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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A dream journey across the ocean has become something of a nightmare for a Wilmington man.

Greg Frucci arrived safely in Bermuda after battling a dangerous storm, and in more trouble than he originally thought, which leaves his journey to Portugal in doubt.

Frucci has been in Bermuda for about a week, but with damage to his boat, his funds are now tight. To solve this financial problem, Frucci has decided to sell his personal artwork.

Friday he told WWAY although the drawings are close to his heart, he is excited for someone else to enjoy them.

“If somebody likes something and they want to hang it in their home and relate to it, I would much rather that happen than the drawings just sit in a box and collect dust, which is what they’ve been doing,” Frucci said.

Frucci put all his finances into this voyage, and he plans on using the money raised from the art sale to eat, live and function while in bermuda.

Don King is producing a documentary on Frucci’s trip. He admits the production of “Changing Course” and Frucci’s journey may end soon.

“He’s basically in a mode now where he’s trying to reflect now as to whether to continue onward with the voyage or… or not,” King said.

Frucci’s boat will be hauled out in the next few days to have the damage assessed. Frucci is trying to decide whether he will temporarily return to Wilmington, using frequent flyer miles to fly home.

Despite everything he has been through, Frucci is happy to have accomplished as much as he has.

“I’m so glad I did it,” he said. “It was one of the most intense experiences, one of the most scariest experiences I’ve ever had, but at the same time I’ve learned so much about myself during the process.”

For more information on Frucci’s journey and the sale of his art visit http://coolchangeproductions.com/.

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2 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Solo sail to Portugal anything but smooth"

Cynic in Wilmington
2015 years 10 months ago

I’ve sailed to Bermuda before, but did so on an aluminum-hulled vessel 50 feet in length. Sometimes the gods work in odd ways. When I first read of this “adventure” last autumn, my left eyebrow arched skeptically. To me, this is more about self-promotion than having an ocean-going adventure. How many people leave the waters of North Carolina on a yearly basis to sail across the Atlantic to Bermuda or points farther east?; quite a few, I’m sure (and the majority do so without websites, blogs, or an amazing amount of press coverage). I’ve agreed with other comments that this trip is “no big deal”, but it has been made into “a big deal” by the sailor who has undertaken this voyage. Did he take to the sea to “go somewhere/voyage” (to Portugal), or did he go to sea to “make a buck”? I’m not a religious or spiritual person, but any body of water can make one humble very quickly—and level the playing field, too. Perhaps Poseidon was a wee bit taken about by the way in which this sailor cast his course over the water? Mojo is mojo is mojo. I feel bad for this sailor because I think there are other issues figuratively “below the surface” that need addressing more than a ripped sail or a damaged auto-pilot.

Don A. King
2015 years 10 months ago

Dear Cynic,
You have made some very interesting and yes, some valid observations, ‘some valid’ and some by my observations ‘personal opinions’. You are correct; many people make this crossing and have done so since men pondered what was over the horizon with far less than “aluminum-hulled vessel 50 feet” in length sail boat. This by definition was a ‘Documentary’ and yes as one of the producers has been promoted for many reasons, one of them so evil as to make a buck. It’s called the ‘film industry’ my friend. Greg could have set sail on a cruise ship, with calm seas, for ports unknown but he journey was NOT a “Love Boat” spin off and don’t be mistaken, this man believed in his mission statement, his search for inner peace and wanted to share his genuine experience with others that might share that same passion and benefit from it, both the good along with the bad. Yes, by some experts, he was reckless, and yes Poseidon certainly put him in his place. However, he did sail a ‘30 foot sail boat to Bermuda’ and arrive safely. An experience even as a producer I would rather live through Greg that to attempt myself. As to “no big deal”, I would say to you it still remains to be seen. Also dear ‘Cynic’, even standing on your “50 foot aluminum-hulled vessel” you have apparently forgotten about what was your original passion for the unknown and one’s desire to persevere. Instead of empathizing you chose critizing… My opinion…


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