North Brunswick High School Band to perform in Washington, DC parade

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Submitted: Sat, 07/02/2011 - 1:34am
Updated: Sat, 07/02/2011 - 2:50am

LELAND, NC (WWAY) –- The North Brunswick High School is traveling to the nation’s capital to perform in the Washington, DC 4th of July Parade.

Principal Sheila Grady is accompanied the band to the event.

“Congressman Mike McIntyre invited North Brunswick,” she said. “We are representing Brunswick County, not only this county, but we are representing the state of North Carolina, so this is just an opportunity of a lifetime for us. We are so excited to be getting on the road Monday morning, headed to DC.”

The parade is Monday at noon.

Last November, the NBHS band won WWAY’s “And the Winner Is…” contest for best marching band.


  • Parent says:

    These kids were recognized after a number of successful band competitions. The competitions were not for this trip, but their successes did get them noticed.

    The money for the trip… The kids did a number of fundraisers starting about a year ago. The purpose of the fundraisers was clearly listed as being for this trip. The remainder of the money – to the tune of about $500 a head – was paid for by individual parents, like myself. So, this was not a handout by the school district. They were given the opportunity to go, raised money by running car washes, etc, and we parents picked up the difference.

    Let’s talk about Band, itself:

    We at NBHS are in the very situation that you describe. There’s little money for anything. Most instruments are are purchased or rented by individual parents. The large instruments like bass drums, marimbas, etc are very old, and literally held together with tape and string. We have had a local business, Varno Instrument repair, help us in a large number of cases, and the both the NBHS administration, as well as the school board are doing everything they can, but there’s just no money. No money means it’s up to us parents to provide for a very worthwhile cause.

    I will say that from the school functions I’ve been to, band members generally rank very high academically. The discipline required of them for Band spills over into their core subjects. Also, if you’ll ask any administrator, or teacher, the incidence of disciplinary issues with band students is virtually non-existent.

    In a nutshell, this is not one of those schools where you’ll find very much of anything “brand new”.

    I hope this answers any who may have had the very same questions.

  • Band Parent says:

    I think that you are looking at this wrong. This is a great opportunity for the students who are involved. My daughter will also be marchinhg in the Washington DC with her high school band. Her band will also be wearing brand new uniforms, which replaced 20+ year-old uniforms. Not a single penny was paid for by tax payer money. The directors and students spent two years selling pizzas, washing cars, grilling brats, and asking for donations. The trip was also paid for by the students. Those who couldn’t afford to pay had the option of fund-raising. My daughter’s school is one of those school where the students benefit by having all of the extra brand new items. Most of these items did not come from the budget; our schools are hurting there too. The parent support groups at our school are very active. The PTO, Athletic Booster Club, and Parent Music Club all provide these extra items to support the students in our high school. For example, the Parent Music Club donated $25,000 toward the cost of the new band uniforms. The schools where the parents are involved are fairing much better than those where they are not during these tough economic times.

  • band kid says:

    I’m in the NBHS band and WE raised all the money and paid to go.. no one helped WE raised it all.

  • Trumpet says:

    first i want to say that going to Washington DC is such a great place to go. And im sure the kids will enjoy the trip. But i have some questions and concerns. First did these kids win a contest to go or were they just invited. Second who was responsible for the money for the trip, the bus, which i assume they went on a charter bus to go? Also who was responsible for for paying for the sleep accomindations? I ask these questions in concern because I am a parent of a new high school student and with the cut backs that are getting ready to take place in the counties I was wondering if this trip was a band parent paid donations or did the county or the state pay for this. This year alone in alot of the counties around this area, field trips had to be canceled because of money, Trips ere also being canceled because of the bus situation. And lets talk about alot of the schools in the counties that didnt have the money for new material, or sports equipment, uniforms, let along computers and books. There are also several schools in the surrounding areas that are really unsafe , they r over crowed , lack of updated material and equipment for these children to learn what they really need to learn. I feel this is totally wrong. Its amazing how you can go to one school and they have all brand new stuff, but u can go to another school and see that what they have should have been replaced long ago. If this was not a band parent paid for trip, this trip should have never taken place. That money should have gone to the schools around Southern North Carolina that really needed upgrades. Maybe someone can explain this to me!!!

  • Guest100 says:

    These kids were nominated by Mike McIntyre to represent NC in this parade. This is a great honor for this school to represent NC. This announcement was made well over a year ago. These kids and parents have been fundraising nonstop since they were picked. Any funds not raised are being paid out of pocket by the parents. NO school money, county or state, is being used for this trip. Its unfortunate that school funds are lacking. Trust me, NBHS is truly a school that has never been given any extras or benefits above any other schools. Usually we’re last on the list to benefit from anything.

  • EMarie says:

    Way to go NBHS Scorpions! You guys worked hard fundraising for this trip and you deserve to go to Washington to represent NC ! Great job to all of you!

  • AGoodsell says:

    We are so excited and proud to be going to Washington D.C. and representing our fine state. This band has been working extremely hard to get where they are and consists of a fine group of musicians and guard who deserve the very best. Be sure to look for us and remember this band went out and fundraised to be able to get there so part of thier success goes to the community too! Thank you to all who support our band. God bless.

  • Guest 1006 says:

    Mike’s in Italy and these kids get to go to Washington, DC, what a treat. Just in case they didn’t get the memo the District of Columbia is no garden spot. Be careful kids.

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