FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: More video from night trooper arrested attorney’s wife

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Submitted: Wed, 07/06/2011 - 2:53am
Updated: Wed, 07/06/2011 - 4:31am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The story we broke last week involving a Raleigh couple and two Highway Patrol troopers from New Hanover County continues to develop. Tonight, we have obtained more video from that night when Gina and Hoyt Tessener claim they were intimidated and mistreated.

This whole story broke when Hoyt Tessener wrote a long letter to Gov. Bev Perdue detailing what he and his wife allegedly went through on June 21 into June 22. In that letter they accuse two troopers of crossing the line and even said the magistrate who dropped Gina Tessener’s charge was rude and threatening.

There is no audio in this video that shows Gina speaking to Magistrate Edward Gibson early on June 22.

There is audio in another video that shows Tpr. Edward Wyrick and Tessener bickering about what to do next after the magistrate released her.

The Tesseners say Wyrick wanted to drive Gina to the front of the building, but Gina did not want to go into the car because she was afraid of the trooper. That’s why Gina asked for her phone to call her husband.

The Tesseners claim that once outside Tpr. Wyrick tried to strong-arm Gina into the car with him.

The Highway Patrol says the internal investigation continues into Wyrick and Tpr. Andrew Smith, who the Tesseners claim Wyrick had pull over Hoyt Tessener as Hoyt tried to follow Wyrick and Gina from the Wrightsville Beach Police Department to the New Hanover County Jail. The Highway Patrol expects to wrap up the investigation soon.

We called Hoyt Tessener today for comment about this video and other information we’ve uncovered, but have not heard back from him


  • Get it Right says:

    I can tell, and it is evident, that your are part of the same Blue Fraternity. Along with this POS Trooper. The fact you are defending him, implies you are of the same family. Shame on you, shame on your Barracks.

    Truth be told, custodians of the law, should be held to a higher accountability. If you hold any Position, in which you can manipulate the Law, and found doing so. Your punishment should be 4x that of a civilian. The rationalization of these events, is sickening.

    Ask yourself this,
    1. On board Video… where is it ?
    Lets see the FST.

    2. What has happened to the audio?

    3. If it was thought to be believed, she had something else onboard, follow protocol, and have
    blood work done.

    She should not have been arrested in the first place.


    ” Evidently, as we have seen through the rest of this story, our Mrs. believed that she was too good for this “standard” treatment as well, and she didn’t feel “safe” with this trooper that acted very professionally according to video…whatever…”

    Are you just plane stupid?
    ” The Trooper acted very professional” ? WTF
    He arrested an INNOCENT WOMEN. I don’t care how upset she was after that, she had every right.

  • Guest81 says:

    Up until now, I have pretty much sided with the troopers. After viewing the video on tonight’s news, I have somewhat changed my mind. Officer Wyrick seemed far too persistent. The woman was free to go…let her do so, let her call her husband. She did not want or need any further “service” from the officer.

  • Ziggy says:

    A clearly angry Trooper Wyrick giving Ms. 0.00 a stern talking to, and

    A clearly angry Magistrate Judge giving Ms. 0.00 a stern talking to, and

    Texts between the two Troopers making it clear they were gonna show this couple, who had the nerve to not be intoxicated and not kiss the trooper’s @#* the way he wanted.

  • GuestWILM says:

    Perhaps WWAY could do a story to remind Senator Goolsby what public office he was elected to serve.

    YOU ARE A STATE SENATOR … you are not the local booking agent for the Wilmington Convention Center and YOU ARE NOT an internal affairs investigator for the highway patrol.


    Now, if you were a smart state senator you would have refrained from making any public statements until the Highway Patrol had properly completed their investigation and presented their findings of fact to the Colonel of the highway patrol.

    I think Governor Perdue was clear when she stated, ““The policy of this administration is zero tolerance for unacceptable behavior.” “The Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety and the Colonel of the Highway Patrol will take appropriate action upon completion of their investigation.”

    Today, even prior to the completion of their due process investigation the highway patrol has released chat transcripts between the two troopers that contains foul language and the threat of inappropriate behavior. And Mr. Senator, if the foul language isn’t inappropriate enough for you – Trooper Wyrick LIED when he stated, “”I never made contact with Trooper Smith while en route to the jail until after I verified he stopped her husband.” The recently released transcript proves otherwise.

