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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County NAACP president says County Commissioners and the Sheriff’s Office are racist. Bernest Hewett made the accusations Friday morning on the Big Talker FM. We spoke with him on the phone this afternoon.

Hewett says he is constantly confronting commissioners about issues that blacks and minorities are having in the county. He says commissioners just don’t listen.

“Me coming all the time, not part of the time and raising these issues and you don’t do anything, that tells me and gives me a sound basis of my accusations,” said Hewett.

Hewett says the proof of racism in Brunswick County is in the numbers.

“I have proof that there was no major black contractors into the stimulus money funds or there was no EEOC plan in this county,” said Hewett.

Charles Warren, the only black member of the Brunswick County Commission, has also made similar allegations of racism against fellow commissioners

“I do feel for Mr. Warren,” said Hewett. “If you pull the minutes from county commissioner meetings, no matter what comes up, it’s always a 4-1 vote. Everybody votes against him.”

Earlier this month, Warren filed a report with the Sheriff’s Office claiming he was harassed by commissioners as well as by sheriff’s deputies. After investigating, the sheriff’s office said the claims were unfounded.

“The investigation was done by the sheriff’s department,” said Hewett. “If my complaint is against the sheriff’s department and they do the investigation, it’s going to be very hard to find anything wrong.”

Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram says Hewett’s allegations involving Warren’s investigation are over the top.

“We have investigated a number of investigations into the deputies’ behaviors or misconduct of deputies,” said Ingram. “For Mr. Hewett to say we’re investigating deputies unnaturally and that we’re not going to find anything is completely ridiculous.”

We called members of the County Commission and County Manager Marty Lawing about Hewett’s accusations, but they have not returned our calls.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    “Donate some of your dollars to me and I can leave that section of society and join you.”

    Assuming that you are not permannetly disabled, please allow me to say, “Get off your lazy rear-end and pay your own way through life.”

    Why should ANYONE have to support you?

  • Ohno youdidn’t

    Jealous, no.

    But my back hurts from carrying too many people on taxes.

    “Donate some of your dollars to me and I can leave that section of society and join you.”

    Well, i’m sorry, but i’ve been donating since the sixties and it hasn’t fixed the problem yet.

    In fact, it just got worse when the govt rewarded “single moms with bonuses for extra kids. No more need to get married, uncle sam will carry you and “baby daddy”.

    I don’t care what color your are, get off your a$$, and out of my wallet.

    As for “Be careful you may get shot standing still”, i don’t have time to stand still, cause i have to work double time to support your sorry A$$.

  • Guestlegs

    Are you jealous because you can;t have free housing or can go into a grocery store and buy the foods you want. That;s your fault. The nerve you have to call someone a lowlife. Donate some of your dollars to me and I can leave that section of society and join you. You say these things and three fourths of your own family members probably fit profile, so before you judge someone that about this (A BIRD CAN FLY HIGH, BUT IT MUST COME DOWN TO EAT) Be careful you may end up in the soup line before you know it. If not you a family member may. If you don’t want to support these lowlife’s quit working then they want take your hard earned money for taxes. I can tell you are one of bladen counties racist advocates. Your number 4 comment is well understood. Be careful you may get shot standing still.

  • Guest12345

    That was awesome!

  • Grand Ole Party

    How can one compare the two? Easy they are both FULL of racists pigs. Racism is still alive and thriving, not just in southerstern NC but all over the world. Racism comes from all people of all nations of all colors.

  • trulyblack

    I agree a whole lot with the conservative black man, but what justifies the existence of the NAACP is the existence of people like the ones that have posted comments about this article. This article was about a couple of peoples bad experience in one county. I guess this gives racist white people the right to write disparaging comments about all blacks and black organizations. How can you compare the KKK to the NAACP please someone please send a link or article to me showing one instance of the NAACP raping, hanging or putting on “costumes” to hide their identity. Come on guys, I hear some of the most ignorant comments about welfare and jail coming from these racists. There are lots of whites in jail, on food stamps and welfare. It’s not a black thing. Sad, racism is still alive and thriving in Southeastern NC.

