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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — A former North Carolina football player has filed a lawsuit against the school and the NCAA, seeking reinstatement after being declared permanently ineligible for academic misconduct.

Defensive end Michael McAdoo is also seeking unspecified damages from the school and the NCAA, which the lawsuit accuses of “gross negligence” in ruling him ineligible based on inaccurate information. McAdoo’s attorneys filed the lawsuit Friday in Durham County Superior Court.

McAdoo was one of seven players forced to sit out all of last season amid the NCAA’s investigation into improper benefits and academic misconduct. The lawsuit seeks to compel chancellor Holden Thorp to reinstate McAdoo while also preventing the NCAA from interfering in the process. A hearing on that request is scheduled
for July 15.

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3 Comments on "Ex-UNC player files lawsuit against school, NCAA"

uncw mom
2015 years 10 months ago

I enjoy college sports and I believe that are a valuable part of college life. Having said that, I’m getting a little sick of athletes believing that are above other students, due in large measure to the preferential treatment they receive from colleges.

Why should they be first to sign up for classes? Why should they be exempt from academic standards that other students are subject to?

Go to a high school “awards night” and you might be shocked that athletes receive about 90% of scholarship monies. What ever happened to academic excellence?

Bringing a lawsuit —REALLY!!! I guess tuition will be going up—AGAIN!!

2015 years 10 months ago

How ridiculous! Let’s look at the player’s GPA and his academic standing. Let’s look at how many DID not or would not be eligible to graduate. That is something the schools have covered up for years regardless of their standing. It is the public’s perception that these atheletes graduate. However, the schools do not seem to be able to say what and who graduates. As a former employee of a major university in NC, I found that there were “athletic academic” centers set up to tutor and help those athletes. It is just a sham that this type of situation exists. Time to start making accountability a word that has meaning.
Everyone else has to, why not the sports programs

2015 years 10 months ago

is where the lawsuit was filed.

Chapel Hill is in Orange County.

Suit filed in Durham County.

Want to guess why?


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