    Again, I think someone should remind NC State SENATOR Goolsby of the position he holds and the authority he has been given to represent the people – equally, impartially and fairly. This position DOES NOT give him authority to run local venues or the government of the entire state.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    for once we agree. In watching the video, the Magistrate is the most angry appearing and most animated. The trooper actually walked away; and maybe that was intentional.

    History can repeat itself. The Watergate break-in, itself, did not cause former President Nixon and all of his staff members to resign. It was the after break-in lying and coverup which caused most of them to walk the plank. Same could be true here on both sides of the aisle.

  • Guest1950 says:

    well said. Goolsby made a complete fool of himself by prematurely taking a position–a reasonable person knows to wait until all the information is in. Someone on Goolsby’s staff should inform he that he really laid an egg on this one.

  • passinthru says:

    The trooper sure was insistent about trying to get her in the car. What’s up with that? Also I never heard what the probable cause was for stopping her in the first place. I think pretty blonde might be fast eddie’s probable cause.

  • Guest421 says:

    As far as the trooper wanting her to go with him: The jail part of the sheriff’s dept. is at the back of the facility, clearly posted no trespassing and authorized personnel only (this is common and is due to security concerns of the hundreds of inmates inside the jail). The front waiting area is almost completely around to the other side of the facility and cannot be seen from the entrance to the jail, and the area between the two is restricted. And remember it is around 1am and dark…and the jail is in a secluded swampy area.

    When an officer brings a prisoner he parks in a Sally Port, a secured bay that is enclosed by a gate in front and back that is only opened upon request by the jail’s central control desk.

    Once inside the gate shuts closed to keep a prisoner from escaping. None of the doors into the jail or out of the Sally Port can be opened by anyone other than the jail’s central control desk, and they will only grant that when requested by a law enforcement officer they can see on video.

    When a prisoner is released back to an arresting officer, they are escorted back through the door into the parking area by an officer, placed in a patrol car (front or back, but not cuffed) and only after everyone is secure in the vehicle will the gate open for the car to leave. It cannot open if other officers are still in the Sally Port moving prisoners around. After leaving the officer takes the released person to wherever, within reason, they want to go.

    Evidently, as we have seen through the rest of this story, our Mrs. believed that she was too good for this “standard” treatment as well, and she didn’t feel “safe” with this trooper that acted very professionally according to video…whatever…

  • Guest421 says:

    Um….no, it proved that he did NOT make contact, as he said. He sent the text in the jail and the next communication was after the lawyer was pulled, just as the trooper said.

    What was it you were talking about?

  • Virginia Voter says:

    NC Voter wrote:
    “You just made two assumptions and neither one applies to me or my family. We take care of our own business. No government needed.”

    How naive. If your housing is burning down, do you not call the fire department or do you try to douse it yourself with glasses of water? That is the government at work.

    Do you drive on the highways that are maintained by the government or do you build your own roads to drive on?

    You sound like a foolish Teabagger who is the pawn of the Fox News and the Koch brothers, and if you have children, heaven help them with you as their adult role model, with all due respect.

    Grow up, dude (or dudette). The government is US. e pluribus unum (from many, one). That’s our nation’s motto, and if you are a “true American,” you will accept that, but you are, obviously, a self-centered libertarian who could care less about this country and more about YOU.

    Grow up!

  • Guest99 says:

    Well, 28209, you said a mouthful…. There is a real strong reason why we don’t need so much government…. it’s because idiots like you live in the population. Heil Hitler and have a nice day.

  • Guest99x says:

    YUP, when I dialed 911, fortunately only once, the police did arrive. They arrived promptly and were exceedingly professional. They arrived in a white car with blue lettering which said “Wilmington Police”.

  • Challengetheworld says:

    Hi NC Voter, very nice of you to comment. However, when you dial 911 because you have a problem, I’m sure you hope the police arrive.

  • NC Voter says:

    You just made two assumptions and neither one applies to me or my family. We take care of our own business. No government needed.

  • Guest1022 says:

    And you must be one very ignorant person.

  • Challengetheworld says:

    I have no comment. Your reaction speaks for itself. Its not even worth thinking of any further. I can further assume you have one of those nice signs in your front yard, back yard and fence that tells everyone who steps foot that they will be shot on sight or something. Perhaps right next to a confederate flag?

  • guest111 says:

    You are a scary person. You sure you aren’t Commonsensenotcommontoday??

  • Guest28209 says:

    Its not needed because you probably have a lot to hide dont you?

  • sailboat2323 says:

    How do YOU know these are their personal cell phones??? They have state issued phones also..

