saint in high school and still are right?

  • Shannon Ann says:


  • jenk says:

    It is now 2011… wake the hell up people! Who cares about back then. Sure you were not a saint but were you messing around with a teacher at age 13… REALLY? I dont know the mother of this child but SHAME ON YOU FOR SAYING THAT

  • mary elean richards says:

    karma is a bitch and i hope she gets alot more coming to her!! she has caused more problems probably for herslef than all of this is worth!!!…think before you run to the media…now her n her son will never be the same because of the attenion she drug to herself!!

  • PGH says:

    Look, If I judged everyone by how they were in high school; Megan Ives would be the last person I would have thought would do something like this. She was the valedictorian of our class! People change. Obviously she did!! If you ever move out of Pender County maybe you would realize that.

    PS…you spelled “responsibility” wrong. The little red line under the word means it’s spelled incorrectly.

  • carl says:

    Wonder when the middle school will take down her pic and info. She was fired a week ago!

  • Jessica smith says:

    dude. she was not fired. did you even watch the news…..suspended with pay!!!!!

  • mary elean richards says:

    she was not fired she was suspended…get your facts right before you run your mouth!!! i wonder when people will get a heart and stop making things worse for this woman!!!

  • backoff says:

    People always judge so quickly! The smart phones we have today will let me change my number to your number so any one can get your number and call or txt someone and it will show up as your number!

  • Bubba says:

    I hope that I am not the only person who has a different take on this. Maybe the only person who will write about it.

    When I was 13 I would have been thrilled if my beautiful young teacher came on to me. All my teachers looked like the inside of a prune.

  • Shannon Ann says:

    I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have had the words to say what has needed to be said. I have said alot on here and it’s all been out of a knee jerk reaction to defend Beth and the family. They are such an important part of my life and I love them dearly and for people to attack them like this truly angers me like I have never been before, espically with this being such a sensitive subject. Thanks again and May God Bless You~ Shannon

  • Guest987654432 says:

    we can’t wait to see them hon. and when she’s guilty as sin for sending some crazy number of messages to a 13 year old boy what will you do then? talk about a phone conspiracy? say that everything can be faked electronically?

    how sad. my money’s on the grahams and i’m glad this is making national news so others can see how people in your town behave.

  • Guest1234567 says:

    If this is another made up story to get on the news, I hope this teacher will own everything this family has for trying to damage her. This is getting way out of control. If I were this teacher and this is not true, WWAY and WECT would owe me a big apology for putting my name and picture out there without proof.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    I actually do believe this! I would bet good money that when all is said and done she is going to be in a world of trouble. Those phone records you keeping talking about will be her down fall.

  • High Quality H2O says:

    They probably did check phone records, that’s how they got the warrant. Good ole modern day technology!

  • Guest3658974 says:

    People, I hate to tell you this, but they already have proof. What this woman said can easily be corroborated through the text messages…..on the phone…..from the teacher’s number. In a court of law, the DA would have a field day with that. Remember, the german people thought hitler was a wonderful man. However, most of the civilized world strongly disagreed.

  • Friend says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Anyone remember the Charlie Sheen drama in the media a few months ago – where what the media reported ended up being NOT TRUE? Let’s try to think on our own for a minute, rather than allowing ourselves to be spoon-fed by the media! I’m sure the phone records will speak for themselves. Megan is an incredible person!

  • Sinjun01 says:

    The news media is not attacking her. They are simply reporting the news. Also, they are not making her life difficult. If she sent those texts then she created her own troubles and brought the embarrassment and shame upon herself and family. I hope you’re willing to apologize to WWAY if the phone records show they came from her and are you going to feel like crap for defending a pedaphile?

  • Truth Speaks says:

    If you do believe this isn’t true: Believe me you and many others, including Ms. Mantooth, will have to get on your knees and ask for God’s forgiveness. You and the many others that doubt that this mother has done the right thing by bringing this to the attention of the authorities are sadly mistakened. I know the facts and I want get into that, because the court system will. I feel for the children that are caught in the middle. And none of the 13 yr. olds family is pointing the finger at no one except the responsible party…Ms. Mantooth. I hope the only thing gained in this is that other children are saved from having to go through this, and justice is served, and Ms. Mantooth seeks/gets the help she needs. And I know it’s not what I should say but….I would really like to see all of your faces when the truth comes out that this mother is not lying, but telling the truth. I can just feel the sorrow and shame you will feel. Will you all have enough courage/or respect then to step up and apologize to this mother and her family??? The records don’t lie and neither does this mother and her family. May God forgive you all and Ms. Mantooth. God watches over his children and that’s what we as parents are to do also….THINK ABOUT IT!!!

  • Truth Speaks says:

    Shannon I know how you feel. They are my family and it’s such a tragedy that people can speak out so harshly when they don’t know all the facts. But this society doesn’t care about the facts, all they care about is drama. And it’s a pure shame and disgrace that this is what this nation has came to. I’m sure God is not pleased. But all we can do is pray, because we know the truth and most of all our God knows all. And I also pray that this doesn’t keep other victims of this nature, rape, molestation, etc. from coming forward in the future. That would be a real shame. But some just don’t see it like that…it’s all about the drama. He said, she said. It’s all about the facts, what’s right, and what wrong. We just need to continue to pray and have faith that in the end these folks eyes will be opened in the end…after all is said and done. I thank you for standing up for my family. God bless you!

  • ILMguy says:

    Listen folks. We all want to believe that this lovely woman is innocent. You all keep screaming “Where’s the proof?” Hate to break it to you, but they would not have issued a warrant for her arrest WITHOUT said proof. They cannot arrest someone on hearsay. They CAN launch an investigation into the matter and arrest warrants are issued via a JUDGE when they have acquired enough SAID PROOF to file charges. Come on folks. I’m all for innocent until proven guilty but those of you screaming for proof are, from the looks of it, naive. Come on folks, quit denying the inevitable. They HAD HER PHONE NUMBER…the text wasn’t simply titled “Megan.” THE NUMBERS MATCHED. So unless your kid is some tech GENIUS, it was from her phone. The child MAY HAVE BEEN knowingly engaged, but in this country, a 13yo child DOES NOT have the mental capacity to engage in adult acts according to modern laws and standards. Stop attacking this mother trying to protect her child and stop attacking the child. He is, in this instance, the victim. Would you verbally attack a woman claiming to have been raped simply because the person she accused was an “upstanding citizen?” They are equivalent. Are some people falsely accuse? Yes, but in this instance…I’m not so sure they got the wrong girl. And regardless, this teacher or any other should NEVER have contact with a student outside of school or school related activities. All other contact should be made via the PARENTS. Wrong is wrong and it appears she was wrong from the get go.

  • jessica smith says:

    not true. my sister has had a warrant for her arrest before and there was no proof that she committed the crime. and this actually took place in pender county. a woman called and told the police that she took her credit card and used it. turns out my sister did not do it at all. mean while my sister had to go through a bunch of crazy crap because of it. so give me a freaking break. you are the only one that is naive. dont you know anything about smart phones???? and the websites people use?! give me break.

