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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The story we broke last week involving a Raleigh couple and two Highway Patrol troopers from New Hanover County continues to develop. Tonight, we have obtained more video from that night when Gina and Hoyt Tessener claim they were intimidated and mistreated.

This whole story broke when Hoyt Tessener wrote a long letter to Gov. Bev Perdue detailing what he and his wife allegedly went through on June 21 into June 22. In that letter they accuse two troopers of crossing the line and even said the magistrate who dropped Gina Tessener’s charge was rude and threatening.

There is no audio in this video that shows Gina speaking to Magistrate Edward Gibson early on June 22.

There is audio in another video that shows Tpr. Edward Wyrick and Tessener bickering about what to do next after the magistrate released her.

The Tesseners say Wyrick wanted to drive Gina to the front of the building, but Gina did not want to go into the car because she was afraid of the trooper. That’s why Gina asked for her phone to call her husband.

The Tesseners claim that once outside Tpr. Wyrick tried to strong-arm Gina into the car with him.

The Highway Patrol says the internal investigation continues into Wyrick and Tpr. Andrew Smith, who the Tesseners claim Wyrick had pull over Hoyt Tessener as Hoyt tried to follow Wyrick and Gina from the Wrightsville Beach Police Department to the New Hanover County Jail. The Highway Patrol expects to wrap up the investigation soon.

We called Hoyt Tessener today for comment about this video and other information we’ve uncovered, but have not heard back from him

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37 Comments on "FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: More video from night trooper arrested attorney’s wife"

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2015 years 11 months ago

well said. Goolsby made a complete fool of himself by prematurely taking a position–a reasonable person knows to wait until all the information is in. Someone on Goolsby’s staff should inform he that he really laid an egg on this one.

2015 years 11 months ago

for once we agree. In watching the video, the Magistrate is the most angry appearing and most animated. The trooper actually walked away; and maybe that was intentional.

History can repeat itself. The Watergate break-in, itself, did not cause former President Nixon and all of his staff members to resign. It was the after break-in lying and coverup which caused most of them to walk the plank. Same could be true here on both sides of the aisle.

2015 years 11 months ago

Perhaps WWAY could do a story to remind Senator Goolsby what public office he was elected to serve.

YOU ARE A STATE SENATOR … you are not the local booking agent for the Wilmington Convention Center and YOU ARE NOT an internal affairs investigator for the highway patrol.


Now, if you were a smart state senator you would have refrained from making any public statements until the Highway Patrol had properly completed their investigation and presented their findings of fact to the Colonel of the highway patrol.

I think Governor Perdue was clear when she stated, ““The policy of… Read more »

2015 years 11 months ago

A clearly angry Trooper Wyrick giving Ms. 0.00 a stern talking to, and

A clearly angry Magistrate Judge giving Ms. 0.00 a stern talking to, and

Texts between the two Troopers making it clear they were gonna show this couple, who had the nerve to not be intoxicated and not kiss the trooper’s @#* the way he wanted.

2015 years 11 months ago

Up until now, I have pretty much sided with the troopers. After viewing the video on tonight’s news, I have somewhat changed my mind. Officer Wyrick seemed far too persistent. The woman was free to go…let her do so, let her call her husband. She did not want or need any further “service” from the officer.

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