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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The broken down trailer on Highway 17/74/76 was removed from the area around 6:00 pm tonight.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Drivers call it a piece of junk and an eyesore. The broken down travel trailer has been sitting on the side of the road near Leland for more than a week. Many say it’s time for the trailer to go.

Anyone driving west on US 17/74/76 the past week has most likely noticed this beauty: an aging trailer equipped with shabby electrical wiring and broken windows.

“It maybe trashed, but they ought to take it to the dump if it’s trash,” driver Dorothy Healy said.

We decided to take a closer look. The rear axle looked busted, some windows were boarded up, others were not. The trailer seemed empty inside besides a few items we were able to make out, like a pair of roller skates.

But we did find a clue as to where the trailer came from. There’s a mobile home inspection sticker from New Hanover County dating back to the 1980s.

Regardless of why it’s sitting on the side of the road, drivers and residents want the trailer to go, calling it a dangerous hazard for drivers.

“Because somebody can be texting, like they do, or talking on their cell phones like they do. They can accidentally turn the wrong way,” Healy said.

The trailer does have a “For Rent” sign, but it appears to be the work of a jokester.

Also stuck to the mobile home are bright orange stickers from Highway Patrol that lets the owners know they have 24 hours before the vehicle is towed and stored at their expense. If the date is correct, this sticker has been on the trailer since Wednesday.

“We try very hard to keep our area beautiful, especially this time of the year with the tourist coming into town through the Wilmington-Southport area,” driver Alexis Saunders said. “I think something needs to be done to get it off the side of the road.”

Instead, the mobile home sits very much immobile.

We checked with Highway Patrol in Brunswick County about the trailer. Tpr. John King said he would check into it and let us know what he found out. So far, we have not heard back from him.

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  • Guesttoo

    Guess I had a little different perspective. I too was one of those in the rush hour traffic that got to see this trailer being moved. Plenty of time to think! Who dumped it there? That’s where the indignation should be directed. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s illegal to move a mobile home beyond a specified age (RV’s and travel trailers excluded) so this POS should have never been on the road in the first place. Another source to which this indignation could be directed would be the folks that allow the bridges to be opened at peak traffic times! I’m certain that state officials would have preferred that the private individual who was responsible for the POS would move it…but after several days, that wasn’t happening. So, the burden fell on the taxpayers to have it moved.

    It’s gone now and 20 minutes of my life were sacrificed while waiting for this trailer to be moved in order to make our roads safer…because the responsible party didn’t care. I have no problem with that. Thank you NCSHP and the folks that made this happen. No matter what time of day it occured.

    Guess the old saying is true…some folks would complain, even if you hung them with a brand new rope!

  • yaqngie

    You complain that the trailer is there. Then you complain because of the timing that they choose to move it. Because both are an inconvenience for you. There are other powers at play besides yourself. Thats the problem with people today is they are all about themselves. Yeh, yeh maybe it did cost you a little extra time on the ride home but at least the trailer is gone. (would you have complained if the bridge had been up, a wreck on the highway, or something else) Maybe there were other circumstances that took place that only made it possible to move the trailer then.

    If you read in the article it mentions that an axle was busted which means it is no longer driveable/towable so the person had to pull over and unhook. Otherwise they would still be sitting there with the trailer.

    Next, there has been the orange sticker on the trailer for a week now. But what tow company just happens to be driving around a flatbed that is large enough to tow that? Since the axle is broken.

  • Missedmychance

    It’s hard to believe no one saw anyone leaving that hunk of junk there. However it’s not hard to believe that they’d move it during rush hour. Nor is it hard to believe that numerous troopers etc. drove past day after day, yet it took a headline from WWAY to get it moved. I am little disappointed about the roller skates though–I was hoping they were my size.

  • Greg

    Actually i saw a State Trooper behind it today around 4:30pm. Funny! My .02 cents.

  • Guest6969696969

    [quote]”Because somebody can be texting, like they do, or talking on their cell phones like they do. They can accidentally turn the wrong way,” Healy said.


    Besides a Trailer being a eyesore….
    This quote above…

    Let Me oblige the wording correctly,

    “Because somebody can be texting, like they do, or talking on their cell phones like they do. They can accidentally turn the wrong way,REAR Ending Another Car, or killing someone on a Bicycle, or innocent pedestrian, to GASP! Running a RED light!” Healy said.
    Fixed it for Her.

  • Guest666

    I suppose Ms. Healy is one of those who thinks texting and driving is cool and believes obsticles should be removed so as not to disrupt a text or cell conversation should the driver run off the road. These folks are unbelieveable.

  • Guesta

    well it is gone. good work on getting this thing removed quickly!

  • Guest657657658

    The trailor was being moved about 5:30pm this afternoon

  • allen

    I don’t know much about trailers but are there any serial numbers on the thing that might be traceable to the owner. This is just what we need with tourist season starting up. This must make visitors think twice about coming here again. I have lived here all my life and I must say the traffic is bad during tourist season but the cash coming into the local economy makes up for the traffic aggravations.

  • Guesttrailer

    Thanks NCHP for choosing RUSH HOUR to do this task, and helping add to the backup and nightmare of trying to get home. It’s been there a week, you couldn’t have waited until the next day, when say, thousands of people weren’t trying to use the road to get home from a hard days work. Way to use that common sense and your grey matter.

  • jason

    Hat’s off to the NC Highway Patrol and the local wrecker company who opted to move this beast during the height of rush hour Tuesday afternoon….yes, shortly after 5pm, a wrecker was rolled into place to attempt to haul this junk off the road as traffic backed up well into Wilmington. Rush hour? Really?

  • Guest3566

    Good, now the flow of traffic will be improved since drivers thought it necessary to come to a complete stop when approaching it fearing the trailer might leap out into oncoming traffic.


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