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CHARLOTTE, NC (CHARLOTTE BUSINESS JOURNAL) — North Carolina’s gas tax will increase 2.5 cents to 35 cents per gallon starting July 1.

NC drivers now pay a combined state and federal gas tax of 51.2 cents per gallon.

That’s one of the highest rates in the nation, and the second highest in the Southeast, according to the American Petroleum Institute.

The state traditionally prided itself on the quality and extensiveness of its road system, which is financed partly through gasoline taxes.

While the tax is increasing, gas prices have fallen in recent weeks. In the Charlotte area, a gallon of gas costs $3.58, down from $3.64 a week ago and $3.81 a month ago.

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  • Robert

    An increase with the economy in such poor shape is a slap in the face of N.C. residents. I think when the housing market finally improves, more people will be considering relocating to S.C. or other more reasonably taxed states. Surely the tax could have been frozen for several years.

  • Guest129

    Thats all the reason to keep going to Good Old S.C

  • ohmy

    Thanx Bev. What u gonna use that money for?

  • Guest5876

    I was hoping that the already-too-high gas tax would be one of the first things that our newly elected Republicans would tackle.

    I am very disappointed with this news.

    Come on Republicans! Fix this!

  • christain

    Leave it to NC to throw another tax increase on all it’s residents. Peoples incomes had fallen including myself and they exspect us to spend money to help our economy and instead they take more from us. Almost every time I get a phone bill,electric bill and internet bill the taxes have been going up on them as well. First chance I get I’m out of this crummy money hungry state. I remember when this use to be a great place live. Living here in NC makes me feel like I constantly have vultures at my back. Thanks Bev. That’s another way to get the people NOT to vote you back in. Yes, I’m very upset. There’s alot of people struggling out there and you don’t even care.


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