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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Raleigh attorney and his wife who called out a New Hanover County Highway Patrol trooper in a letter to the governor are now speaking out on camera.

Hoyt and Gina Tessener say they were in Wilmington last week for a conference. The attorney thought the trip would be like any other trip to the coast. Instead it became an experience that evoked fear and uncertainty.

The Tesseners say Tpr. Edward Wyrick Jr. pulled over Gina last week near Wrightsville Beach because the trooper said her headlight was not working. The stop led to Wyrick accusing Tessener of drinking and driving.

“He then turns into me and tells me, ‘I smell alcohol on your breath,'” Gina Tessener said.

Tessener says the trooper then took her to the Wrightsville Beach Police Department for a breath test. Gina blew a 0.00 twice

“It was clear from his face when gina blew the breathlyzer and it was 0.00…yYou can see him clench his jaw, tense up and was very angry by that,” Hoyt Tessener said. “You can just sense the way he tensed up.”

The Tesseners say Wyrick tried to intimidate them while they waited for the result of the second breath test.

“He came up and put his chest within an inch of my shoulder telling me to leave, and I stood there for the minute until it showed again 0.00,” Hoyt said.

The Tesseners say Tpr. Wyrick told them he would have to take Gina “downtown” for a magistrate to release her. On the drive Hoyt Tessener followed Wyrick, who had Gina handcuffed in his car. Just a few minutes in, another trooper pulled Hoyt over.

The Tesseners think Wyrick set the whole thing up.

“The way he was going around this was what can I do now to hurt him, arrest him… it was pure intimidation,” Gina said.

The second trooper soon let Hoyt Tessener. Hoyt tried to catch up with his wife, who was at the New Hanover County Jail in Castle Hayne, where a magistrate let her go.

The Tesseners eventually met up, putting an end to a night they won’t soon forget.

Tuesday morning they met with Highway Patrol Internal Affairs investigators.

“I asked them have you looked at the video tapes from the cruisers? Have you looked at the tapes from the booking room? Have you looked at the cell records or the radio chatter?” Hoyt Tessener said. “He said, ‘Well, we have not looked at any of that stuff yet.’ The last thing I asked him is Tpr. Wyrick still on the road, and he said, ‘I think he still is.'”

As for Wyrick, he had Wednesday off. We stopped by his home north of Wilmington. His wife answered the door and said he was not home. We left a message, and she said he would call us. He has not.

The Tesseners say they are very disappointed that Wyrick is still on duty. They hope the Highway Patrol will do what’s right in the end.

Of course, The this is just the latest incident for an agency that has been mired in controversies involving troopers for several years now to the point that the governor appointed a new leader for the Highway Patrol and a blue ribbon panel to look at reform.

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2016 years 2 months ago

I ask, “What was the real reason for the stop in the first place?” There would have been no encounter if the officer had not stopped her in the first place. Don’t forget, he had no lawful reason!

2016 years 2 months ago

If you people don’t think troopers and the LEO community doesn’t lie just look at the cases brought against the state crime labs. Men serving years in prison for false results that were backed by the crime lab. If you file a complaint against a trooper do you not think him or all his buddies will not be gunning for you everytime you hit the road? Do you honestly think internal affairs will really investigate them, there was the head of the internal affairs in Raleigh who resigned because of coverups..wake up people.Cops will not prosecute cops if they can… Read more »

2016 years 2 months ago

He appears to be just another “hockey-cockey” officer that thinks he’s god’s gift to women because he’s got a badge and a gun. Pretty blonde in a fancy car that didn’t play along, so he abuses his power. For the most part the troopers I know are stand up people and take pride in their job. It’s bad when one ruins the image of the good ones.

Wayne Stiles
2016 years 2 months ago

My only comment is that your story failed to indicate whether the female victim’s headlight was out or not. It could have been used as an excuse to pull her over. A related question: Did the trooper “hit on” the female victim? Further, I think your reporter should try to gain access to a personnel file to determine whether this is an isolated incident or whether the trooper likes to pull over good looking female motorists. This is a serious incident. If there was no probable cause than it smacks of false imprisonment… Read more »

citizen pulled by Trooper Wyrick
2016 years 2 months ago

I drive a Lexus & have had two ocassions in which I have had to deal with Trooper Wyrick. One was while he was still employeed with the Pender County Sheriff’s Department. I was involved in a one car accident, which was my fault. He was very kind and considerate with me and with my family when they arrived at the scene. Not once was he rude or arrogant. The second ocassion was while he was an employ of the NCHP. This was several years later and he had no reason to remember me. He pulled me over for a… Read more »

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