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Habits are hard to break. We understand that. But having bad habits mean you might be missing out.

These last two weeks are a perfect example. If you watched WECT, you wouldn’t know that…

> A Pender County teacher has been charged with cyberstalking one of her teenage students.
> A Raleigh couple claims a State Highway Patrol trooper tried to intimidate them in Wilmington after pulling over the wife for a “burned out headlight.”
> A local McDonald’s has tested its employees for TB.
> A vacationing girl was bitten by a shark at North Topsail Beach.
> And the North Carolina State Supreme Court halted a local judge’s order and is allowing the district attorney to run traffic court the way he wants to.

It’s hard to say why we’re the only TV station in town covering these important stories. Maybe we don’t mind controversial topics. Maybe WECT doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to rock the boat. Maybe it’s a little of both.

But no matter why, the bottom line is simple: if you want IMPORTANT, INFORMATIVE, REAL LOCAL NEWS, the only place to get it is on WWAY NewsChannel 3.

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  • Amanda

    First things first, if you HAVE to complain about another news network’s coverage then you are probably having issues finding things to cover that are legitimate news.
    Next, WWAY, you are experiencing something called “Napoleonic Syndrome”. Your news is short, lacking gusto, and irrevocably ignorant. Really? Crying about another network? Why don’t you get some sponsors, step up your sales, actually get a GOOD studio, get some decent anchors and change the people’s minds through valuable news information that is covered well and truthfully. THAT is the way you go about beating your competition. WECT has won countless awards and been the leader in news for too long to have a whiny web article change that tune. You’ve lost money, jobs, talent, and sponsors. Go and deal with that before you begin reaching outside your own realm.
    Bad form WWAY… bad form. You should reprimand whatever news director, producer, or web producer that decided it would be a good idea to post this.

  • tgould28451@yahoo.com

    I am not understanding this ,what are you talking about what did they do wrong,I watch all 3 channels,clear this up as to what you are talking about and what they were suppose to have done

  • Guest21

    i like wect better then wwaytv3. wway has news on their website from like 4 or 5 years ago wect is always updated

  • Former fan

    Bad form WWAY. I’d love to hear your newscaster “RANT” about this one!

    No need to degrade another station. This was lack of class and not even appropriate. Why? Do you really think someone is going to stop going to WECT because of it? No, I think it may push more people to go TO them because of your lack of class.

  • Guest73

    You really need to do your investigating before making accusations. You claim WECT didn’t report the story about the girl bitten by the shark. Yes they did. They had it on their website on 6/30/11 @ 4:16pm whereas you didn’t report it on your website until 6/30/11 @ 11:29pm. So who was first? Hmmm… It appears that you get your news from WECT.

    Where is your report about the 5 car pileup on Military Cutoff this afternoon?
    Where is your report about shots being fired at Independence Mall?

    WWAY, as much as you want to report that you are perfect, you are NOT.

  • Lyn

    I like watching WWAY. But after this child-like article, I think I’ll switch over to WECT. They’re more mature in their reporting. This article is embarrassing for your station. I see that whoever penned this article wasn’t even brave enough to tag their name to it. (Note the “Submitted by WWAY”.) If you are so great, as YOU say you are, at covering important stories an conquering controversial topics then you wouldn’t be writing non-sense articles such as this one. This is an all time low for you station. I’m surprised you didn’t end the article with “nah-nah na boo-boo” and a :P (sticking your tongue out).

  • Eagle Eye

    I am very satisfied with WWAY’S news coverage.They are not afraid to go out and report on the events that are happening around us. Some networks are afraid to touch such topics as the R.C Soles Saga or the D.A.Jon David v/s District Court Judge Jerry Jolly Cronicles. These events need to be covered and reported to the citizens. Thank you WWAY for the excellent work you provide to the people of Wilmington and the surrounding areas.

  • Guest9743

    I read this stuff on here for entertainment but for news I watch WECT. I think WECT is a good news reporting outlet, they just don’t print all the little bullsh** stories that WWAY prints. When you get to the point where you have to pat your own back it’s most likely because no one else can find a reason to.

  • Nancy Gulliver

    I watch WECT – it MUST be okay, because you do it too, or you wouldn’t know what they were or were not reporting, RIGHT? I also watch WWAY – we record the news on both stations to watch on our time, so we can whiz through all the “blarney” with our remotes. Doesn’t take NEARLY as long to get the REAL news that way.

  • guest111

    Bragging like this is most unprofessional. Sorta leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Kevin W with the rant was like the bully on the playground. Now it seems that attitude has over taken your station. Not good.

  • Guest7321

    WWAY your local DIRT news!!!!! Thanks for the top of the line reporting…….quick on the draw….slow on the retractions.

  • johnnyp28

    Once again the low down dirty news of news channel 3. It just AGAIN shows how much more classy and better WECT is than you. Its funny how you also get their seconds George Elliot really HAHHA i like George but yeah Im pretty sure you all are getting seconds. I actually love when you talk about WECT they get more credability than you. Keep bashing them because you still are number 2. These tactics of bashing WECT will not work get a real job we already have a news station in Wilmington, its WECT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bradley

    WWAY never ceases to amaze me with their unprofessional stabs at other media outlets. However, it does excite me to see this stab because it means WWAY realizes and indirectly admits they are in last place when it comes to ratings.

    I’m hopeful the management or ownership of WWAY-TV will soon realize they have the same potential as other media outlets to build positive relationships with other outlets and area entities and could also be among the top-watched stations.

    Keep it up WWAY-3 and create a post when you have an actual newscast that we can tune into 7-days a week.

  • Janie WIthers

    Seems the Police Department in Wilmington has allowed Senator Bill Rabon to go free on charges of hit and run. He get a slap on the hand for “backing up without looking” when he left the scene of the accident. What a disgrace for Wilmington. Maybe this is why Brunswick County residents stay away from Wilmington!

    He leaves the scene of an accident, admits to “having a few drinks” and driving, cannot see well, cannot see. Why in the world would he be driving! Why in the world would we want him to represent us in Raleigh when he is so “impaired”!

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