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SUNSET BEACH, NC (CHARLOTTE OBSERVER) — A chief assistant district attorney – and a lead prosecutor in the Zahra Baker case – was arrested early Tuesday in Sunset Beach and charged with driving while impaired.

Sunset Beach police arrested Eric Bellas and took him to the Brunswick County jail just before 2 a.m. He was released around 8:30 a.m., jail officials said.

Bellas is the chief assistant district attorney in District 25, which includes Burke, Caldwell and Catawba counties.

In his mug shot, Bellas appears to have a black eye and several scrapes on his face.

Sunset Beach police could not be reached immediately to provide more details on the circumstances of the DWI charge, but a source close to Bellas said it was a bicycle incident.

The N.C. Conference of District Attorneys is holding its summer association meeting this week at the Sea Trail Resort in Sunset Beach.

Catawba County District Attorney Jay Gaither declined to comment on Bellas’ arrest.

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4 Comments on "Prosecutor in Zahra Baker case charged with DWI in Brunswick Co."

2015 years 9 months ago

He was on a bicycle. Seriously, he was on a bicycle.

2015 years 9 months ago

What ever happened to the group Mothers Against Drunk Driving?

Why do educated people DRIVE DRUNK? I have NO idea, so LET’S ask the swine, okay?

HEY THERE, chief assistant district attorney – and… lead prosecutor in the Zahra Baker case AND all of your law friends who are checking out your beaten mug shot face in this news report….

ASK yourselves:

“Why would you get behind the wheel of a multi ton vehicle when or shortly after drinking alcohol?

THEN, ask yourselves:

“Has there ever been ANY case that you have tried or been privy to that resulted in a good outcome when a vehicle and an inebriated punk slobbo piece of trash was behind the frickin’ wheel… attempting to kill me and my family & friends?

YOU DESERVE every ache, pain and laceration you slimeball!
…And in case you want to know how I really feel, “YOU are a weak 5’11” scumbag” who better stay off OUR STREETS, ya hear?

2015 years 9 months ago

Okay, hard to believe, but after all, George Jones took the Riding Mower to the local saloon when Tammy took the keys away…

But sadly, we know of too many incidents where bikes and cars collide.

Lives are lost.

Lives are never the same.

He needs to designate a Driver or drink in the comfort of his own home, or take a cab, or … get creative and know when to cut yourself off is all that I was saying.

WHY oh WHY she questions… was he on a BIKE? Did he have his SCOOTER stolen? Seriously, does he have prior DWI’s?????????

I hate to kick a man when he’s down, but he surely knows that the law and alcohol don’t mix. He’s a LAWYER!!!

Since he lived to be this old and still doesn’t know how to act, he needs a good, swift kick in the butt.

2015 years 9 months ago

he was charged with operating bicycle while impaired. He was not driving a motor vehicle.

The facial scrapes & so forth came from hitting something while riding a bicycle.

I didn’t know you could get PWI — Peddling while Intoxicated. You learn somethign new every day.


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