  • mary elean richards says:

    well then u know what the laws need to change because i believe the teenager should be punished just as much as the teacher..n u can say all u want but when it happens to someone you know personally lets see if you can keep your mouth shut about how wonderful they are!! your right wrong is wrong …and it goes for everyone….teacher, mom, son whoever!!! it really should have been dealt with privatly and not with the media thats just someone looking for attention!

  • Guest3658974 says:

    Considering that the phone number was called and the teacher answered, I don’t think the number was changed here. She had no business texting a student. It raises alot of unneeded questions. And since there have been other parents saying the same thing, she is gonna have a hard time with this one.

  • Guest3659874 says:

    Sweetie don’t be naive. I’m sure the news station called from their phone not hios. You must be on eof her studentsw. what did she promise you to defend her? An A+?

  • Jessica smith says:

    and i guess you were standing right there when the reporter used his phone to dial her number??? i doubt they even called from his phone? i mean really? would she really answer his phone calls at this point? hello? lol.

  • techsupport says:

    Jessica, read my posts. We know how to use cell phones (some of us work as technical support and look at thousands of call and message records every day, as well as network tickets regarding spoofing and have in depth knowledge of…..SHOCK………. how the technology actually works!!)

    You can fake pretty much anything programmed into the phone, but when it gets down to the truth… it is very, very unlikely that actual records have been altered. There is a digital fingerprint to EVERY move that is made on or with a cell phone…. some that can’t be altered- even by the phone company. So your argument that it could be faked or made to look “like it came from the phone number” … that can be destroyed in seconds. HONEY.

  • Jessica Smith says:

    Ok so if I text one of my friends back and forth and say things like “I want to spin you around” and then I go and edit the contact in the phone to “megans” phone number. Instead of saving “megan” in the phone I save her number and not her name. then it would appear that megan was the one that sent the text messages. So how are we to know that the contact was not saved as her phone number but the text message was actually sent from another phone number?!!?!? Seriously?! Kids know how to manipulate their phones!!!! It personally looks like this young woman has been framed! I would like to see some real phone records for proof! This story has zero truth because you can manipulate text messages and who they were sent from so easily. I just did it on my phone. it only takes a second. i can make all my text messages look like they came from that phone number and so can you honey! so the real question would be why does this woman and her son have a problem with this teacher?

  • Robin says:

    I am just amazed still at this situation. The girl did and she should be charged jsut as any other person would be. I am afraid that this will simmer away due to her husband and mother in law enforcement!! I really hope this feeling I have is not true!! I dont want to see anyone hurt or be punished for something they did not due. If miss perfect little megan did this she should be punished. Its sad that we are sending are children to school and cant trust them with there teachers. People need to be punished for there wrong doings so they learn and others as well.

  • Guest3993 says:

    Yes, this mother should let the public know there have been messages between this teacher and her son but she did not seem at all distraught when telling her story. It looks to me as though she just wanted attention and make the news. I was talking to my mother and she said if our family were to be in this situation she would NOT go on television, but let law enforcement handle it. I’m not defending or bashing Megan either way — I just don’t think the mother handled this properly.

    Too, the news has put pictures of not only Megan, but also her family. Maybe I missed something but I have not seen any pictures of the boy.

  • Guesttoday says:

    Techsupport I understand that phone companies have those records, however you seem so positive, along with some others that have posted, that law enforcemet checked those records. Just let me share that a good friend of mine was having problems with a neighbor that happened to be a single parent. This neighbor reported her to the authorities for being a pedifile and she was picked up and charged on only this woman’s say so. It was thrown out of court for unsubstantiated evidence but in the meantime she almost had a breakdown because of the emotional stress.

    None of us have all the facts to make a judgement about this woman. At the end of the day the only person we should judge is ourselves and I garantee you when I find myself ready to point a finger I try to remember to point it back to me! Please don’t call people stupid. Not everyone has a technical background but there is something to be said for emotional intelligence.

  • Guest1121 says:

    Why do the differences between (you’re, your) and (there, their, they’re) confuse you?

  • Guest1121 says:

    I believe what you mean by “Ockham’s Razor” is actually Occam’s Razor.

    The world is much to complex and full of to many variables, especially in this day of age, for the simplest answer to always be the right answer.

    I personally agree with Walter Chatton on his anti-razor.

  • Matthew Somerville says:

    ya i know the details of how this stuff works , i used to process legal request for phone records from sheriff departments all the time while working for a large telecom company ,its also the reason with 100% certainty that I know these things can be faked very easily , the phone records will come out in court , but i doubt the sheriffs office got them that quickly as this is a legel process even for them to secure that kind of information, so mr tech support try not to act like you know it all , especially when you have no idea who your speaking to and about , how about everybody commenting negatively against megan and her family, try getting a life and keeping your mean hateful comments to yourself

  • Matthew Somerville says:

    CALLER ID , its on pretty much every phone out there , the number could have been gotten any number of ways, Example: a phone call to a parent of a student, then a kid gets the number off the phone and tells his friends he has the teacher’s number , hey um there is also this wonderful thing called the internet that can help you find just about anything

  • Matthew Somerville says:

    hey techsupport, chill with the trash talk , you have no clue who your speaking too, calling someone feeble minded really, sounds like you need some help yourself or maybe some love or something you may have missed out on in your childhood, for someone that wants to appear to know it all and have all the answers like you do, you sure do show your weakness with the name calling, let me help you, just a tip , Even a fool appears smart when his mouth is shut. since your so into appearances and wanting to appear so smart

  • Matthew Somerville says:

    ok people lets clear this up, Pre Court Charges are simply accusations, and anyone can bring charges against anyone for numerous reasons , She has not been found guilty , and is not in jail , just to set the record straight. Also she is on leave from her job with pay, now if there was rock solid proof of guilt do you really beleive her job would still be paying her while on leave , lets use our brains folks , at least just a little , could we , please

  • minor says:

    that’s because he’s a minor. you can’t post pictures of minors.

  • Guesty Leroux says:

    It looks like she forgot to do the math on this.

  • Truth Speaks says:

    All I have to say to you is I will keep you in my prayers. I don’t believe in fairies…

  • burgaw resident says:

    My son starts back at Burgaw Middle this year. I do not want him in that class, nor do his friends parents want their children. If she is still there I will request a transfer, and until then will unfortunately need to make him aware of what may have been happening so he can steer clear of any trouble and his friends also. If the charges come out to be true Pender County Schools may decide to transfer her to a different area school to make the problem go away. Protective parents we talk with are concerned. Unfortunately with her immediate family in Pender County law enforcement the outcome may be biased in her favor and that is something we need to seriously think about if she is still teaching. Its a pretty hot topic amongst concerned parents around here. Other parents do not want her teaching their kids either. And the parents that have kids in other area middle schools are wondering which school they will transfer her to.. Sounds like alot of parents will be keeping up to date with this waiting to see what happens, and will be contacting the school board with A LOT of questions if and when she returns and likely transferring of our kids. What an uncomfortable uneasy feeling.

