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PENDER COUNTY (WWAY) — Although 22,000 acres are still on fire in Pender County as of Monday evening, some folks say the show must go on.

“Until we have rainfall over the entire county, we’re going to have to be very cautious about any pyrotechnic or anything for that matter,” Pender County Commissioner F.D. Rivenbark said at Monday night’s county commission meeting.

Pender County gave the go-ahead to a firework display this weekend for the 4th of July holiday. Rivenbark says although the fires in the county have been hard to handle, the fireworks that were approved have strict guidelines in order to keep the community safe.

“I’m concerned for the safety for all of our citizens,” Rivenbark said. “The pyrotechnic display request is probably something that had been approved in the past as a safe celebration for the Fourth.”

Rivenbark says people need to extra careful this weekend and should not use fireworks on their own. Strict fire ban regulations could mean more punishment for anyone who violates such guidelines.

“They need to pay attention to emergency folks and the forest rangers and follow instructions that they give for their safety,” Rivenbark said.

Pender County Deputy Fire Marshal Tommy Batson says anyone who does use legal fireworks this weekend should use extreme caution and understand they will be held responsible for any damages. He says the fire department highly discourages the use of fireworks due to the conditions.

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  • NEPender

    There goes the wonderful County Commissioners looking out for us again. They claim they support their VFDs, then they vote cut funding for the fire departments in Pender County, with 20,000+ acres of forest STILL burning.

    Wonder how quickly 20,000 can increase to 80,000 when fireworks are added and there still isn’t enough rain?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    “Sure, we’re in a severe draught, we’re already battling two large fires in the county, but we’re going to be really careful and shoot off those fireworks anyway……SO YOU CAN TOO!”

    I think a far better message would have been conveyed by saying, “Listen, we cannot overestimate the fire danger in Eastern North Carolina. It’s so bad that even WE are cancelling the fireworks show. If you are going to skip setting off fireworks any year, this is the one to skip. Something as simple as a dropped sparkler could mean that you and your neighbors will be homeless.”

  • Guestapoochie

    A big bang, a few sparks, a puff of smoke.

    Ho hum.

    And how much does this pyrotechnic display cost? It’s a waste of money, that’s for sure.

    And with half the county already on fire, cancel the fireworks, for God’s sake.

    There’s rampant idiocy among the poopoos in Pender County leadership.

  • NOfireworks

    Every 4th we have fools at the end of MARLBORO FARMS RD. in Rocky Point who go to SC buy fireworks and proceed to set them off in the middle of the street. They have no concern for the rest of the neighborhood !

    There is also a Mexican trailer park through the woods beside us who do the same thing. We are surrounded by forest here !!

    I know they are illegal from SC and they are big ones, they go way up in the sky.

    I WILL call the police this year if they are set off.

  • Guest270

    Personally I’m not too concerned. Its probably the display at Surf City which is mostly contained to a dredge spoil island just south of the bridge. There’s very little material to burn in the intercoastal waterway and even nearby. Hopefully they wouldn’t set them off with a strong east wind blowing but even then I think the danger would be low.

    Sometimes there are people in our goverment that do have common sense unlike some of the people posting on this board. Just a little food for thought.


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