  • Conservative Black Man

    As a black man, I am tired of the NAACP. They keep the people of color down, instead of encouraging work and freedom. At one time there was a need for such a group, but now the NAACP is building fire by race bating. Most Americans have moved on, after all the white man elected a black man. My fellow black brothers and sisters need to wake up and realize the NAACP and most democrats are doing more harm to us then help. They feed us for our votes, and they want to keep it that way. The white democratic liberals do not want us to succeed, they want us to be dependent upon them, so they keep power. There are more important things going on then to worry about this petty political racist claims.

    There is no need for the NAACP, just like whites don’t need a group. Any organization should not try to put one race ahead of another. If you believe we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, then there is no need for the NAACP, KKK, Black Panthers, ECT. And yes I mentioned the NAACP with those racist groups. The NAACP is just a trouble maker, and they make us African Americans look stupid! I have never felt as I was not welcome at a tea party, as the left and NAACP would have you to believe they are also racist. A lot of former tea party people voted for Obama.

    To my fellow black people, if you want a real President who actually cares about our country, is a true successful business man and happens to be black, look at Herman Cain. I will not vote for Barrack Obama, my vote will go to the republican nominee, whoever that will be, regardless of race or gender. This is the only way for blacks to get ahead.

  • If anyone in this country should be upset about racism, it should be the white man, the blacks are always crying racism this and that but not a single one of them have ever been owned as a slave in this country nor has a single white man ever owned a black man, but because of the naacp they cry everytime they don’t get their way and they get it. This country is going to hell in a handbag very fast because it keeps paying for nothing. Schools have no money, do you know why, because we give all our tax money to lowlifes.
    The only way for America to ever get strong again is to do the following,
    1 Stop all welfare checks at once, we the workers owe them nothing,let the NAACP feed them if they are black.
    2 Stop all free housing, we the workers owe them nothing, sell the housing to the NAACP if they want them for the blacks or bulldoze them.
    3. Cut out all food stamps, again we the workers owe them nothing, let the NAACP feed them if they are black. Hunger will make someone work faster than anything.
    4. Make every person in jail work cleaning the side of the road and ditches for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day and shoot any that don’t or run.
    5. Outlaw the following groups as being a threat to the good of the United States and use the military against them:
    A. NAACP the group only stands up for blacks and is nothing but a group that uses color for an excuse to cause unrest.
    B. KKK same reason as the NAACP just for they are for white (and the government stops them??????)
    C. Bloods, Crips and all other gangs (most seem to be black so may have ties to NAACP.
    If all these lowlifes, no matter which color, were gone then taxes could be cut and working people could make a good living,
    Isn’t it bad, all you hard working people of all colors, to go to the food store and have to watch what you get because of money only to see these FAT, lazy no-good lowlife freeloaders buying better food with YOUR tax dollars

  • truthseeker

    These black racist need to get a grip on reality and quit blaming the white race for all of their problems. They should be educating black women to stop having babies out of wedlock which blacks lead in this area. They should educate young black men about the life of crime aganist each other which they lead in this area. They should educate young black men on getting an education and quit relying on Obama and Democratic handouts for their lively hood. They should remind young black men that RAP is racist and encourages drug use, women abuse and violence againist authority. In other words NAACP you are an organization of want a be’s who are to sorry to work for success but instead want it given to you through hand outs, hiring practices(which definitely is discriminatory againist whites). If you spent as much time helping your race to overcome these barriers as you do complaining about whites maybe you can be an a organization for hope instead of despair. Wake up NAACP, you are your own worst enemy.

  • guesty

    naacp = klan with a tan. There isn’t any difference in the desired results of both the naacp and the kkk. They both want to have the people of ‘their’ skin color get ahead of any other skin color.

