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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Spencer family says this is the second three-wheel bike they’ve had stolen in the last year and a half. They say they know it’s only a bike, but it’s extra special to their daughter Ashley.

Ashley Spencer is 32 years old and mentally handicapped. She and her mom Susan usually exercise together, but they weren’t able to on Wednesday because Ashley’s three-wheel bike was stolen.

“She has health problems and can’t walk, run, do a lot of standing, so the bike is her way of exercising,” Susan Spencer said. “It’s a way of her getting around the neighborhood. We usually go walking in the afternoons, and that’s how she goes with me.”

Susan says it is not easy for Ashley to ride a two-wheel bike, which is why she uses one with three wheels. She says the bike was very expensive and is unique, which is why she thinks it was stolen.

“You don’t have to have a lot of balance to ride it,” Spencer said. “A lot of older people like it because of that. It’s not something you see every day.”

The Spencers believe whoever stole the bike went out of their way to take it. Other items in the carport, including other bicycles, were left untouched. The lock and chair that held Ashley’s bike was cut. Ashley says she wants her bike back and hopes the person who took it will return it soon.

The Spencers say they filed a police report on Wednesday. They are offering a reward for anyone who can get Ashley’s bike back.

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  • Ray

    I will personally buy a new bike If you don’ get this one back.Email me and i will make arrangements to do gladly. If theres anyone else who would like to chip in email me @ the address aboveor wallbanger212@yahoo.com..I would also love to beat the crap out of the person who stole her bike….

  • Glenn Spencer

    Thanks for the offer to buy a new bike for Ashley. Thankfully her mom and I have a good job and we will replace the bike. The problem is just keeping it. I don’t understand why people have to bother other peoples stuff. Maybe one day someone will steal their daughters bike so the shoe will be on the other foot. All I ask people is just to be responsible. The last time her bike was stolen the “parents” of the “kids” involved never even ask their boys where the new bike came from. The bottom line here is whoever took the bike has to eventually answer to someone more powerful than myself or the cops. Glenn Spencer

  • Guest333

    Seriously.. two days ago there was a mexican male in hos mid to late 20’s across from Smithfields on a bike that looked identical to this one..

  • Guest usetobe333

    I, Guest 333 did not write this, and have changed my guest #.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    If Ashley has the dexterity to handle it, buy two or three feet of heavy chain at Lowes. That chain in the video is better suited for restraining a small dog and could be cut with linesman pliers.

    With a good, heavy chain or steel cable they’ll have to have large bolt cutters with them.

  • Guest2012

    to a chair, but it would be advisable to attach the chain to something that was more solid and not movable, like part of the house.
    At UNCW, we use the U bolt type locks, and you can get them anywhere, they are easy to attach and semi-robberproof,in these days anyway.

    “The lock and CHAIR that held Ashley’s bike was cut.”


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