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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After nearly a month alone at sea, Greg Frucci returned home to Wilmington Thursday night. Although he is happy to be reunited with family and friends, he says he’s already ready to go back out on the water.

“It was nice,” Frucci said. “For a few days, to be alone at sea like that, and to tell you the truth, I miss it.”

Frucci set sail earlier this month for Portugal, but soon found out Mother Nature had a different plan.

“The waves were huge, the wind was howling, the Coast Guard coming like that,” Frucci said.

On his trip, Frucci says he hit strong winds and rough seas near Bermuda. With such hazardous conditions, Frucci says he was scared for his life. Damages to his boat ended his trip early, but he says he learned some important life lessons while on the water.

“Fighting the gale, I wasn’t thinking about wanting to be on land,” Frucci said. “I wasn’t thinking about anything but getting through it.”

If he were to do it all again, he says he would do things differently.

“The boat that I did it on, with the equipment that I had… It was reckless and I know that now,” Frucci said.

Although he did face challenges, Frucci says the beauty that he experiences on the ocean makes him want to leave for another trip as soon as his boat is repaired. He says even though this trip is done, his journey is far from over.

“Where the Cuddy and I go from Bermuda, I don’t know,” Frucci said. “I have an idea, but I’m not quite sure at this point. So, the actual physical journey, changing course, it’s not over.”

Frucci says he is happy to be home with loved ones, epically his beloved dog. He says he plans on setting sail again in November and plans on documenting the trip like he did this one. If you would like to see Greg’s trip or future ventures that he is planning, visit his website at www.coolchangeproductions.com.

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  • Cynic in Wilmington

    perhaps the lead sentence on this needs a wee bit of revision—nine days at sea does not a month make. I do have other interests in my day-to-day life, but I’m continually drawn to this story line because it’s analogous to watching a train wreck: I can’t look away.

    at this stage in the game, i’d be equally interested in a documentary of the guy who jumped into the marsh last week from the MLK, Jr. bridge—I’m waiting for a blog update regarding the dangers of navigating the airline terminal at BDA, or the efforts it took to make it through customs, or how hard it was to connect to the flight back to ILM.

    whomever manages the P. R. for this guy is brilliant.


  • Before you Judge anyone else…perhaps…First, make sure You are Perfect…

    An interesting thing happened while I was working my part-time job a few days ago…
    One of my fellow co-workers said, “Hey Frucci, this guy is a sailor too and he wants to talk to you.”

    “So…you sailed a thirty-foot sailboat to Bermuda? And you were alone?” asked the man who I had never met until this day.

    “Yes.” I spoke smiling while he began shaking his head in disapproval.

    While sharing the part of the story of doing battle with a storm three hundred miles out to sea, I could feel his anger. He began shaking his head and interrupted me saying loudly, “No! You can’t do that! That Irwin [my boat, the Sailing Vessel Cuddy] is not made for that!”.

    As soon as he spewed his personal belief system on me and attempted to declare his belief as the “only way”, I smiled and became an animated speaker.

    All I said to that statement was, “I Did…and it became one of the most fantastic experiences of my Life.”

    His face turned red while his wife and child just smiled.

    I became One with this moment in Time. I flowed with the moment and felt the experience of being in a place where one cannot “pull over” and rest. The moment was happening where I could share with another Human a Challenge of defeating Fear. I told him about the Coast Guard C-130 aircraft that offered me the Choice of leaving my boat and being “saved” or staying right there with my Little She, the S/V Cuddy and riding out the storm. I told him about doing something I had never done before in turning my boat on top of a twenty-foot wave and surfing down the face of it and others for the next twelve hours as the storm passed over me. I told him of the next day when the sky was blue and the seas were calm and making it safely to Bermuda. And I ended the story with sailing back to the United States and being welcomed by the huge dolphins sixty miles off the Carolina coast. I told him that I want to go back out there and will someday because I loved the adventure of Self and the Peace found.

    All of these moments were told with excitement and animation…my body was moving as I was moving while at sea…and it was wonderful.


    He kept saying the same thing over and over while shaking his head and clinging to his belief system, “No…No…No…you just can’t do that.”

    It was like hearing the beginning of “Path of Three Hundred” read back to me. Wow.

    from the “Path of Three Hundred” website: http://pathof300.com/2012/11/14/within-the-process-of-vanquishing-our-fears/

    For perhaps many or all of us…there have existed people in our lives who tell us what we “should” or “need” to do. Sometimes, we may feel in our inner Being what we think is right, yet we listen to others and sometimes let them make decisions for Us. This story is about a man who finally decides to take off on his own for a time…and listen to himself…his Inner Voice.


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