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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Construction and traffic have plagued Village Road in Leland for months. Now there’s yet another issue in the road work as crews take away something they just installed.

A hiccup in the Village Road improvements meant more construction for the area Tuesday.

“About 75 feet in front of the McDonald’s that the contractor had put in that did not line up with the monolithic island on the east side or the west side so we asked the contractor to take that piece of monolithic island back out,” NCDOT Resident Engineer Kerry Cross said.

The DOT says it is still trying to figure out who made the error that led crews to tear out part of a median they’d just built. If it was the contractor’s fault, he will pay for the cost of the work.

In the meantime it is the drivers of Leland that are paying the price in the form of travel delays.

“I’ve watched them put this median down. It hasn’t even been down for a month, and they are already taking it back up,” Pat Long of Leland said. “If we’re paying for this, I’d like to know how much it’s costing, and I’d like to know where the money is coming from. This is ridiculous. We can’t even get through to the businesses we want to go to.”

“this is a federally-funded project, and everything that we have here is taxpayers money,” Cross said.

It is all part of a $5.7 million contract to ease traffic from west of South Navassa Road to ramps at US 17.

All the construction in off Village Road is leading to even more frustration from residents as drivers grow tired of the situation.

“(I’ve) been here for 25-30 years,” Arnold Wychel of Leland said. “it’s been very frustrating. I’d call it kind of a joke as far as construction’s concerned. I’m sure the contractor’s embarrassed.”

“Why are they wasting their time and our time?” Long asked. “I don’t get it.”

Between construction and traffic at the bypass, these roads continue to be a nightmare.

“We see these orange and white cones in the street, and you dream about them at night,” Wychel said. “It’s not good.”

“We realize that as it’s coming to a close that people are getting a little frustrated with the construction, so we are hoping that we can finish this up just as soon as possible,” Cross said.

Cross says it will probably cost about $2,000 to remove and replace the median.

The full project along Village Road is still a ways from completion. The DOT says construction may be done by September.

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  • Guest789

    This whole road project was a joke, they have blocked bussiness driveways that have been here for years, so all the customers and employees have to go down in front of the car wash and make a u-turn just to get into the offices, and when a bussiness complains about the NCDot wants you to pay to reconstruct it its a bunch a bs. It is also a pain at the intersection at the go gas and poppe shop now all the traffic that wants to turn into foodlion parking lot now has to come to that light to make a u-turn, in which apparently people cant do safely because ive seen quite a few almost cause an accident. The engineer that came up with this road design really needs to find another job!

  • Leland is the only place in North Carolina where people not only can’t safely make a right turn on red, but they think it’s acceptable to make LEFT turns on red….I have seen it a hundred times with my own eyes…not only on Village Road (saw it twice just last week), but on 17 around Magnolia Greens / WalMart area. In this case, I don’t think it is the construction or set up of the roads that is dangerous, but in incompetancy. I personally am happy to see that people can’t jump out through traffic on Village Road from every single business’ driveway. There really wasn’t a “chicken lane”, there were turn lanes that people MADE into chicken lanes. Although my previous comments are true, this project has been annoying and ridiculous, I am only speaking of the way the project has been carried out, not in the project itself. I truly believe that when they get finished with it, it will make it safer and will allow traffic to flow better for us all.

  • This whole project was ridiculous! So many times we have seen them put pavement down and then dig it up, repave it and then dig it up…over and over again. It’s for sure an obstacle course. The cones are pushed out into the street but no one on the site retrieves them, so we are dodging cones or parts of cones. One day, the workers are in one place, the next day, several blocks down the road. We don’t understand why they don’t complete one block or area of blocks (like between the overpass and the Go Gas) and then move to the next one and complete that. The right turn lane from 74/76 westbound has been narrowed to one lane for weeks, and backs up to the highway in the afternoon which is so dangerous. Every day we think that progress is being made, and two days later it looks like they are starting all over again. For all the grief caused to the important businesses on this stretch of road, for the delays in people trying to get to work, someone needs to be accountable.

  • John

    My wife and I moved into a new home community in Leland just over two years ago… soon after we moved in the deconstruction, and reconstruction of this road started taking place. I have watched as many have in a two year span this DOT crew tear up the road, lay new asphalt, tear back up the same stretch of road, and repave it again… it has taken entirely too long to finish this 3/4 mile stretch of road. The Median in the above article is just one example of many errors this crew has made…

    I can’t even turn into the road that leads to my house as they have coned off the turn lane… I have to drive through a pot hole riddled parking lot in order to get home… I am very upset at the lack of professionalism this project, and the DOT has shown. I have had DOT employees make me drive out of my way to get home when all they had to do was move a couple cones to give us a path. It is time for someone to speak up and turn the screws on someone to get this thing done… Where is the Mayor of Leland?? Why hasn’t he made a public statement to the citizens of Leland letting them now that he is doing all he can do to expedite the situation… He knows that election year is around the corner doesn’t he?

  • dumbeaglesfan

    The mayor of Leland is too busy slandering Wilmington politicians and trying to block the Skyway Bridge Project from happening to worry about little things like the proper reconstruction of his town’s main artery.

  • Silly

    This project appears to reduce a lane of traffic in both direction, while adding an extra wide island barrier for turning traffic that used to use the chicken lane. In my 6 years in Leland I have seen plenty of accidents caused by those chicken lanes but I am not convinced that the new trafic pattern will reduce traffic congestion for the people who are trying to get onto 17-74/76. When DOT tackels the onramp-offramp issues, these new improvements won’t be effective durring that contsruction either. There is a long way to go. I hope it works.

  • Parent from SPEC

    Try pulling in and out of SPEC. What a horrible mistake. Whoever planned this project should rethink their profession.

  • Silly

    Your comment on incompetancy is not unique to just Leland residents. I have witneesed the worst drivers in the world in Columbus and New Hanover Counties as well.


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