  • Sharon Darity says:

    I would bet that several of you who are acting shocked about the texts between the 2 troopers, have said a profane word once or twice yourselves. The texts were profane, at least by one of the troopers. The Trooper that seems to be at the forefront of these accusations, Trooper Wyrick, did not use profane language. And the texts were sent while in the Wrightsville Beach Police Station. Not while driving as Ms. Tessener claims. This so called ‘mother of three’ has alot of trouble remembering the facts! Are you sure that she wasn’t impaired in some way? Keep in mind these are their PERSONAL cell phones and I believe they both turned them over willingly. The timelines on the messages do not lie. The texts actually PROVE the Troopers innocence. These 2 troopers have worked hard to remove drunks from the road. That is Their Job!! And I am grateful! If not for these Troopers, do you think your Family would be safe from Drunk Drivers on the roads of New Hanover County? How about we concentrate on the Lives these troopers save every time they get behind the wheel of their patrol cars? And risk their own lives to do it? This whole ‘witch hunt’ that the personal injury attorney has instigated will ruin the careers of 2 fine Troopers! I certainly hope that his future clients notice how well and easily this jerk lies! Thank you again, Thom Goolsby for standing up for what’s right whether it’s ‘politically correct’ or not!

  • Question says:

    …this reasonable cause you speak of? I’ve only more than decade in LE and reasonable cause is a new one to me. And, by the way, LEO don’t need probable cause for a stop. They need reasonable suspicion. If you’re going to attempt to comment on a legal issue, please be informed.

  • Guest99 says:

    Seems like our recently elected “conmanservative” Senator still remembers where his bread is buttered. He’s a criminal defense lawyer and probably needs to keep a good reputation with the gestapo so he can get his clients off or have their charges reduced.

    Another bullcrapartist politician at the worst.

    Too bad.

  • truthseeker says:

    Since Goolsby has been in he has greatly disappointed consitituents over his performance. He runs his mouth on matters that are not his concern. These troopers messed up, plain and simple. You do not drag citizens through the criminal justice system when they have done nothing wrong. Goolsby should concentrate on changing laws that allow Officers to bring citizens in for apparently no reasonable cause and then make them submit to test againist their will, intimidate the arrestee and her spouse, and embarrass the citizen beyound any expectation of justice. Then to stop the spouse for no apparent reason is criminal bullying. But our Senator supports this type behavoir. If this would have been a member of his family you can bet he would use his politcal clout to obtain justice. Regular citizens, not this Raleigh attorney are constantly dragged through the criminal justice citizen because of 2 main points. We do not have the politics, nor the money to avoid the treatment the Criminal Justice system does to citizens whether innocent or not. No one that I know of has said whether the headlight was out or not and this was the probable cause for making the stop. For those who said he was not in Wrightsville Beach he was heading that way therefore the stop before the bridge. SHP does not stay on the highways because the middle fence barrier prevents them from tearing up the medium and they can only cross over at specific points. So they stay off highway and go to beach areas to get their citations and arrest. Whether they have a quota or not is moot. No SHP Officer will succeed without citations and DWI arrest. That is their job whether it is fair or not and wasting time with no evidence infuriates them. Lastly, Goolsby and his support of SHP gives him a free ride in traffic enforcement and helps him with clients arrested by SHP because of his support!

  • Guest99 says:

    Well, you talk of fowl language…. The text messages do contain fowl language…. the word is one that we can’t print here. That word is FU?K. As to “fowl” the biggest turkey in this debate is YOU

  • Guest34egfdv says:

    Please explain how the text messages showed that they were colluding to stop the husband? At no point is that mentioned. The only text messages are when Trooper Wyrick is sitting in the intox room. They haven’t left yet. There aren’t any other text messages between the two troopers. The only other messages are sent via the in car computer and those aren’t sent until after the second trooper stopped the husband for speeding. Are you sure you’re reading the same text messages I am?

  • Guest46422 says:

    You must have read in to the text messages. I read nothing that suggested that the two troopers were in “collusion” to have Hoyt. Fowl language in private text messages, but no collusion.

