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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Some good news for consumers: the state sales tax drops a penny today. When county sales tax is factored in, the rate is now 6.75 percent in most of North Carolina. It is seven percent in A handful of counties, including New Hanover, where voters approved a .25-percent increase last year.

The question is whether you are being charged the right amount of tax. So as you shop, check your receipt and do the math. If you find a store charging the old rate (7.75 percent or eight percent in New Hanover County) e-mail a picture of your receipt to newsroom@wwaytv3.com, and we’ll check it out.

The state approved the temporary sales tax increase two years ago to help fill a budget gap. The state legislature chose to let it expire with the adoption of the state’s new budget.

While the sales tax is going down, the gas tax is going up. The tax automatically increased 2.5 cents today to 35 cents per gallon.

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