  • Guest Apu says:

    I can’t help but notice how many people are saying that there’s no way this woman could have done what she’s accused of. Typically, the crowd on here completely bashes the “low-lifes” and “thugs” that have been arrested, and screams for them to be locked up and for the key to be thrown away. Is it because she’s a pretty young white girl? I usually can’t stand it when someone plays the race-card, especially as an excuse for bad behaviour, but I just have to wonder why there is such an outpouring of support in this case when the norm of this website is swift condemnation of the accused. Surely these posters can’t all be personal friends with this woman to know her well enough to make an informed decision as to her character. Just remember, no matter how nice and pleasant someone seems, you never really know what lies underneath. Almost every time a serial killer is arrested, their neighbors talk about how nice and pleasant people they were. I am personally going to wait and see how this unfolds before I make my decision about her…

  • Guest9384 says:

    Dude this is a prime example of cyberbullying. Megan didn’t even do a thing! I know Megan but I’m glad I don’t know the mother of this kid, I feel bad for him, even if he did do it. Ok, since I’ve had my phone hacked just like this before, let me explain how this works. (A) kid walks into room while megan’s not there and sends texts off her phone (B) kid go’s to verizon wireless website and sends messages there, or (C) some kid (or parent, hint hint) made up the whole conversation, once again on verizon’s website, just to get attention, which in my oppinion, I think it’s very clear who has been getting the most attention off this. Just go back into the article and look who’s name is mentioned so many times as if she’s a hero. Just my oppinion, it’s sad how so many people like her, and even the one time I was, can be framed so easily.

  • Guestwtmom says:

    I just watched the video featuring Elizabeth Graham. What a total disgrace. Elizabeth Graham seems to be enjoying the attention while exposing her MINOR 13 year old son to ridicule with his classmates and anyone else that knows him. I guess thinking ahead is not her strong suit.

    Any GOOD Mother would do everything in her power to protect her child from this sort of attention, NOT going on video, NOT speaking to the press and NOT allowing her name to be disclosed in the article.

    If these accusations are true against the teacher your son needs someone with some commonsense to help him understand and apparently it is not you.

    SHAME on you Elizabeth Graham !! You have turned your sons life into a Jerry Springer show, are you proud?

    One more thing, if this turns out to be some sort of set up against the teacher you better have a really good attorney.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    One of the most condescending things a Christian can do to an atheist is to make a point of announcing that they’ll be praying for them. What would be the point of you praying for me? It’s totally laughable.

  • Guesttoday says:

    I find it hard to believe that this teacher would have suddenly decided to text this 13 year old and then go on to send 200 texts! Really! A husband and family and job and she’s sending 200 texts? Think about it people. Who does this???? Teenagers send this amount of texts not adults. This is definetly spoofing or whatever its called. I really doubt LEO were getting text messages from her. They just thought it was her. People need to protect their cell phones, cell numbers just like they would their wallets. God bless this poor lady and her family…they are going through he## right now. Law Enforcement has their hands full keeping up with cyber and technical crimes……hope this gets resolved very soon.

  • Guest227 says:

    First of all, for those of you defending Ms. Mantooth, I am sure she can use all the support she can get. I too think very highly of this young woman as a teacher. I do think the situation is a shame and I too hope is just a big misunderstanding. However, I do not think anyone should slam this mother who was brave enough to be interviewed on TV, this mother did what EVERY parent in this situation SHOULD do and report these kind of situations immediately to authorities. This is a child and any good parent would do the same thing. This never should have happened to even become a misunderstanding. And yes, the truth will come out eventually, but obviously there is enough to charge her with what they have, and I am in total shock, and the tough part is as a parent, how do I explain this to my children, who Ms Mantooth has taught. Its sad situation for everyone involved. Hopefully Ms. Mantooth will get the help she needs and she will at least admit to what she has and to what she has not done, to bring closure to some of the mess, as they say The truth will set you free, and her family and real friends will still love and support her through that.

    I too pray for Ms. Mantooth, that she will do the right thing, however, these are our innocent children involved here, and there is no excuse for that part, her job is to help protect our children. This child should never feel guilty or bad for what happened, and I truly hope he does not have to pay the price for that. Some of the messages shown were inappropriate and those messages need to be owned up to and instead of people saying the MOM should appologize, I think that part needs to come from Ms. Mantooth, imagine how this child must feel, how would you feel if this was your child???? and what would you do if you found these messages on your childs phone???

  • countrygirl9407 says:

    i can tell you right now that megan would never n a million years do somethen like this… shes my family and i love her to death. this is redicuals and i dont believe it one bit. The good lords gonna handle this and some of you ppl will be put to shame for what you have accused her of doing. always have to assume that someone is guilty b4 anyone even has there facts right. REDUCLAS!!!!

  • saywhat says:

    Foodlion is gross. You should hope to run into her at Harris Teeter instead. It’s more expensive but it has wider ailes so you can have more space to throw soup cans at each other

  • e bamberger says:

    What ever happened to Innocent until proven guilty ? It just amazes me that this mother has given her name to the paper ??????? WHY ???? Her son is a minor and most parents would keep there childs name private as well as there own. Something does not seem right with this story, children today are vicious and are capable of any number of ways at getting back at someone if they wanted to. I am not saying that she did not commit this crime, just if she has not been arrested than obviously the proof is not as strong as people believe.
    Remember Mr. Coleman also was accused and then fired with no real proof just some mothers accusations.

  • Guesty7 says:

    It’s *ridiculous

  • Stop and think about it with an opened mind says:

    Let’s think about this for a minute. For those of you questioning if she will get a fair trial or if this will be biased because of her ties to law enforcement, WHO DO YOU THINK INVESTIGATED AND ARRESTEDED HER? The very agency that her husband works for! I feel like this is being handled properly. It is a very unfortunate event for EVERYONE involved. I know Megan and her family and I’m shocked at this but law enforcement don’t just arrest without evidence. Do you really think that the Sheriff’s Dept. would arrest one of their own’s wife with no evidence or bases for these charges? Should the mom have acted this way on TV? I don’t know what I would have do if I was her. None of us are her. The long and short of it is this: It happened, a parent told her side and charges were filed. Let’s all keep an eye on this case and quit judging these folks.

  • CaringMother says:

    His Mom is a very caring Mom and did try to keep it out of the news. You csn stop blaming his Mom and blame “public records” for letting it out. However, if it hadn’t happened, it wouldn’t have gotten out at all. My Granddad always said, “Be sure your sins will find you out”.

    This has gotten so bad with the comments that have been posted here that it has drawn attention to ABC News. So let’s stop it NOW.

  • phillipe says:

    yeah, blah blah blah… she is too nice.. couldnt have done that, etc etc. Sure she may be nice and no one would think she would do that.. did you think she would make it public knowing it was wrong and tell everyone she was doing it on a loudspeaker! Of course not, everyone has secrets to hide and this may have been hers.
    Yes, indeed innocent till proven guilty. But remember folks that goes both ways. Stop claiming she is innocent when she has not proven to be innocent yet, or guilty for that matter. The facts will come out in court next month on the 21st and may be delayed from there. Innocent? Guilty? No one is to say but if she is guilty its disgusting and she deserves some jail time and never to be around kids that age. Anyone looks good on the outside, its their dark secrets that they hide and hope never get exposed. Sometimes they slip up, which may be the case here.