  • JungleBunny

    Why don’t these two unhappy Arfro-Americans move to place where they can be happy, maybe together?

  • Guest 77


  • GUEST 76

    Well once again racisim does not exisits. What are these people complaining about. People do not discrimiate because of race in this country!

  • Guest47

    The NAACP always try to make something a racial issue. They have problems. All they want is attention. Get out and get a real job! Stop trying to stir up trouble. You don’t see the whites fussing when they fill a job with a colored person, just because they have to hire a certain number. The whites suck it up and move on. Do the same!

  • Brian

    You know, Mr. Hewett, people that one interact with tend to become a mirror. They give back to you what you are giving to them. Perhaps the issue is not that THEY are racist; it may be that YOU are coming to them with a racist agenda. You are pushing black, black, black. Your comment “I have proof that there was no major black contractors into the stimulus money funds or there was no EEOC plan in this county,” is blatantly racist. Why did you not include Latinos, Asians, and Pacific Islanders in that statement? You’re all about your own race, and only your own race. That’s why you and Charles warren are being shut down. You’re racist.

  • GuestLee

    You are absolutely right on, Brian. Well said! Some people can’t see the speck that’s in their own eye, but keep trying to remove it from other’s.

  • Agreed

    Well put, I tired of the NAACP screaming racism, and you’re right, they never involve anyone but themselves, screw everyone else. Their motto should be give me, give me, give me, because we deserve it. They in my opinion are greedest people in America and the most racist.

  • get a life

    This is a joke!!!! The NAACP is a joke!!! The fact that this even made the news is very sad, we must be way low in news worthy issues for this to even be aired. The only problem here is with out racism the naacp is with out a leg to stand on! with out racism the naacp is no longer the minority and they are scared!

  • Guest 1501

    Since someone in Brunswick County has enough stroke to get the Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder to speak at a high school graduation, maybe they can prevail upon him to have someone from the Civil Rights division of his office look into this issue.
    Fact of the matter is Eric Holder wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole since even he realizes that Warren and the local NAACP are just crying “racism” since they’ve got nothing else. Maybe they can get the professional agitator, “the reverend Barber” to weigh in on the issue, no pun intended.
    These types of issues are by-products of our present day society, where everybody is a “victim” and there is a general lack of accountability.

  • Guest852963

    HA HA HA HA HA!!! Wait, you were serious? Yikes.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Thank you Mr. Hewett For standing up for the people in the community. We have been pushed down, let down, and pushed to the back when issues like this arrive. Of course the county is not going to return your calls, hell they don’t even want to help you when you go to the courthouse. Since the election nothing has been right in this county. For example, they Clerk of Court someone who is not even from here and his never in the office when I need assistance. The judges and DA are at wars…this is outrageous and down right stupid! Go get em Mr. Hewett and take everyone of them no good bastards down!

  • Brian

    That’s right, the Man is always keeping you down, isn’t he?

  • Guest588

    You are just plain sorry! I bet you sit around and wait for a hand out. If you call the clerk of courts, you must be in trouble for something. Find another battle to fight and not a racial issue that does not exist except in yours and Hewett’s head.

  • Guest77

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • Brunswick

    The NAACP is the biggest Racist organization there is.
    Whats next?

  • Alex

    there has been video footage from the sheriff’s dept disputing these claims. seems like the NAACP see’s racism everywhere but the mirror. they wont allow Song of the South to be released because it’s racist.. however, gangsta rap uses racial slurs left and right… yet… silence. NAACP uses intimidation and fear to push their hate filled agenda. what a joke

  • Grand Ole Party

    The NAACP is nothing more than a bunch of racists. They should have died out with the KKK. I am sick of hearing that BS. People go through life these days hoping the color of there skin will give them a one up, and when it doesn’t….well it’s all about the race card. Racism exists on both sides in equal amounts. Time to put on your big girl panties and stop making excuses.


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