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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Firefighters rescued a man who jumped from MLK Parkway into the marsh below. MLK was shutdown heading out of downtown for more than an hour as they worked.

A New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office spokesman says a deputy stopped to check on a possible broken down vehicle on the side of MLK near the McRae Street exit around 9 a.m. When the deputy pulled over, there was no one in the vehicle. When she walked around, she looked down and saw a man in the marsh.

A Wilmington Fire Department spokesman says the man tried to commit suicide by jumping, but failed. Investigators are still trying to figure out how he fell or if he jumped.

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  • GuestLee

    I totally agree with you, Guest 111. The more people respond to him, the ruder and more insensitive he becomes. It’s a control issue. Some people just like to keep stirring the pot because they like being the center of attention.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …for THAT response.

    (Face it – you’re an addict…)

  • Guest111

    to anything COMMONSENSENOTCOMMONTODAY has to say. Maybe if we all just ignore him he will stop commenting. Don’t even read his remarks.. it’s a waste of your time.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I (and WWAY) decide when I post and what articles I respond to.

    I can always count on some rube to come back with more insults simply because he or she thinks that I need to think differently.

    So thanks for all that attention. While you’re feeding my supposed craving, please don’t forget the REAL reason I post, which is to try and get some logic and common sense back into a society that is seemingly dominated by emotions, political correctness, and a willingness to accept any behavior at all, without holding people accountable.

    I may be “too hard” for contemporary standards, but this country functioned far better before we became predominantly over-indulgent wimps. As soon as this guy was pulled from his mud-bath he should have been hosed off and handed a bill for what his little escapade cost. If he can’t go out in public without causing this type of mess, his family needs to keep him under wraps or force feed him the medication he needs. Society need not tolerate and pay for this kind of behavior.

    If I convince only one or two people with every post I write reagrding individual responsibility and self-reliance, I’m slowly achieving my goal.

    Meanwhile, the hissy-fits of the opposition really do entertain me….

  • GuestLee

    You forgot several more…you think you know more than anyone else, you think you’re better than anyone else, and you love getting a rise out of people.

    For someone who wants people to “leave me totally alone and don’t make demands on my life and time”, you sure do a lot of posting on this website to get people to respond to your comments. Even if they respond negatively, you get the attention you so highly crave. Any attention is better than none…right?

    I think that with each post you make, people are seeing more and more what a “cold, hard man” you are “who is slightly less emotional than Mister Spock”. Boy, did you hit that nail right on the head!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    It appears that I have committed two great sins on this story.

    The first is that I refuse to join the Association of Barney-Like Saps and excuse people for their idiotic, inconsiderate behavior….and that obviously makes all the current members spittingly angry.

    Oh well…..

    The second is that I am a cold, hard man who is slightly less emotional than Mister Spock, and that raises the karma question. Since I’m guilty of being cold, detached, discompassionate and not wringing my hands about the mud-jumper, wouldn’t karma coming around mean that everyone would be totally detached, discompassionate, and cold toward me?

    This sounds like a win-win situation! I get to impart some opposing, REALISTIC views about individual responsibility to you really sensitive people, and then karma makes sure that people leave me totally alone and don’t make demands on my life and time.

    Woo-hoo! Bring on the karma!

    BTW, just LOVED the “at a time like this” lead-in. That’s not too overly dramatic and over the top, is it? Some loon jumps into the swamp…gee…..that’s right up there with September Eleventh or the Kennedy Assassination, huh?

    “At a time like this”…..should I say that in a very deep, solemn voice?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I’m thinking about getting a short Mohawk, but I can’t decide if an eyepatch might be better. I think going with both might be a bit over the top.

  • Guest11

    It was actually this “they’re” used in her/his context,
    so if you want to correct someone make sure you know the correct meaning first.

    I am just in shock at what you heartless people have to say. I hope Karma comes around and bites each and every one of you cold hearted people in the butt. It is sad that there are more negative comments than positive ones.

  • Guest111

    Our society is sick sick sick

  • guest111

    Again, more proof of how off balance you are. You are a waste of time and should stop commenting. You make yourself look worse with every word you type. Do yourself a favor and stay out of serious matters.

  • guest111

    . . . in so many areas I can’t begin to describe it all. You are one scary dude, dude.

  • Guestoopsie

    I “prey” you learn how to spell PRAY and learn the difference in “there” and their.

  • Guest1

    Depression and suicide are as real to some people as the chair you are sitting in. It’s not something they ask for, look forward to or embrace. It’s a medical/mental condition that some people are born with. It’s horrible, it’s hell on earth and they have no control over where they are when episodes erupt or when it happens that they decide they can’t take anymore. My God Our society is just sick sick sick. I’m so thankful I’m not related to some of you and might have to depend on you for help in the event I became ill and couldn’t care for myself. Thank God we do have police, firemen and ambulance personnel who can jump in when needed at times like this. For sure none of you would. Your comments are just sickening.

  • suzanne

    I knew someone who committed suicide it not funny,or something to joke about.To the people that think there being funny leaving all the heartless comments keep them to your self.I prey for this guy and his family that he will recover fully and get the help he needs.Thanks to the ones who have been sympathetic to this man and his needs right now.It still burns me up that people can be so stupid and heartless.I hope for the ones being heartless that karma don’t pay them a visit.I would hate for anyone to have to deal with one of there loved ones suicide there is never no closure.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    You know what’s truly funny?

    The anger, insults, name-calling, and general ill-will emanating from all you “compassionate people” at two guys who simply choose to disagree with your mamby-pamby, “oooh the poor baby” coddling view.

    “Be compassionate or karma’s gonna getcha!”

    *You’re not compassionate – you should be in a nuthouse!”

    “You’re a Nazi!”

    “You’re a clown!”

    “You’re stupid!”

    Look, I freely admit that I’m discompassionate and cold but you guys need to admit that you are like Barney on a ‘roid rage. “Love your fellow man, or we’ll beat you bloody.”

    I hope I didn’t make any of you kind, gentle souls cry by pointing out that dichotomy….

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