  • Kim jones says:

    OMG are you kidding me….If you don’t know the facts then you need to shut your mouth, just because she goes to church, a”teacher” and her husband and mother works with pender law inforcement does not make her a saint….This is a mother WITH hard facts that is protecting her son. Unless you see ALLL the facts maybe YOU should keep your sorry opinions to yourself. She needs help…. Hope I run into you at food lion.

  • Guest450000 says:

    If she is guilty, it is not likely that she will be able to return. If she is not guilty and can return, then I cannot see any reason to feel uncomfortable having your kid in her class. On the contrary, I would feel uncomfortable having my kid go to school w/ the kid who lied about it. Either way, however it turns out, it doesn’t seem as though you should have any concerns about feeling uncomfortable. Just saying.

  • samsung says:

    You local folks are pure comedy right out of Mayberry. You WANT to believe she is not capable of acting this way. “She was my teacher, she gave me good grades”, “She is too nice”, “She is a good christian”. Take of your rose colored glasses people, no one wants you to see their bad side. Of course you think she is nice. But what does that have to do with anything that happened? The 13yr old boy must think she is nice too right? Maybe she is a good cook also, and probably knits well judging by looking the picture here. So what! Does not pertain to the charges at hand so quit it already with all the she is nice comments. The ones with all the nice sweet things to say are just locals, friends or students. And also shows how your not very nice yourself by not considering the victims which are the family of the boy. Now the boy he could be a saint, and a christian and a nice person also… or he could be a royal jerk. But again that is irrelevant to the charges.
    Case in point: Hitler was LOVED by his people, they thought he was nice and a good cook also. But the rest of the world saw him differently considering what he was doing.

    1.This ladies husband is an officer or detective for the Pender County Sheriff. Her mom also holds some title there, sorry not sure what but its more than a secretary. Dont you think the charges were seriously looked at with more than a reasonable doubt before they charged her? The proof has to be there plain as day for her to be charged considering this. If you get a chance to watch the video of this story, slow down or pause when they show the cellphone. Read some more of the messages they did not mention. The messages she sent are very sexual and leading up to a meet, she was obviously waiting for the right moment and really working up the sexual tension between them. If that does not make your stomach turn, then your not human.

    2. But if all that is not enough for you, and the hero which is still innocent in your minds needs saving. Then relax, considering the husbands position at the Pender County Sherrif the “good Ole boy” system will pull thru for her. This will all magically disappear soon enough and evidence will be intentionally with-held at her court appearance that could possibly incriminate her.

  • Matthew Somerville says:

    Wow , did you ever stop to think that maybe after all this is cleared up and its proven she didnt do it, she may not want to teach anymore anyway, so here is a young teacher that went through several years of college and hard work to get to this job, and now some little kid and his mom have ruined her name and future career in teaching. That is SAD……and by the way where are all these supposed other students and parents that were coming forward about her that the article mentioned, funny as we havent seen any other articles or news reports ,hmmm thats strange.

  • M says:

    they didnt seem to mind showing pictures of Megan’s baby now did they

  • HAHA! says:

    Ya, dont worry she doesn’t teach the slow kids anyway

  • Guest12563 says:

    actually she turned her self in when the police called her, they never came and arrested her, she went to the station herself

  • Truth Speaks says:

    Amen! I’ve dealt with the court system itself, dealing with something totally different, and it can be a circus! I do not trust the court system, after what I was put through. I believe that the positions that Ms. Mantooth’s family holds in the Sheriff’s Department could really hurt the victim’s case. It’s wrong, as wrong can be. But we do live in a crooked society. But I pray that justice is served. I know the truth and my God does too. If justice is not served here on this earth, there will come a point and time that it will be. And I surely would hate to be the one to answer to that. And I am a strong believer in “What comes around, goes around”.

  • Truth Speaks says:

    Guestwtmom, you better get those knees of yours down on the ground and ask for forgiveness when this is over. You should be ashamed of yourself! I would love to see what you would do if you would’ve been in Elizabeth’s place. Like I said “WHAT COMES AROUND, GOES AROUND”. I’d watch out if I were you!!! You need to put yourself in the other persons shoes before you start ranting and raving. I do know a lot more about what is going on about this situation that you do….and you don’t know what you’re talking about. But as society is they talk too much!!! You don’t know what this family did or considered before going to the authorities about this. You don’t even know how it came to light. You don’t know anything but what you’ve read. So you don’t know the facts and most likely you never will…so back off!!! PUT YOURSELF IN THE OTHER PERSONS SHOES AND PRAY TO GOD THAT IT NEVER HAPPENS TO YOU!!!! No one is right about everything, but I’m right about this one….and you can take that to the bank!!! It’s going to be a messy situation because she has family in the Sheriff’s Dept., but if it’s not handled in the lifetime on earth, I’m sure she will have to answer to the good Master someday. So either way, I’m not concerned…except for Ms. Mantooth’s kids and this 13 yrs. old boy, which both are in the middle of this and shouldn’t be. She’s grown..they aren’t. But I do hope that some day this will all be forgotten and everyone can act civilized again. And no, I’m not trying to be mean…I’m just tired of people like you running off at the mouth, when you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. So I am nicely asking all you folks to leave it alone…it’s getting really old, really quick!!!

  • Guest461 says:

    I thought I had seen the race card thrown at nearly every situation. That is, until I read your rediculous post! The “low-lifes” and “thugs” you reference usually are identifiable due to their extensive criminal records, the types of crimes they commit, their demeanor and their appearance. They also come in black white, yellow and red. The outpouring of support for this young lady is attributable to several factors. One is her LACK of a criminal history. TWO is her outstanding performance as a child educator. THREE, she is a family person with children of her own. FOUR, cellphones are absolutely the most unsecure method of communication available and EASILY altered by hackers to do the very same thing this woman is accused of. I am not even allowed to have a cell phone in my possession at work due to thier inherent security risks and the corporate information I have access to.
    So, do you now understand the difference between “thugs” and “pretty young white girls” as you so term them? Oh…and to mention one other tidbit, nobody gives a hooie about what YOUR decision is about her! It isn’t worth a plug nickel…

    I don’t lean either way on her guilt or innocence, but I do hope some serious investigation will bring out the truth. I think the entire scenario looks might fishy. I also hope you can find it within yourself to get that big, fat chip off of your shoulder! It will help you live longer and happier to rid youself of that acid in your soul.

