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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Convention Center has brought folks to Wilmington, but is it enough? Some folks say the lack of lodging is keeping them from choosing the Cape Fear facility. One man says he has a solution.

John Voet says a hotel ship is just what Wilmington needs. He says if he docks along the Riverwalk, he thinks many folks would come to the area to stay in the hotel and people from the area could utilize the ship as well.

He says instead of waiting for a hotel to be built, which could take years, the city should give the go ahead to his hotel ship, which could be ready to hosts guests in months.

Voet says he thinks the facility would attract more folks to the Convention Center as well, giving Wilmington an edge on the competition.

“These hotel ships at 115 cabins, and we have two that we could bring to Wilmington nearly immediately to sit on our waterfront here in Wilmington to serve as a new attraction bringing in new day visitors to Wilmington and also to supplement the needs for downtown hotel space,” Voet said.

Voet says the city has its problems with the idea, but he just doesn’t get it. He says this is the Port City and having ships on the riverfront is a part of our culture. He says there is no reason not to move forward with the idea.

Voet says Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo has been to Florida to see the hotel ships, but the city won’t move forward with the idea. We tried to talk to Saffo this afternoon, but have not heard back from him. We will try to get some answers at tonight’s Wilmington City Council meeting.

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  • Guest1587756

    What is it going to cost us?

  • Guest Builder

    The story behind the story is this, these 2 ships were originally supposed to travel the east coast and make stops in different ports.

    They were built in Jacksonville, FL.

    Wilmington was one of the original stops.

    The economy shriveled up, and now the owners want to make the ships pay off.

    Can’t say I blame them at all.

    However, I helped build these two vessels.

    If I’m not mistaken, the sister ship was sent to Palatka FL, to be stored until the Economy picked up.

    Also, if I’m not mistaken, the Captain of that vessel was killed when he was crushed by a watertight door that was triggered accidentally.

    And finally, when you build something involving complicated procedures and many people, there are secrets.

    I know them.

  • Guest for the day

    It does not measure up to Saffo and his cronies grand master plan


    Having a cruise ship on the river is a great idea. however, this particular ship is not the right ship for this area. i have been doing research for over 7 (seven) years,on cruise ships. There are over 10 (ten) reasons why this one will not work.I am willing to talk with anyone about this.This ship, the Cape May and her sister ship were build with financing from the federal government at a cost of $50,000,000 each and sold for 25,000,000 for the two. When did Mr Voet become the owner? You can find me on the Cap Fear River at the foot of Dock street If you wan’t to talk.


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