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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington crack dealer will spend decades behind bars. A federal judge sentenced Rushaun Necko Parker to 35 years in prison.

A jury convicted Parker back in March for several drug and weapons charges stemming from a January 2010 arrest.

Prosecutors say Parker had made crack cocaine and distributed more than five kilograms of it in eastern North Carolina.

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  • Really??

    I mean really people he is such a good person and never hurt anyone.and the white man is holding him down right. i assume his excuse must have been these aint my pants man, the white man put those 13 grams of crack cocaine into my pocket along with those 1100$ in cash in 5 dollar bills . Get a life people and stop trying to pass the blame off on other people. he knew the risks of tha game he was playing, now he gets 35 years to think of how not to get caught next time…

  • Guest461

    …wasting the time of a linguist or ethnolgist in an attempt to understand this sort of pitiful ignorance in writing skills. It will only perpetuate that ignorance. Use ignorance to decipher ignorance by giving a ride to your local crack-dog tweaker on the corner of Princess and Fourth. He will tell you all you need to know for a case quarter.

  • guesty

    Racism is very much alive today. You don’t have to look any farther than the naacp to see the most racist group ever.

  • lw

    this is some bull everyone on here that said something negative…selling drugs gets a man 35 years come on this is ridiculous..and the white people that’s making this assumptions as if they knew him..i wish it was someone you knew then you would feel different because if this was a white man with the same charges he would’ve gotten LESS time believe that YES racism is still alive…FREE DUKE love ya

  • CM

    I don’t mean to be stereotypical or make generalizations but I cannot be the only one who has noticed that in the crime reports here or the mugshots on StarNews that most everyone has dreadlocks. Is this just a coincidence or do certain gangs have a…for lack of a better term, “dress code?”

    Once again, I think we would require the services of a linguist or ethnologist to understand the all caps nonsense written above, but do we really even need to bother?

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