  • Matthew Somerville says:

    so you want proof it can be faked , check this out everyone take a stroll on over to the verizon wireless web page , then go to messaging and click send a text message , on that page you can send a text from any number to any number, even if they are not verizon numbers, and the person will receive it in seconds and it will come up on your phone as a text sent from whatever number you put into the “from” box . there you have it a fake text sent for free in less than a minute, SO EASY A 13 YEAR OLD COULD DO IT! Leave Megan alone!!! my guess is, this is an infatuated boy that wanted to act like the pretty young teacher liked him , in an effort to show off to his friends in order to feel special

  • High Quality H20 says:

    In a place where the sidewalks roll up at 7:30 p.m., the flow of traffic is almost nil, and the gossip mills run wild like a junkie in LA, you knew it was going to happen. You gotta look at it like this: There is absolutely nothing going on at any given time, so when something big happens, the people act like Florida drivers in a snowstorm. Their mouths run rampant with a bad case of diarrhea, see the post where the person said Mantooth had applied to go back to high school, and everyone is acting like a dancing chicken. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending her at all. I am, however, pointing out that those in glass houses are the ones throwing the stones. Putting her kids (who can’t defend themselves), and her husband (whose job as a Deputy really doesn’t matter), in this makes as much sense as a 10 year old in diapers. It’s wrong, and it’s mind boggling. Burgaw has always been a place where people love to talk, and always will be. I can say that because I know first hand. Good people make bad decisions, and sometimes idiotic ones. And no, good folks that are reading this, I am not calling her an idiot. I’m saying she made a bone head decision. Is it possible someone hacked her phone and sent it to the kid? Why sure it is; just as it’s possible that we are all perfect.

  • Guest270 says:

    I have know both Megan and her husband since we were all fairly young. I have never seen any action on her part to suggest she would do anything like this. In fact both of them are upstanding citizens as far as I’m concerned. I’m extremely disappointed that her husband and his job have been dragged into this as well as their children. The media should have bit more tact than that. Though judging by this board perhaps that’s something we’re all lacking. While her purported actions are offensive to me I still want to hear proof that goes beyond the electronic messages that are so easily modified. I for one will wait until her day in court to see what her actions really were.

    As some have stated Pender County does not look very good in the public light at the moment. Three seperate cases including this one have been on the front page of the local news involving local officials or county employees. While this does upset me I would like to point out that all of the other local counties have had issues with public figures recently and that someone who would commment disparagingly of another county’s residents might want to clean up their own backyard before borrowing trouble from their neighbors.

  • Onlooker says:

    Citizens of Pender County, N.C.-
    While reading the ABCNews story regarding this, I chalked it up to yet another attractive, young middle school teacher preying on young boys but then I just HAD to see for myself when it mentioned that people on this news site were attacking the boy and his mother. And from reading the comments, I see the alleged victim and his mother are being attacked and accused of lying mostly because 1) the teacher “is too nice” to have done this. 2) The teacher is a “christian, mother, outstanding educator/friend..etc.” …Guess what people said about Mary Letourneau? Also, the boy is a child who should bear NO responsibility for this. You people blaming HIM make me sick. And now you are a laughing stock to the rest of the country. Wear it proudly!

  • heavye says:

    Well I guess due to the lack of pay the teachers have to have some other types of bonus…. Maybe the school boards should do a better background check before they hire these PERVES!!!!!!

  • Guest97869 says:

    She made those pictures public when she posted them on Myspace and Facebook. Or have you paid no attention?

  • Burgaw Resident says:

    I think this is totally immoral and ridiculus to be accusing Megan of this crap…..its uncalled for!! Bring out solid 100 percent proof of evidence befor trashing such a nice person!! Why is it that the messages on the video are showing FWD?? It should be showing a number if it was directly sent from Meagan or so thats how it is normally!!

  • pyxis says:

    she was arrested mid-june and is out on bond. court date set july 21.

  • yep says:

    she’s coming across as credible and sympathetic… so prepare yourselves for the rest of the u.s. not feeling so sympathetic to megan.

    and if a cop’s wife was doing this in a small town where i lived, i’d do all i could to make sure other eyes were on what was happening. particularly as a mother.

  • Commonsense says:

    So ten years ago, teachers weren’t doing this in my school. What’s in the water in Burgaw?
    Why would she want to have any interest in a 8th grader unless she wasn’t getting the attention from her home life.
    I would hate to be in her shoes.

  • Guest Apu says:

    Chill out – I’m not playing the race card. I was simply asking a question, wondering if she had so much support because of the way she looks. I’m a white guy raised in the suburbs who
    get fed-up when minorities use race as an excuse as to why they’re being arrested, unemployed, etc. I was just posing the question as to why she has so much support when she is an accused stalker, and possibly a pedophile. This type of crime, the victimization of children, is about as bad as you can get. I also don’t have a chip on my shoulder. I just think it’s curious as to why everyone thinks she couldn’t have done it.

    Criminal history has nothing to do with guilt or innocence. I don’t think Ted Bundy had a criminal history before becomeing a mass-murderer. And people loved him. You mentioned appearance, Bundy dressed like he came from the country club. The Duke LAX boys (also white) were condemned by the DA, the press, and the general public, but they turned out to be innocent. You just never know until the truth comes out in the end.

    I was curious as to why people who have never even heard of this girl are so quick to say she’s innocent without waiting for the facts to come out, but usually completely trash others as soon as the story of the arrest is printed.

  • Hilary Holder says:

    This is such a sad situation.

  • RandomPerson says:

    You’re kidding, right? Have you bothered to look into any of the news stories about this? Megan sent out some pretty racy texts over a long period of time.

    Ockham’s Razor says that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Ockham’s Razor suggests that Megan sent these herself and odds are that she did.

    Besides, are you aware that she was texting like this to multiple students? Perhaps you’re one of them and your parent just didn’t find out yet?

  • sam h. says:

    well, said guest9384. Innocent until proven guilty is simply that. How did the false accusation against you effect your life?

  • Guest72 says:

    Really? Tell me then, how do you fake phone records? Use some sense man. Do you really think that all it took to obtain an order for arrest was for a deputy to look at the kid’s phone and see her number? I can assure you that the records from her phone company were subpoenaed.

    Maybe someone there altered the records and framed her! This is, after all, one big conspiracy. Oh the drama…

  • Irony Butterfly says:

    According to another article*, the kid’s parents took the phone within a few hours of the teacher sending the kid his grades and exchanging a few more texts. The “hundreds” of texts came AFTER the parents took over the texting.

    What if teacher’s husband saw some of the parents’ texts and decided to mess with a kid he thought was attempting to flirt with his wife? It will be ironic if all these supposedly inappropriate texts were sent between two grown men each pretending to be someone else.


  • aimee says:

    DUDE!!! if you want anyone to take you seriously then stop starting every sentence with dude. are you a child, if you are you should not be involving yourself with this.

  • techsupport says:

    Jessica, one more time…Let me try to put this in wording that your feeble mind can understand. Even if you PROGRAM A NUMBER OR A NAME INTO YOUR PHONE SO IT LOOKS LIKE THE CALL/MESSAGING COMES FROM THAT PHONE….

    the cellular. phone. company. can LOOK at the messaging records and SHOW the ORIGINAL phone number that the call is coming from— it is NOT based on what is PROGRAMMED BY THE CUSTOMER INTO THE PHONE= so they can change names, save different phone numbers, whatever and there is STILL going to be a trail of different codes and numbers on INTERNAL PHONE RECORDS AND CELLULAR PHONE COMPANY systems that CANNOT be changed by the customer and WILL show up.