  • TwoSense says:

    I applaud Mr. Goolsby for standing up for these two law enforcement officers. Shame on those who prefer to paint the police with one broad stroke as bullying or crooked. Years ago I made a mistake and got behind the wheel after a few drinks. I was pulled over by a trooper for suspicion of driving under the influence. I politely refused a request to submit to a breathalyzer test and was taken down to Blue Clay Road for booking – as state law requires. Once at the booking station I once again politely refused testing. As the law states I received a suspension of my drivers license for one year. I learned my lesson from that mistake and I am adamant not to repeat that mistake – not even one beer if I’ll be driving any time soon after. I do not harbor any ill feelings toward the three or four troopers I came into contact with that night. All were, even after my refusals to submit, very professional and if I dare say even cordial. In fact, the trooper who was DOING HIS JOB that evening may have prevented me from hurting myself or someone else by pulling me over a few miles from my home. If you want to paint with broad strokes maybe we should have a conversation about ambulance chasing personal injury lawyers who think they are above the law because of the fact they have a degree and a little bit of money. I for one I’m glad we have citizens from our community who go into law enforcement to protect our property and rights and who risk their very lives everytime they clock in to work.

  • NC Voter says:

    You must be a mommy’s boy. You need your mommy and the government to keep you safe.

  • Trangle TR says:

    I think the texting will prove these troopers were being vindictive and showing the out of towner who is boss. They tried to bully the wrong guy this time and got their butts caught.

  • J Steele says:

    Senator Goolsby (A PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER AND REPUBLICAN STATE SENATOR) throws this husband and wife under the bus just to get on the news for his own personal political gain. He didn’t need to take up for the Troopers, most people believed the Trooper’s AFTER the report was released when the Trooper wrote that the woman admitted drinking and the Trooper denied that he set her husband up.
    Senator Goolsby, reading the then prevailing public opinion, jumped on the band wagon. The true definition of a political coward.
    Trooper Wyrick wrote in his report he NEVER talked to Trooper Smith before he pulled the husband.
    LIE. He repeatedly texted with Smith.
    Trooper Wyrick said he didn’t set the husband up.
    LIE. They texted about it before and then immediately communicated about it after the stop.
    Trooper Wyrick’s report was falsified. He LIED. The text messages prove it.
    Woman blows 0.00 twice. That supports her statement that she didn’t drink.
    Trooper says she said she drank, he said he didn’t communicate with the other trooper, he says he didn’t set the husband up. ALL LIES proved by the OBJECTIVE facts.

    I think the Trooper texts about law abiding citizens, F-her and F-him, when The couple didn’t break the law, says it all. AT LEAST TWO OF THE STATE HIGHWAY PATROL OFFICERS IN WILMINGTON ARE ON AN ABSOLUTE POWER TRIP.

  • Brian says:

    I certainly hope that once the facts come out, these troopers file a civil suit against the attorney for libel and slander.

  • Triangle TR says:

    You may want to eat those words! The texting makes it clear the two troppers colluded to have Hoyt stopped. These two troppers wanted to show who was boss – likely not for the first time. They just chose someone that would stand up to their bullying tactics this time and are going to get nailed for it now.

  • ohmy says:

    Good job WWAY. I can’t wait until 5 to see this!!!

  • Darlene says:

    Can the video be put online? For those of us who like to keep up with all the news in NC… being in the Greensboro area, I cant pick up that areas video.

  • Guest11 says:

    Am I seeing this right? The woman has already been in custody for three hours or so. She is in front of a magistrate and the arresting officer has two (not one but two) 0.00 alcohol readings as his only evidence. The only purpose of this appearnce is so that the magistrate can confirm that there is no probable cause for her arrest. He is behind a glass barrier. AND SHE HAS HER HANDS CUFFED BEHIND HER BACK!!! I’m absolutely and totally surprised the officer and the magistrate didn’t take turns frisking her just to make sure she didn’t have a suicide bomb secreted under her tight fitting dress. The dangers that our law enforcement personnel undergo every single day are indeed staggering.

  • marloft says:

    I believe all the comments I have seen are premature. The proof of the incident, from both sides, remains to be revealed.

  • Gbarb43 says:

    stopping a citizen who is not speeding, or weaving,not crossing the center line, but wait, its late at night and she has a fancy car and is dressed nicely, bet she must be returning from a party. wow,i need to stop her because im a senior trooper and will know if she has been drinking. i have been trained in that field. yup,just as i supected, i smell a moderate alcohol odor. let me arrest her.Oops,she blew a 0.00.dang. i made a mistake, what now?.maybe i can bring her some embarrassment and show her the power of this badge. and if thats not enuff,maybe i will have her mouthy husband arrested too, if i can get a fellow trooper to help.Senator, this is your NCHP at is unfortunate that the good,decent troopers have to be associated with these you just duck back into your office and keep defending these two and maybe you will go down with them.

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