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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Well it’s probably safe to say that downtown Wilmington hasn’t necessarily had the best reputation lately. But, a new venue in the Port City wants to change things up.

Owners Chris Delavore and Jeff Taft opened Live on Grace in December in hopes of providing a place geared towards an older crowd, which they say is hard to come by in downtown Wilmington.

“We wanted to have live music and a place where people can come and have some good food, listen to some good music and feel comfortable,” said Delavore.

“I have seen some incredible music on that stage,” said Steve Goler, a patron at Live on Grace. “I got involved with the world tavern poker which we do here on Tuesday nights and it’s home for me.”

Live on Grace opens at 11 a.m., serving both lunch and dinner. From classic rock to jazz and blues, the music seems to be what separates it from other downtown venues.

“We can understand the words,” said Goler. “It is not a young person’s music-a mature person’s music. It’s music I grew up with.”

Located at 121 Grace Street, it sits apart from most clubs and bars.

“It’s great because we are two blocks away from the main strip of downtown and all the chaos that goes with that,” said Delavore.

Some say it’s about time that downtown offered a place for an older crowd.

“You have two areas in town, Mayfaire, Wrightsville Beach,” said Goler. “More people gravitate out there. There’s really a lot more to offer down here.”

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  • Guest2012

    Not a CHANCE!

    What are you they going to think up next?

    When we saw this on the news last night, everyone just cracked up.

    HEY OLD PEOPLE, YOU KNOW, the OVER-50 CROWD…come and hear the music…Then they show some young girl in a white outfit trying to sing and 2 young dudes trying to play guitars. Then the guy at the bar who had so much to say was happy that they OPEN AT 11 a.m.

    Sorry, Gimmicks Don’t Work!

    WWAY quoted the interviewee, “You have two areas in town, Mayfaire, Wrightsville Beach,” said Goler.

    Guest 2012 says:
    “Less he forget about Carolina Beach, Monkey Junction, Kure Beach, Eastwood/Wrightsville area, etc.
    All SAFE, Mixed Crowds, NO Vomit, Great Music, Great Drinks and Clean Glasses!!!

    FACE IT~ People hate downtown because of the BUMS, THE PANHANDLING, THE Wild and Wonderful College kids, THE Stench and so much more…You’ve heard it all before….

    Clean up the WHOLE downtown, and then we’ll talk. And, no matter what~


  • Guest987654321

    You know….there are several decaf options that taste just like regular. May want to look into them before you blow a gasket.

  • Guest461

    The man has some perfectly VALID points to express. I doubt that he needs “the Beve” to give him advice!

  • Guest2012

    Thanks for thinking that I need advice on the manner in which I blog about an issue of interest and importance to our community, not to mention of LOST revenue for downtown, due to stupidity and cronyism.

    I don’t give a rats a$$ about political correctness and don’t care about your silly caffeine comments all the time to everybody who has passion related to a story that WWAY researches and posts for commentary or mere perusal.

    A while back, some stuck-up person blogged that the MULTITUDE OF downtown Historical Society mandates are not for the “FAINT OF WALLET”, when defending their (Social Society’s) need to push good businesses & ideas away.

    At that time, they opened the floodgates to easily OVER-ANALYZE the entire downtown and that included futile attempts to draw a crowd.

    Downtown sure does not LOOK GOOD, despite cronyism and snobbery and especially deep pockets and full wallets to keep the storefronts looking like the Roaring Twenties, for goodness sakes!

    I like the PPD bldg. though. Is that Historically correct??

    So, they can try all they want, but they won’t get the majority of the people back, until they get their heads out of the clouds and forget the perfect “HISTORICALLY CORRECT” woods, tiles and junk to create a Utopian downtown.

    In fact, can anyone answer how close the Historical Society is in their quest for the perfect materials/ AUTHENTIC Historically correct downtown creating a FUN and SAFE gathering place …. FOR ALL ages, all races, both genders!

    As far as this article goes, I am just saying that pigeonholing people by age, to get money into a bar is pretty easy to SEE THROUGH!

  • Guest2012

    Never had Red Bull, but if it allows you to create a complete statement that makes sense, perhaps you should have one. It may give you the energy to write more than ‘stay off the caffeine’ and ‘avoid RedBull’, when you disagree with someone.

    I invite you to disagree with me. I would expect it, but making a stupid statement about caffeine when the blogger is expressing themselves is pretty lame…and especially so, because the blogger doesn’t do artificial spikes to get moving.

    But seriously, let’s talk about your ability to communicate a sensible idea or solve a problem, or critique a problem so that the ‘powers that be’ understand what the public is thinking.

    For instance, have you created any other discriminating ideas since reading that the downtown needs assistance in drawing decent individuals with $$$$$ to the BARS?
    I believe, “C’mon down, OLD PEOPLE, there’s Classic Rock to listen to from YOUR GEN” does not work.

    Keep coming back good buddy, 10-4!

  • Guest1234

    Lay off the Red Bull


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