    Do you understand, it is NOT as simple as changing things in the phone in the customer’s possession?

    You can’t argue with stupid, people.

  • Dave Foltz says:

    So you DO know all of the facts Kim? You know them to be hard facts, do you? I didn’t see you at the trial either.

    “Hope I run into you at the Food Lion”?!? Nice treat!

    Stay classy Kim!

  • Guest1234567 says:

    You said it all.

  • techsupport says:

    Matthew, with the site in question you can send it from the number on the site, however, in the actual text records that the phone company has- it will show that this message originated from the website versus an actual phone… you would be able to tell by a code in the mobile reporting records- so even though you can show any number… the records actually prove where the text originates from by mobile switching centers and other data that is only available to tech/legal/network.

  • techsupport says:

    I love some of these comments about how easy spoofing is, how easy it would be to fake, etc. Spoofing is becoming more common, there are free ways to spoof… but some of the assumptions here are completely incorrect from a technical side of things. If you guys had any idea of how a mobile network actually works- the tune would change severely. Literally, when you use your mobile phone, certain teams within your phone company can break down the records to show EVERY detail of that call or message- from the content to the time it was sent, the serial number of the device or mobile ip that the request came from (data), the phone number, the type of device, the time, the towers it came from if it’s a call, etc. if it IS a spoof, that can be traced as well (even though there is not much a company can do for spoofing).

    Whether or not the messages were sent from her can be proven to a pretty certain degree. I doubt the sheriff’s department would arrest without either probable cause or some sort of evidence that could be taken to trial that they believe is pretty much solid.

  • Guesttday says:

    Everyone please take time to read about spoofing and then draw your conclusions. I believe this child and the teacher were both victims of this. I’m sure Ms. Montooth has been told not to speak on this while the investigation is pending. This should be a wakeup call to everyone. Cell Phones are one of the most least secure devices you can own.

    I was a victim of this thru my e-mail. One day I looked at my “sent” file and all these e-mails were going out from me to everyone in my address book. The message had a link that took them to a Viagra site……embarassing to say the least. Lucky for me I didn’t have anyone younger than 18 in my address book! I had to disable the e-mail account….change passwords, etc.

    I would love to see WWAY do some reporting on this issue so folks can be educated on how to protect themselves.

  • jeffnow says:

    Dude sounds like you would fit in in China where everyone is guilty until proven innocient

  • jeffnow says:

    Are U for real?! You preach to other to keep there opinion to themselves while passing your own judgment without knowning the facts. Get the plank out of your eye.

  • Guest461 says:

    I explained to you why she has so much support. I explained the difference between “thugs and low-lifes” vs. upstanding citizens that contribute positively to our society. I did NOT explain why some serial killers slither through society hiding themselves in sheeps clothing as that was NOT on topic. I’m sorry, but to see a dreadlock encrusted thug that has a 10 page felony laced rap sheet get arrested for armed robbery would lend one to believe, “He probably did it!”. It isn’t about color, it is about lifestyle and history.

    The teacher does not have a criminal record, she is an upstanding child educator, has a pleasant appearance and demeanor and is accused of a crime that COULD easily be perpetrated by a hacker. “NECKO” on the other hand, has a head full of black snakes, a tattoo on side of his neck, has multple felony drug convictions, has a punk-a$$ed demeanor and will now serve 35 years in the clinker for dealing drugs. Do these facts do anything to satisfy your curiosity?

    Now, I can guarantee you that the investigators will get to the end of this in short order. I can also guarantee you that IF it is found and proven that she actually commited these offenses herself, NOBODY will continue to support her, including myself.

    While a lot of people posting here would like to see 5 gallons of gaoline poured over this teachers head and ignited without trial, I tend to think the whole scenario just doesn’t add up and smells mighty fishy! I can’t wait to see the FACTS!

    Remember, this woman is not a convicted serial murderer like Bundy or Dahmer as you tend to compare. She is accused of “allegedly” sending inappropriate text messages to a student. There’s a weeeee bit a gap there, don’t you think?

  • Guestkj says:

    how did students get her number to begin with?????????

  • Truth Speaks says:

    You’d be amazed! :)

  • Das Weibstück says:

    You are assuming the poster believes in the sky fairy.

  • NCemergencyservent says:

    Okay the fact that her husband is a COP has nothing to do with this at all. He is a special opps deputy that has to spend a lot of time away from home. He can not monitor his wife’s cell phone and what she does when he is not around. This is a stand up man that has done nothing wrong. The reason Pender county is getting safer all the time is because of his hard work. By the way whatever happened to innocent until guilty. When you point you finger you have three pointing right back at ya. Dont judge anyone until you know the FACTS.

  • Guest28472 says:

    I am a mom of 3 boys and for some reason when it is a boy involved in this type of situation the child is questioned more so than the adult…WRONG IS WRONG and A CHILD IS A CHILD! She is a Teacher, Parent, Adult-regardless if there was a crush, which I don’t believe there was, it was her responsibility to not allow it to get as far as it did. I understand she may have been respected in her community, but so is the family of the little boy involved. We are not perfect so stop putting her on a pedestal because she is a teacher. She should be held accountable for her actions BECAUSE she is a teacher. Children look to Teachers for answers and this is what she gave. Had this been a 13 year old female against a Male Teacher it would have been handled way harsher and that is BIAS..our young boys need just as much protection. Stop blaming and trashing An INCREDIBLE MOM only trying to protect her son as ANY MOM SHOULD!

  • mary elean richards says:

    wow well thats funny because it sounds like u think 13 year old TEENAGE boys dont have crushes and dont know what is right and what is wrong and the difference between good or bad in any of the stuff he did…because i know for a fact that the “little boy: started the whole thing and he knew very well what he was doing…middle school kids know about sex they know how to flirt they know how to get peoples numbers they know alot more than what we hold them accountable for!! and if the mom wanted to “protect” her son she would have had a private meeting with the teacher and officals or whatever and done it behind the cameras! think about what her “attention seeking thrill ride” has possibly done to her son and what it has done to her family and think about the impact it has made on the teachers family..yeah if its true it was wrong but someone doesnt have a heart if they want to ruin someones life in this kind of pathetic way!!! the mom can get over herself and your can shut the hell up because you dont know half of what i know!! n this so called “kid” is so guilty it makes me want to spit in his and his mothers face!!!

  • Guest111 says:

    Where are you guys seeing this arrest report?

  • crystal11 says:

    Yes, her husband is a Pender Co Sheriff……. Kinda scary to see where this will go. As if our judicial system is not messed up enough!! HA!!!! This Child stalker has an insider!!!

  • Wilm71 says:

    Isn’t she the wife of a Pender County Detective. man that county just keeps racking it up…

  • Guest987 says:

    The Pender county sheriffs office has nothing to do with HER actions. Wilmington and New Hanover county has issues and embarrassments also, more so than the public knows.

  • so not true says:

    Ditto Innocent – I don’t believe it one bit –

  • Guestguru says:

    $100 says without “expensive software as the post below states” and in under 10 minutes I can spoof a number to my phone…
    The only sure fire way to provr it is for the teacher and hubby to look at the phone bill where it wilkl have a record of the 200 texts… IF they ever even really happened…
    If they did, she needs to do the right thing.. Stay away from kids, resign and get some (fast) professional help.. If not.. She should hire an atty. for libel and slander and she can retire and won’t have to worry about theantics that come out of Bruns middle…

  • Innocent until proven otherwise says:

    Why don’t you people burn her at the stake. My God……Let things take their course first. When someone is accused of something, people immediately assume guilt. And most of the time it is the hippocrates that are sitting in the church pew on Sunday. This could be a hack. I know of two people right now who’s facebook accounts and cell phones have been hacked by the same person using spy software he installed while they were sleeping and he is saying all sorts of things to other people using their accounts. They have a FBI investigation going on and he will soon be arrested. Not saying that’s what is going on here. If these allegations are true, then the truth will come out. So calm down you bunch of red necks. Go on back to the relationship with your cousin and Mrs. Mantooth will get what is coming to her if deservatively so.

  • Guestj1 says:
    This kinda thing can be done to easily these days. this is just one of the hundreds of sites out there where fake text and phone calls can be made. Hopefully the whole (TRUE)story will come out in the end, i dont think we are hearing everything…
    Shame on you WWAY for putting up pictures of her Family/kids they are innocent no matter what. This is just immoral.!!!

  • jenk says:

    Immoral… Really? She is guilty and never dreamed she would get caught. Heard she was applying to go to High School. Maybe to go with him. Who knows!?!? I think its sick and twisted

  • mary elean richards says:

    yes ashame i wish they would sue the news company for putting such a picture up there do people not have any feelings anymore….its just horrible to out her child on the news when it has nothing to do with her or her husband!!! what a shame wway!!

  • crystal11 says:

    I totally agree! Sounds serious to me also. I am a mother of a son and I could not imagine what that childs parent is going through. The sad part is her poor Husband and children……. I hope he takes those babies and runs far from her!!!! I hope that our justice system gives her what she deserves and that is no slap on the wrist!! she is a sick individual and needs to stay the hell away from children!!!!!!!!

  • mary elean richards says:

    sounds like u need to keep ur comments to yourself…u r saying other people are coming forward because thats what the news u really believe everything the news tells you…you should seriously think before u speak because a serious child predator is someone who does this kind of thing for a living and takes pictures of them and has sex with them…back off and get facts before you speak your mind n the same goes for everyone else who thinks their 2 cents is worth shit!! if you dont know her dont day anything about her…Golden Rule please!!

  • Carl says:

    Let me just tell u I do know alot, and it is not from the news and that is all I can say! I am sorry if u know her too and you feel foolish for thinking she was someone she is not. I am sure you are in shock. You need to prepare yourself, this girl has real issues. She is a sick girl. I wouldn’t comment if I didn’t KNOW what I was talking about, OK!

  • LC says:

    Ignorance “carl” seriously, look it up! It might do you some good! you dont even know her! For all we know ……you could be the “child predator!” which proves the fact of dont judge someone until you know all the facts!….And another thing, Her INNOCENT children have nothing to do with this situation, if that was the case, maybe your wife/ husband should run away and take your kids with her/him for you being ignorant and judgemental!…..yea dont feel to good does it!! I have an idea…….maybe you should think about other people’s feelings and family before you BASH them on the internet! …..Oh and coming from someone who works in the law field….All of you who are slandering her on the internet before a legally binding judgement has been made, for your sake better hope that she is not found innocent, because if she is…..I know Megan she’s my cousin, and I will personally see that chrages are made!….A little bit of knowledge for everyone here….Mind what you do and say to others, because it will come back to you times 10!

  • LC says:

    Wow Crystal11….sounds like maybe your the one who might have some problems. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK Crystal….especially on the internet, where everything you do or say is forever there! I work in the law field, and the comment you made is known as slander, which is a civil crime, I would give you the definition, but I am sure you are big girl and can do on your own. ( and I would advise that you do) it might help you to think before you post irrelavent and incriminating posts.

  • WTF says:

    Slander? Really? You may want to double check with your “law field”

  • WTF says:

    Again, Slander? Really? Did you double check with your “law field”

  • Carl says:

    To Ignorance, you can not be any type of professional in the “law field” just by reading that, I can tell the only thing you are doing is maybe mopping the floors at a law firm, but that is about it. Sorry, nice try though! I did get a good laugh out of that, thank you!

  • Guest12312 says:

    You’re going to see that charges are made? If you worked in law enforcement you’d understand how stupid you sound.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    I think she really means she mows the law office field.

  • Pissed in Pender says:

    Mrs. Mantooth is a wonderful person and teacher, period! She is simply not guilty! I don’t know what this mother and young man did to make a soul believe that she could do this but I hope they learn a lesson about making false statements. WWAY should also have PROOF before running a story like this. That family will owe the Mantooth’s an apology and I pray that her reputation will be restored.

  • Carl says:

    Her reputation will get worse. Other kids and parents are coming forward with other disturbing information. She does not seem like someone I would want my children around. I hope her hubby runs away and takes her kids with him. Sounds like a serious child predator!

  • I think WWAY should run a story solely on this APP alone and how many lives it has ruined. It DOES NOT cost, it’s free and lots of kids/adults use it. A close friend of mine was charged with stalking and communicating threats, was locked in jail for an entire week and denied bail because he was considered dangerous and subsequently lost his government job….until it was proven in a court of law that he did not actually send the messages…someone used his number!

  • backoff says:

    Everyone needs to look at yourself before judging! Cell phones and kids are very smart that would be the reason they call them smart phones you can change your number to anyones number.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Is this an app? What is it called? How is this done?

  • ummok says:

    Its called number spoofing and it costs money to do it. Who is going to pay to send hundreds of messages from the teachers # ?

  • Erica says:

    Girrrll I like you, amen sista!!!!

  • Das Weibstück says:

    What does her being a christian have to do with anything? I know a lot of non-christian’s who raised wonderful MORAL children. I also know a lot of so called christian’s that raised total miscreants.

  • Jenk says:

    Look at M. Sloan… He claims to be a chriatian to. Some people are often times sick and need GOD’s help. Wanting a 13 year old child though is indeed SICK

  • Guestbo says:

    You all need to stop with the Christian thing there is no reason whatsoever to bring someones faith into this. I’m still technically a child myself and I think I’m a little more mature then you adults bringing God and Christianity into this. I’m sure he’s happy watching all of you no matter who you are sticking up for say things about his people… he forgives and forgets, why cant you. If your not going to then atleast keep your mouth shut about someone’s personal religion. You people are so not being a good influence to others younger than you reading this.

  • crystal says:

    Christian……………….. exactly what Ms Mantooth claimed to be!! Instead of reading her bible in church she was texting little boys! How gross! I have boys of my own and I just hope that our corruptted judicial system gives her the damn hammer!!!!!!!!!!

  • techsupport says:

    Not all spoofing costs money. One person also commented that a kid could change a name in the phone and make it look as if it were coming from someone named Megan. Yes, you can, but the text records will show the actual number in most cases that the text originates from. Tech reps can also see information such as what mobile switching center processes the data and other limited info. All text or call record info has to be requested via law enforcement or attorney… and the telecom legal department will more than likely ask for a subpoena for that information. Or a search warrant/court order.

  • mary elean richards says:

    HEARD!!!! wow thats pretty pathetic…u heard, they heard, the mom probably heard that is she did this she would be so famous…i think your sick and twisted..u should be quite embarrassed for even putting the fact that its all hear say to you on the internet….grow a pair! people HEAR alot of things most of the time they arent true..the mom in this whole thing is sick and twisted for putting her son…who probably started the whole thing..out in the open like that!! and yes it is immoral…n i bet the boy didnt think that he would get caught either..if he were my child he would have blisters on his behind and stuck in his room!! a 13 year old knows when he should and shouldnt do something and so does an adult..but really dont blame it on one person alone!!! but WHOEVER YOU ARE you need to back off and get the facts before u start letting your bowls run out of your mouth!! so SHUTUP!!

  • Truth Speaks says:

    I’m not here to bash you, but I am so fed up with people that think that they know what they are speaking of and they don’t even have the slighest clue…I hate to break it to you, Mary Ellen, but you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about. You don’t have any idea what that boy did, so why don’t you shut your trap!!! You run your mouth about others (comments) and you sound just as ignorant, if not more so than they do…get real!!! “What comes around, goes around”. Mark my word…

  • Shannon Ann says:

    Well Mrs Mary Elean Richards, if the CHILD was so guilty the ADULT megan should have been the ADUlt and called the PARENT and stopped it! I am going to assume you are related to Ms. Mantooth??? By the way the CHILD way not the one talking by text, it way the parents and the police. As said before WWAY was the one seeking her out, and the only reason she spoke out was because Mrs. Graham was informed that megan said she had not done anything wrong and she was setting the record straight!Megan has the chance to tell her side of the story, why didn’t she??? Could it be that it be that it would bring more shame to her and her family??~ Good luck With with all that you do

  • Guest0321 says:

    You all say that “this didnt happen back in the day” and “where were these teachers when we were in school?”. This kind of stuff was going on 40 years ago but there were no cell phones so as long as the teacher and the student kept their mouths shut, no one would ever know. Don’t make yourself think this is something new.

  • Guest228 says:

    there are plenty of people in their own age group..leave the students alone!

  • jessica says:

    really?!?! do you actually believe this!? how about lets check the phone records before we start calling people out!!! the news makes me so mad sometimes!!!!! this is a wonderful woman!!!!! and the people that are doing this are going to feel like crap when the phone records show!!!!

  • Guest28425 says:

    Its all hear say. This mother says that there are messages and that they are from Mantooth…but where is the proof?
    Megan is an outstanding person, mother, and teacher. Everyone is always very quick to believe stories like this but they are not always true.

  • Guest2653652 says:

    I second this! Meagan is a wonderful person and I’m not sure that I buy this story yet! Where’s the proof? Does the mother feel like she can cause a ruckus and not have the balls to post proof?!

  • Sinjun01 says:

    Really? So, someone “stole” her phone, sent the multiple texts to the 13 yr. old boy and returned it to her without her knowledge? Did you not read WWAY called the number the texts came from and she, Megan, answered?

  • Guest1234567 says:

    This is way too stupid to comprehend. A teacher is supposed to be an intelligent person. Why? Why, would you even think about sending any kind of text to a student? I would be hesitant about sending anything, because everyone wants to get on the news and if it can be twisted, it will. So why put yourself out there?

  • beth heth says:

    she didnt! its a lie!

  • Guestasis says:

    You would think folks would be more careful with their extracurricular activities that could lead to their unplanned unemployment.

  • High Quality H20 says:

    What is in the water in Pender County? First Mark Sloan, now this?

  • Guestabc says:

    People, people, people. This is something in the water in Pender County but the teachers are not drinking it, It’s the parents. Why put your child in the public eye knowing things are going to come out in the long run. You make these people lose jobs, family, respect from others when they are trying to educate your children. With the Sloan case, ask them where the student is now that got this awesome man fired. He is or was in jail for breaking and entering on the elder people in whitestocking. Here this man is on trail one week and his accuser is sitting in jail the next. Then tell me why would a teacher with high expectations of students and all that she has to lose even think to do this. I don’t believe the news or this mother. She has put her son in the public eye. Everybody that knows her, knows that she is always looking for a show. If you know the mother you know the son. Am not judging Mantooth til the whole story comes out becuase of this mother. She got issues putting her son in the public. Then why didn’t other parents come forth before now. Stop, think and listen before you judge people, if she is suspended with pay there is more to the story then we are being told. WHen you dig one ditch, you better dig two. Am not saying Mantooth was right either. We will see……………….

  • Jessia smith says:

    It really makes me sick that the media would post this knowing that this is going to hurt the teacher in the long run. i cant wait for the phone records to prove that this was false and i hope that the mother who “came forward” does the right thing and publicly apologizes for the mess that she has cause for this woman and her family and friends@!!!

  • Lulz says:

    Are you going to apologize once the records come out that she was texting this teen and possibly others? No? I didn’t think so.

  • Guest24567 says:

    it really makes me sick that they would show a picture of her family…especially her 2 year old daughter. thats WAY too personal. the world doesnt need to know what her family/kids look like no matter what happend.

  • Shannon says:

    First of all let me start by saying that the the “Mother” of this child would just start something like this if there was not proof! She will NOT be the one who need to be the one apologizing for anything. The media is the one who was seeking her out, she did not seek them out, she was keeping this qiuet for the sake of her child. The sherriff’s office has the PHONE RECORDS and it’s all public record so before everyone goes throwing the mom under the bus for protecting her child, go to the sherriff’s office and read the report in full. If you watched CLOSELY to the news cast like I did @ 5pm… on the cell phone the mother was holding, it had MANTOOTHS phone number at the top of the text messages. THERE’s your proof!

  • Guest625 says:

    Where there is smoke there is usually fire. There is a lot of it in Pender County these days.

  • jenk says:

    So its all a lie????? WAKE UP! Just because she doesn’t “look like” she would do it doesn’t mean she wouldn’t. PCSC can’t catch a break but at least M. Sloan is.

  • aimee says:

    You people, throwing soup cans at the local foodlion? Realy?? I pray that your children behave better than yourselves. But of course they wont.Grow up. no wonder we have the issues we do in America!

  • Guest 101 says:

    Whether she did or didn’t send the texts a 13 year old should not be allowed to have their own phone, and people wonder what this world is coming to….just take a look at what parents are allowing their children to do in this day and time. It’s the children that are controlling the parents, get a grip on life and buckle down. It’s the adults that should be blamed for giving in to easily to “I want that”, when they become responsible adults from being raised responsibly & a good example has been set in place then that’s when they should be allowed to have those luxuries.

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